Friday, April 06, 2007

Good Friday!

Not in the religious sense, though I was set to post about some Easter goodies. I shall get to that over the weekend? Maybe, lol. My Friday morning began on a good foot. I wore a skirt to work, which I only do on rare occasion, overcoming challenges such as the cold temps in the DC area, and my many dumb reasons for not wearing skirts more often: my boots don't go well with the skirt, the skirt isn't the perfect length, my tights aren't the ones I wanted to wear- on and on. I made it to work early enough to stop by Starbucks for my tall caramel hot chocolate (I'm weaning myself off of caramel macchiatos *weep*) and a slice of sweet sinful indulgence a.k.a. a slice of marble pound cake. (Why I'm doing this I have no idea as I know I'll be partaking in the children's Easter goodies, bleh!) My morning is going well, smelling the aromas of cafe brews in the coffee shop, I spotted a young lady looking like she stepped out of the pages of Essence mag... chic trench, trouser jeans with a great wash, cute business casual wedge shoes, soft blue leather bag, eccentric bangles, natural coils and pretty smooth caramel skin. Sophisticated, yet edgy, unique. Most importantly, she looked mellow and graceful. "I like her style" I thought as I waited to hear my drink called. I read the blog I Like Her Style often and thought about how we can admire the styles of celebrities and write about it, but would we actually tell someone that (unless it's a good girlfriend, of course.) Telling that to someone in real life would be uplifting, right? Could I say that to a lady on the streets of DC, where bougie-ness is an accessory? Well, again, she looked mellow and graceful, so I tried my luck. I simply tapped her on her should and said, "I just wanted to tell you that I love your style" with a smile. In response, she wanted to trade business cards, invited me to her store, said she worked near my Starbucks and suggested lunch. Wow! Talk about networking! I've got to get some new business cards together! I checked out her website and it's just as fabulous as she is! You can check out her site too at


lizzie said...

mmmm...starbucks marble pound cake. so deliciously sinful!

yummy411 said...

that it is! lol