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Thursday, August 08, 2013

Beyonce's New Haircut!

Move over Cassie, Rihanna and Michelle Obama, King Bey aka Third Ward Trill has a new haircut with awesome color from celebrity stylist Rita Hazan, who is known for reinventing celebs with statement styles.

Rita Hazan created Beyonce's color for her new recently revealed pixie cut. Check below to see how she created it!

Rita states," "Beyonce's new look is modern and old Hollywood at the same time, and makes such a statement. We wanted the color to be soft and sexy so I chose to highlight her hair with champaign and summer blonde tones. By strategically highlighting her whole head in very tiny sections, we achieved the perfect look."

I love it on her! Crazy, comparison images are swirling on the net, but I know people love it as much as I do. How about you?

Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends 2012

I blog, you the suggest the topic! Thanks @ZeeNTheCity for todays topic :)

Top 5 Fall Makeup Trends 2012 according to me as seen on runways, street style and what I personally like for the Fall.

1.Return of the dark lip 
Thanks for the official kick off to the dark lip for the Fall season Azealia Banks and Erica of Love and Hip Hop ATL.


2. Bold colors
We aren't quite ready to ditch color.  Keeping the bold colors (think statement piece) translate this to your makeup.... bold color on lips, cheeks or eye liner. A model for Thakoon uses a bright lip on the runway paired with a rich purple top.

3. Graphic eye liner
If you know me, you know my winged liner is classic for me.  Graphic liner can be winged eyes or different shapes that contours the eyes for a fun look.

4. Smoky eyes
Does smoky eyes ever go out of style??  Deep smoky eyes for  the cold months; lighter, more subtle smoky for day time  or warmer months


5. Clean, contoured skin
Leaving most of the dew for the Summer, the Fall calls for a satin skin finish.  Not completely matte, but nice sheen.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Yummy411: Teen Beauty- Turquoise Lashes with Clarins!

Okay, does the little sister play in my makeup more than me? Yes. Do I like to show it off on the blog. Yes. LOL So, trust that I'm not twisting her arm to do this stuff, but I do like to share her creations with you all....
Here's a look she came up with. She used mainly MAC's Saturnal from the Moonbathe collection (last year's summer collection in white packaging). Then I suggested the turquoise mascara for her lashes as a way to amp up the look using Clarins Wonder Waterproof Mascara. She has crazy long and thick lashes, so any lash experiments, she's involved.

Here's her final look with her latest accessory (the ultimate birth control) our newest addition (and my sister Toni's twin)!

The look was so adorable on her, that I wanted to try it too! I used Cashflow paint pot and Saturnal eye shadow to achieve my look, complete with Supreme lipglass from this Summer's collection. Albeit sloppy, it was fun playing with the mascara. (Nevermind the crap on my left eye....)

Hey look! I used the primer of Maybelline's XXL Curl Power Mascara on my right eye. Can't you tell? I love that primer! It holds up my curl and doesn't let my lashes fall, like they are doing on the left eye.
I wanted to take an opportunity to show some Nikkia and Brit how I put mascara on my bottom lashes:

After I've used most of the mascara on the wand on my upper lashes, I'll use the residue on the bottom lashes in short horizontal motions.

...or a vertical motion. Play with the wand sometimes. Not the best effect, but you can even use horizontal motions with the wand in a vertical position. Be sure to define lashes after if you do it that way. If the wand is fresh out of the tube or just simply has too much mascara on it, I'll dab it on a tissue first (be especially careful with the tip). [ETA] To prevent mascara from getting on top or bottom lashes, use an index card behind lashes or a makeup wedge. Already messed up? MAC mascaras can usually be picked off once dried, others, just use a Q-tip to quickly clean up.

Look what I found while doing this post?

The Clarins' promo pic for the summer collection that included the turquoise mascara. I guess we were on the right track huh?

Can anyone have turquoise lashes or reserve it for teen beauty? Y'all know what I'll say, but I want to hear what you have to say ;)

Saturday, May 10, 2008

Yummy411: BCI 4th Annual Celebrity Makeup Symposium, Part 1

Okay family! I'm so excited that Tawanna was able to attend Bennett Career Institute's 4th Annual Celebrity Makeup Symposium! Unfortunately, since I wasn't able to attend, I asked Tawanna if she would be a special Yummy411 correspondent! So here's Tawanna account of the special occasion!


The symposium started Saturday to sign in, get your kit and attend the meet and greet that followed over at Catholic University (no major training or instruction went forth).

At the Meet and Greet, a few of the celebrity artists were introduced. This also gave an opportunity for attendees to visit a few of the instructors product tables where you could buy DVDs, and other makeup products. The MAC recruiter Homa was there for artists interested in working at a MAC counter within the DC metro area.

Following was the makeup fashion show and makeup competition!

Click photos to enlarge! Do you see Billy B in there! (The last picture shows Mr. Chet Bennett the founder of BCI, to the far right.)
Day 1: Sunday (All classes were held at Bennett)
The entire group 250 attendees were split into groups of 12-14 people per group. I was part of the "Blush" group.

Our schedule for Sunday was:

-James Vincent - Editorial Makeup - very humble; very informative. He's with the Powder Group; ; which is the group responsible for On Makeup Magazine. (The Powder Group is hosting the Makeup Show in NYC on May 18-19, 2008.)

-Lorena Simpson - Foundations - Freelance Artist, very informative, taught on training the eye to mix foundations to match the shade of your client. A very hands on class and extremely helpful! We were informed to buy our own little small clip lamp lighting like from the hardware store, so that you can see what your foundation will look like in lighting similar of that which the photographer will use -- because lighting when you do the makeup may sometimes be different than the lighting used when the client is being photographed.

-Aisha Ferguson-Building Your Kit - Amazing! So willing to answer everyone's questions. Very knowledgeable about the industry. We were filled in that we should always keep up with the trends and stay in the know of what is hot this season. By the way, lilacs and blues are what's hot, similar to the Naughty Nauticals MAC line. She trained us to take products and use them outside of the traditional purpose; taking your lip liner and using it as a blush instead; taking your lip liner and eye pencil and using it as a eyeshadow color (she picked the products out of my kit and I had to demonstrate to her how I was going to use the lip and eye color as eyeshadow). She also mentioned that translucent powder softens anything once applied (eyeshadows, blush).

Lunch time!

-Gerald Armstrong -Quick Hair for on Set - One word: outstanding! He pretty much spoke on the "unfabulous" life about makeup that no one ever sees from the outside looking in. That you need to be a quick thinker, fast when it comes to working on a client. Key things like, when traveling overseas for gigs, that you have a European adapter, otherwise you won't be able to use your electrical items since Europe has a different electrical socket. Doing research prior to going to a shoot, asking questions to the Creative Director on the professional shoot and find out what looks are trying to be achieved before getting started. You may be asked to do hair; even though your job is just the makeup. You may not be a cosmetologist, but you already know how to pull back hair and add a fake ponytail. You may need to fluff out hair on a Caucasian woman and use aerosol spay to hold, because if you use spritz and it gets in the models eye -- and that's a lawsuit.... Great stuff!

-Billy B- Building a Celebrity Clientele- Amazing, Amazing Amazing, (did I mention he was amazing?) This man is so cool, no arrogance about him at all, although he should have every right to be, working with Mary J and Beyonce as part of his celebrity clients. This seminar, all of the attendees were brought back together as a whole inside Bennett's auditorium. He gave us a pep talk prior to demonstrating such as: don't copy what he does as an artist, but to build and do the "things" that makes you separate as a creative makeup artist (he didn't say this in arrogance, but more as a mentor.) Learning how to work on "real" woman is how you build on being an artist (as opposed to perfect runway models). Working at a counter and touching real faces, that's how you build on your knowledge. Watching the trends, trying to stay modern, telling us that trial and error is how you learn. He demonstrated on a lady's face and transformed her into non-other than Beyonce herself! He used only one dark brown color to sculpt throughout her face and defined her under the neck! He answered questions as he demonstrated and stated that you start light and build and go darker if you have to, in order to avoid making mistakes. He says that once he sculpts and shapes the face, then he can determine where he's going to go next when it comes to eye color and lips, and that makeup application order doesn't have to always be eyes first, lips last order each and every time.

Want to know what happened on Day 2 of the 4th Annual Celebrity Makeup Symposium?
Check back for the details from Yummy411 correspondent Tawanna!

Monday, March 31, 2008

Yummy411: 1980's FOTD Challenge!

I was made in the 80's! Here's a review of American Cultural History 1980-1989!

This decade for me was The Baby-sitters Club, bamboo earrings, Gumby haircuts, being born into Hip Hop as a culture, two turntables and a microphone (reference this for images), Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Silver Spoons, The Color Purple, ET, and the Goonies. Educational television was a positive trend: Schoolhouse Rock, Square 1, etc! Don't forget about the "Just say NO to drugs" campaign as the drugs ran rampid through many communities. Ok, now who remembers The Garbage Pail Kids?? What desire did we have to collect these cards, buying them from the ice cream truck with candy cigarettes.. why??? LOL! Terrible I tell you.

To commemorate this decade of good and bad, some beauty bloggers and myself challenged ourselves to replicate the makeup. Honestly, I wanted to explore and replicate makeup that was popular among many black women during that decade. I didn't find many images (also the women in my family didn't wear much makeup), but from what I remember the bottom lid was always lined and the red lipstick was always in tact! I took a bit from every where and put together a look that I may have worn had I been old enough to wear makeup LOL!

Make up used:

Face: Milani Even Toned Powder Foundation in Warm Sand 05

Cheeks: MAC Fashion Frenzy powder blush

Eyes: Jesse's Girl loose powder pigment (goldish green color) on lid, Loreal HiP creme liner (blue) to line top lid, MAC Prankster from Fafi Eyes 2 in outer corner and crease, Maybelline's Line Stylist in Sapphire Glimmer to line bottom lid and waterline

Lips: MAC Magenta liner with Milani Glitzy Gloss in First Class

Magazine Bow tie in hair: thanks to my 12 y/o sister!

To complete the look, I would be wearing a jean skirt with purple leggings, LA Gear sneakers with purple and pink slouch socks... you know we layered pink and purple on one foot and alternated on the other, with coordinating glitter laces, and yes, the LA gear tag hanging!

Check out my other friends in the beauty blogosphere sharing the 80's love with their FOTDs!!

The Muse
Beautyful Habit
Nilla Cookie
Divine Blackness
Baby Doll
Mrs. Lynne
Christiana Divine

Thanks for participating ladies!!!!!!!

Making you feel good in the 80's:

Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yummy411: Perfume/Cosmetic Trend

I saw this on Karen's blog, but I figured, 'hey, she's in Cali where they a bit more progressive.' I stopped dead in my tracks and had to take a celly pic when I saw this at my local mall!
This isn't quite a vending machine, but a machine nonetheless. This interesting cosmetic trend is encroaching on the East Coast! Get ready yall. They want us to live like the Jetsons!

Friday, December 28, 2007

Yummy411: The Art of Drag Makeup

Hey all!

Part of my makeup obsession stems from the intrigue of the transformation properties of a great makeup job. One of the wearable forms is drag makeup. I am in awe of guys that go from Bob to Brenda. How can makeup make a man such as RuPaul look like a better woman than me! Even though I'm not interested in wearing my makeup as heavy or exaggerated, there is quite a lot to take from these artists: contouring tips, eye shadow placement, blending and more! Perfecting the art of transformation is one heck of a talent! Take a look at some videos that I've gathered in one place for your viewing pleasure!

Now stay tuned over at Slvrlips Beauty and Music Haven for more insightful articles on all of the mystery behind drag makeup!

From Trippy1806

From DrawLove

The infamous Jessica Dimon. Did you see the pink hair shot (towards the end?)

You didn't?

Omg fab!

How about those eyebrows? What did she do with her natural brows???? Grae Phillips shows us!

One more...

From Angelcalg

For some crass humor, here ya go!

Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday!

Not in the religious sense, though I was set to post about some Easter goodies. I shall get to that over the weekend? Maybe, lol. My Friday morning began on a good foot. I wore a skirt to work, which I only do on rare occasion, overcoming challenges such as the cold temps in the DC area, and my many dumb reasons for not wearing skirts more often: my boots don't go well with the skirt, the skirt isn't the perfect length, my tights aren't the ones I wanted to wear- on and on. I made it to work early enough to stop by Starbucks for my tall caramel hot chocolate (I'm weaning myself off of caramel macchiatos *weep*) and a slice of sweet sinful indulgence a.k.a. a slice of marble pound cake. (Why I'm doing this I have no idea as I know I'll be partaking in the children's Easter goodies, bleh!) My morning is going well, smelling the aromas of cafe brews in the coffee shop, I spotted a young lady looking like she stepped out of the pages of Essence mag... chic trench, trouser jeans with a great wash, cute business casual wedge shoes, soft blue leather bag, eccentric bangles, natural coils and pretty smooth caramel skin. Sophisticated, yet edgy, unique. Most importantly, she looked mellow and graceful. "I like her style" I thought as I waited to hear my drink called. I read the blog I Like Her Style often and thought about how we can admire the styles of celebrities and write about it, but would we actually tell someone that (unless it's a good girlfriend, of course.) Telling that to someone in real life would be uplifting, right? Could I say that to a lady on the streets of DC, where bougie-ness is an accessory? Well, again, she looked mellow and graceful, so I tried my luck. I simply tapped her on her should and said, "I just wanted to tell you that I love your style" with a smile. In response, she wanted to trade business cards, invited me to her store, said she worked near my Starbucks and suggested lunch. Wow! Talk about networking! I've got to get some new business cards together! I checked out her website and it's just as fabulous as she is! You can check out her site too at

Thursday, February 15, 2007

MaxFactor: Pat McGrath @ Oscar de la Renta

Check out Pat McGrath working magic behind the scenes at the Oscar de la Renta fashion show using the new Exotic Collection of Max Factor. The colors look Yummy and provides much inspiration! The video gives an insider's look at what really goes on behind-the-scenes at one of the world's most anticipated fashion shows.
Products used to create the runway looks include: MAX Factor MAXalicious Glitz and Glaze, MAX Factor MAXeye Shadow Exotics Collection, MAX Factor Volume Couture Mascara, MAX Factor MAXeye Liner and MAX Factor Pan-Stik. (Volume Couture, liner & pan-stik are available in stores now. Find MAXalicious Glitz & Glaze and Exotics eye shadow Summer '07!)

Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Tech: iPhone vs. LG KE850

All the rave has been about the new iPhone. However, the LG phone was released before the iPhone and has even won an award for best design.
What do you think?

I might be in the market for the LG (I'm sure it would be cheaper.)

Sunday, January 21, 2007

Starlight on Jennifer!

Jennifer Hudson that is....
Gorgeous, stellar, and an incredible voice? She's definitely one of the most watched celebs right now. American Idol reject, DreamGirls star, a new, fresh talent, this girl's got it going on. More specifically, she's got a fab style crew that I was anxious to find out about. So, I did a little research to find out how she turned from inspiring star to glam celeb. Yummy411 hearts Jennifer Hudson!
Here are a few fun facts:
Stylist: Jessica Paster (clients include Cate Blanchett, Jessica Simpson)
Makeup products: Include everything from Nars to Black Radiance (She uses Black Radiance blush in Soft Honey.)
Golden Globe?: Andre Leon Talley picked a Vera Wang dress for her.
Making the ball gowns fab for curvy girls?: Spanx form shapers

Click here for the MTV article that gives a complete rundown on Jennifer's style and more! Be sure to check out the pics and notice the trend that helps make most of her styles work for her: belted tops and gowns that draw in the middle with a jewel or center piece.

Watch for her on the cover of an upcoming issue of Essence mag!

Monday, January 08, 2007

Allure Mag's Backstage: 10 Hottest Beauty Trends on the Style channel

Today, on a lazy, chill with family Sunday, I fit in some tube time watching the Style channel's Backstage Allure's Top 10 Beauty Trends. What did I gather (taking mental notes)?
In makeup there are basically two trends that are dominating: the fresh face (think 12 years old minus any (pre)pubescent acne) and the bold, dramatic face (eyes) using jewel tones.
The top trends in hair: the natural, textured hair, blown in the wind, not too structured or maintained. Skip the flat irons. Think how your boyfriend would wear his hair if he was a chick. The second most recognized trend: the bun, the chignon. Take a ponytail, roll from tip upward, take the sides and pin into a U shape with the hair band exposed. Keep the hair and makeup low key to give all the attention to the clothes. Lastly, bone straight hair. This trend will never get old.
So you mean to tell me makeup artists and hairstylists are getting paid big money and traveling all over to do what the models could do themselves? Keep airplane hair and and little to no make up and hit the runway? The big deal behind hair and makeup is???? LOL Kidding (just a bit) I do like the fresh face, bare and accentuating the natural. The clean, smooth and glowing canvas is what I strive for.
Other trends that were mentioned:
The berry lip that we've already seen.
The dark stained lip from the inside and middle of the lip; not extending to the lip line (as an alternative or a way to change up the red lip.)
The pale face, nude lips.(Things we've already seen.)
For fun: Speaking of Allure, here are some tips to recreate their glam looks.

Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall Frenzy

Here are some yummy fashion trends that I'm into: long extravagant colors, slim and puffy sleeves , doll cropped coats and blazers.

All looks and items from


Coty Prestige is poised to introduce a new feminine fragrance from US singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. Glow After Dark by JLo will begin its worldwide roll-out from December. Glow After Dark...was reportedly inspired by the bond between friends. ( and Nowsmellthis) Other fragrances Yummy is still out for are Donna Karan Gold and MAC fragrances. MAC fragrances don't get the notoriety that they deserve, because most consumers can't get past the bottle. The smell on the bottle is horrific, but once you put it on your skin and let the perfume settle, it seems as if the scent was lost in translation! Also noteworthy, is one of my favorites: Paris Hilton for men... and anticipating smelling Just Me for men.

I got my hands on the MaxFactor 2000 Calorie mascara. It's always highly recommended amongst readers in beauty blog circles.
Here's yummy's review: Volume (what I care about most) a plus for every day wear. You won't get super thick lashes, but a great boost for daily consumption. Lengthening: Add some flare, but not the drama of an exceptional mascara. Clumps: you can work it so that you are clump free. I didn't feel overwhelmed with black gooey glob that was hard to maneuver. Over all, I'm pleasantly pleased with probably one of my new daily mascaras. Revlon SuperLustrous Gloss I reviewed this product once before. I love the shade that I purchased, but being over zealous about the other shades and the hype from other beauty bloggers, I endulged in two more- the highly talked about Raizin Rose and Afterglow Pink for Breast Cancer support. The gloss has great shine, but pigment is on the weak end. Maybe more suitable for gals with not as much pigment/melanin in their lips. I thought I was taking a dive into colorful fields here, but learned quickly that it was as close to clear as I was going to get; mere tinted glosses. I was disappointed with the Raizin Rose, anticipating much more with the gold flecks and maroon coloring shining through the tube. Besides, it smelled horrible to me. Not an overwhelming, knock you out odor, but a scent that creeps up on you and gets to your stomach (although that's not the case with my Peachy Shimmer color.) CO Bigelow Apothecaries Mentha Lip Tint gets two thumbs up for high shine, feels good on the lips, and it tastes and smells great. I've heard rave reviews about it, but had no idea the little secret was kept at my local Bath and Body Works store. Designed to give a great gloss coating for your lips, to feel good on and a peppermint oil for your breath. It's your own personal little treat!