Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Yummy411: FOTD 2-23-2008

This weekend I went to a Makeup and Martini/Chocolate and Stilettos birthday party with Nikkia aka Slvrlips to help do makeup for the attendees. Lot'sa fun! Such a girly girl occassion. I love it!

This is what I wore:
Airmist foundation
Mineralized Skinfinish Natural

Lightflush MSF
Harmony blush

UDPP base
Girl Friendly paint pot, second base
Exciting Loreal HiP pigment on lid
Soft Brown e/s in crease
Twinks in outer crease
Vanilla as highlight?
Howzat from Fafi eyes 1 quad on bottom lash
Fascinating eye kohl on water line
Loreal voluminous on top and bottom lashes
Bobbi Brown foundation, concealer and Select Cover concealers mixed to CONCEAL!!! LOL

my new hot combo
Not So Innocent l/s
Hover lip liner
Sugar Trance l/g

** Also, I want to honor you guys request for tuts, but I never know what to do a tut on. If you all see a look that you like and want a tut on it... please ask!**

I got my hair done and I love it! I also love the new Milani Purple Passion nail polish that I'm wearing. So much fun especially at night. How's that for professional! LOL Unfortunately, the pic here shows variating shades because of angle and lighting.


Anonymous said...

Im luvin the make-up in this photo especially the eyeliner. THE HOTNESS


MakeupWithLakahna said...

thanks girl
love ur fotd too.
Are you asking about getting the milani e/s or the taylor made mineral pigments?
Yes I recommmend the new milani e/s. I used it wet with Visine because i was too lazy to make mixing medium, but i did apply it over the UDPP. the colors are def pretty. and for that price, you cant go bad.
if you're referring to the Taylor made minerals. I didnt get the full size pigments yet because Im too broke hahaha. gotta pay back the government first then once thats done i can get more makeup with out the hubby complaining

ladyjane said...

I love this look on you. Big fan of browns and the white really opens up your eyes and you have some pretty eyes. I always wear purple nail polish too. Purple is the new black! It matches most of my clothes! Keep the FOTDs coming!

Marsadie said...

HOT. btw, the lip combo used in my pic was Artistry lipliner in Espresso, and that Chanel liquid shadow I reviewed as a base for Simmer Juicy Tubes. Simmer is lovely, I know you must have it considering it's a best seller and you're always in the loop!


Now see you gonna make me break up the white eyeliner. Your eyes look so nice with that on. I did not get facinating with my fafi stuff....I do have a white soft kohl from rimmel though......I'm going to have to hunt for your post about white eyeliner. :)

christianadivine said...

this is a hot look. love it. :D

memphiz said...

Love the make-up!! you are so pretty! and loving the hair! have u just been keeping it twisted?

yummy411 said...

@ mutha: thanks girl! we are going to try it on you soon!

@ makeupwithlakahna: thank you! yes, i was speaking of the milani wet dry shadows, but thanks for info on both!

@ ladyjane: thank you! they sure will!

@ marsadie: thanks! i have seen simmer, but i'm not sure that i have it LOL... i have about 5 and they are all shades of pink and gold =p

@ shawnta: get it! i have the wet n wild white liner that i wear during the day. i save fascinating for going all out!

@ christianadivine: thanks!!!

@ memphiz: thank you!! it's actually locking. i get the maintenance done. the very front and back are taking their time about locking up, but it's all coming along ;)

Divine Blackness said...

Yums, you have such a pretty smile. I noticed it in that one picture. And the locs are growing and lookin' soooo good. You look great!! You look great with Twinks. I just purchased that the other day and can't wait to create some looks with it.

Paula D. said...

Your eye make-up always looks fabulous!

Seymone said...

Hey Hey.. I am back froom being MIA, if you can even call it that.

I love this look. The locs are looking nice lady.

Afrodite said...

I'm baaaaaaack! And I love your eyeshadow. I love that you're able to give definition even with neutral colors which is what I struggle with.

And you locs are looking lovely!

Anonymous said...

Ah, how I envy you those eyebrows! They're like tiny masterpieces! I wish mine were that shapely; I have sad, sparse, Spock-eyebrows. >:-/

yummy411 said...

@ divine blackness: thank you! thank you! yes, i bought twinks when i saw the shade on a brown beauty. the MAC artist had it on her lid. i had to have it!

@ paula d: thanks paula! how are you???

@ seymone: thank you! can't wait to see your journey to lovely locs =)

@ afrodite: thank you and my hair thanks you too! okay, often times i really am trying to use color, but it comes out so neutral i guess cuz that's more of my style. now slvrlips gave me a tip, she says that on most skintones to appease the person that doesn't know what they want for a makeover look, or someone that wants some makeup, but nothing over the top regardless, she uses a quad with MAC shadows bisque, saddle, brown down and i think carbon. try those and def use a base.. any paint pot takes the look to a diff level. HTH!

@ mandypandy: thanks doll! so good to hear from you!

Mrs. Lynne said...

You look so hot in here Ms. McMilfy!! Sizzling hot! And I love that you can pull off white waterliner. I look like I won't ever stop being shocked at something, lol!

yummy411 said...

lol thanks mrs. lynne!!! i know you can pull it off too, you are just exaggerating! LOL

Aya said...

I LOVE this look! I have some of the colors you used so I'm going to have to give it a try...keep up the great FOTD's, I'm a fan :)

yummy411 said...

thanks aya! thanks for stopping by! please try it.. i'd love to see this on you!

nywele said...

i love the eye make up and the hair!i will definitely look into the products you mentioned.beautiful blog!

Dollfaced Rebel said...

WOW! this is one of my fav. looks on you! I love the way you made your eyes POP! I want to try this, but i'm not that talented lol

MakeupByRenRen said...

so gorgeous!

yummy411 said...

thanks ren!!!

Erin said...

I really love your makeup in these pictures!! It looks beautiful!

Anonymous said...

I am a neutral gal and this look screams HOTNESS!