Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yummy411: Perfume/Cosmetic Trend

I saw this on Karen's blog, but I figured, 'hey, she's in Cali where they a bit more progressive.' I stopped dead in my tracks and had to take a celly pic when I saw this at my local mall!
This isn't quite a vending machine, but a machine nonetheless. This interesting cosmetic trend is encroaching on the East Coast! Get ready yall. They want us to live like the Jetsons!


Vanessa said...

You will love the 138 brush! It's soOoo soft! Hahaha and thank you woman for writing to Milani about it! LOL I think for some extra re-inforcement I am going to do the same! hahahaha Happy New Year gorgeous!

nilla cookie said...

That thing dispenses samples?!?! I'm surprised they aren't all gone yet! I can't wait for them to have these everywhere :)

Elizabeth said...

perfume vending madchine? thats way too cool, now i wonder if we're gonna get that here..

Happy new years :)

Anonymous said...

I would gladly pay a quarter or two for samples of perfumes I like! That thing's great!

yummy411 said...

@ vanessa: i believe you about the 138, the price is just kinda HARD to swallow =/. happy new year!

@ nilla cookie: it actually dispense samples in spritzes. i can't remember if i had to push something or if it was motion censored.

@ elizabeth: happy new year! i'm sure you all are going to get it soon. i was surprised i saw one here!

@ mandypandy: it is a great idea! and it's free of charge! mind you this was up at the food court. you don't have to go all the way to the dept store for a sample!