Thursday, February 01, 2007

New Tech: iPhone vs. LG KE850

All the rave has been about the new iPhone. However, the LG phone was released before the iPhone and has even won an award for best design.
What do you think?

I might be in the market for the LG (I'm sure it would be cheaper.)


Elle* said...

I didn't get what all the hype about the iPhone was? Don't alot of cellphones nowadays have all those features? I thought so. I guess because it is from the Apple Company that people are so excited.

yummy411 said...

it looks cool elle, i suppose. all touch screen which can be a good and bad thing =)

Erika said...

As a Mac girl, I totally want the iphone. (But will I pay $500 for it? NO WAY!)

yummy411 said...

i think i'm with you erika =)