Monday, March 31, 2008

Yummy411: 1980's FOTD Challenge!

I was made in the 80's! Here's a review of American Cultural History 1980-1989!

This decade for me was The Baby-sitters Club, bamboo earrings, Gumby haircuts, being born into Hip Hop as a culture, two turntables and a microphone (reference this for images), Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Silver Spoons, The Color Purple, ET, and the Goonies. Educational television was a positive trend: Schoolhouse Rock, Square 1, etc! Don't forget about the "Just say NO to drugs" campaign as the drugs ran rampid through many communities. Ok, now who remembers The Garbage Pail Kids?? What desire did we have to collect these cards, buying them from the ice cream truck with candy cigarettes.. why??? LOL! Terrible I tell you.

To commemorate this decade of good and bad, some beauty bloggers and myself challenged ourselves to replicate the makeup. Honestly, I wanted to explore and replicate makeup that was popular among many black women during that decade. I didn't find many images (also the women in my family didn't wear much makeup), but from what I remember the bottom lid was always lined and the red lipstick was always in tact! I took a bit from every where and put together a look that I may have worn had I been old enough to wear makeup LOL!

Make up used:

Face: Milani Even Toned Powder Foundation in Warm Sand 05

Cheeks: MAC Fashion Frenzy powder blush

Eyes: Jesse's Girl loose powder pigment (goldish green color) on lid, Loreal HiP creme liner (blue) to line top lid, MAC Prankster from Fafi Eyes 2 in outer corner and crease, Maybelline's Line Stylist in Sapphire Glimmer to line bottom lid and waterline

Lips: MAC Magenta liner with Milani Glitzy Gloss in First Class

Magazine Bow tie in hair: thanks to my 12 y/o sister!

To complete the look, I would be wearing a jean skirt with purple leggings, LA Gear sneakers with purple and pink slouch socks... you know we layered pink and purple on one foot and alternated on the other, with coordinating glitter laces, and yes, the LA gear tag hanging!

Check out my other friends in the beauty blogosphere sharing the 80's love with their FOTDs!!

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Thanks for participating ladies!!!!!!!

Making you feel good in the 80's:


Lakia said...

Great 80's look... I rember the bubble gum and chalk candy cigarettes too. I also rember my grandmother sending me to the ice cream truck for the real pack of cigarettes. They were so trusting back then. LOL!

BeautyTalk said...

cute! I would totally rock this now :)

Apple Diva said...

OMG OMG, totally cute!! I love it.

ilurvemakeup said...

Awww I love it!!! hehehe :D

nilla cookie said...

Okay, I'm a total geek but my FAVE TV shows were Reading Rainbow and Square One! LOL

I LOVE the complete 80s look - it's so badass and en point with the earrings too!!

This challenge was so fun, thanks for organizing! :)

the Muse said...

oh my god I love it!

I was waiting all day to see your look! SO CUTE!

I love the lips!

Mrs. Lynne, said...

you are tooo cute mama kia!!! and those brows are looking mighty fine! and i totally rocked la gears back in the day!!

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

hah. awesome! i think you rocked the PERFECT 80's colors in this look! :)

i can't wait to see your post about the brushes as well. :) i'm thinking of going back and picking up a few more. LOL.

missjaclynrose said...

looks sooo good, kia! love your look. great job on it.

and oh man, you brought it back with LA Gear. HAHA, I always rocked the light pink and white ones or the dark pink ones with black.

Divine Blackness said...

Yaaaa maaaaan, I was lockin' for some 80's Black women inspired looks too and couldn't find anything. WTF! I know we were around then! LOL! But this was a fun challenge nonetheless. The boy tops everything off and I'm lovin' your cheeks. And hellll ya, I remember LA Gears. Mine used to light up!

Divine Blackness said...

Oh and uhhh, I'm diggin' the challenges. Us beauty bloggers should do one every month or so. And give everyone a chance to choose the "look". Whatcha think?

nywele said...

i am loving the look! you are rocking it :)

slvrlips said...

Kia, you look like a page right out of the 80's very hot and that bow rocks. Love it!!!
Thanks so much for coming up with this challenge . Can't wait for the next one

btw - this was a super hard challenge. was it hard for you ?

MakeupWithLakahna said...

definately a very pretty look, i love it and the box in your hair

Vanessa said...

Thanks lovely! I love YOUR look! You are so rockin' the bow! I didn't have a chance to upload my fotd earlier, so I am barely getting around to everyone else's, I love the lippy too, looks fab!

Afrodite said...

The makeup is impeccable!! And I'm loving Candy Girl!

rocketqueen said...

Wow, I'm lu-uvin that hun! Looking great! I'll do mine this weekend, I'd say. Great job and thanks for the little story!

Lani said...

love it!!! love the lips!

MakeupWithLakahna said...

i dont know how the fun and sexy l/s is compared to the fusion NYX l/s i have on. i wished I owned it so i could dupe it for ya. but for 99 cents, i guess u cant go wrong with getting that color? it is a nice color though.

as for the next challenge, i have no clue yet, maybe we can think of some choices and have the girls decide to which one we should do?
i admit i did have fun doing this and loved the work everyone else did as well

Seymone said...

OOOH girl.. I am international and came to check you out. You brought it... Love the look.

yummy411 said...

@ lakia: LOLOLL!! i am cracking up! the good ol' days!

@ beauty talk: i asked my mom did i look like a woman in the 80's. she said i looked like a woman of today! LOL there ya go!

@ apple diva: thank you! glad you like it!

@ ilurvemakeup: thanks! so you'll have to join us on the next challenge right?!

@ nilla cookie: you weren't a geek! or we all were geeks cuz i loved those shows too! so disappointed when they got rid of them. they really did help me with math!

i helped in the operation, but lakahna really pushed it into gear. can't wait for another theme!

@ the muse: thank you!! milani glitzy gloss is hot i tell you!

@ mrs. lynne: i tried the white liner method this time to clean up my brows.. most effective! thank you! i adored your pic of you as a kid with your sisters. my little sis is in the same spot in the sibling lineup as you! she's 12 and i'm 26 :)

@ christiana: thank you! the brushes are lovely! if you pick up more, please do i review so i know what to look ut for. ;)

@ divine blackness: thank you! yes, i think your idea is great!! i'll check with lakahna (she wanted to do it monthly as well) and maybe we can find a way to propose it to the everyone else. stay tuned!

@ nywele: thanks! so you'll be joining us next challenge?

@ slvrlips: thank you!!! this was fun. as i was looking through images, i just tried to jump right into the groove. thank lakahna, i thought about something like this, but she really put it into gear.

it was a bit challenging because like i said i wanted to replicate the look of a typical black woman in the 80's but i didn't see many or it wasn't that interesting.. claire huxtable anyone?

@ lakahna: thanks missy! we have to get cracking on the next challenge ;)

@ vanessa: thank you! my sister has such talent making bows hahahaa! she loves them right now. thanks again for participating!

@ afrodite: thank you!!! candy girl was the ish! LOL!

@ rocketqueen: thank you! can't wait to see yours!

@ lani: thank you! you are going to join us next time right?!

@ makeupwithlakahna: i think they look similar with the blue pearl/iridescence. great buy! i'll email you offline for us to discuss.

@ seymone: awww you were thinking of us while away! thank you! i hope you are having a great time. can't wait until you get back to see your look!

(g)ezebel said...

look at you -- you look like a Candy Girl!! :0)

you're killin' me with the purple leggings and LA gears. i had purple legwarmers that i wore over my yellow dittos (school colors!). gah!

Virtuous Blue said...

ok...I am officially having flashbacks. Even though I was a toddler during the majority of the 80s, I have an old soul so technically I was older than I looked lol.

Love the pics, you did a GREAT job. It looked like alot of fun. Missed the challenge, but can't wait to join in on the next one :-)

ladyjane said...

I've been hunting for a Made in the 80s tee for so long and still have not found anything :( Man, The Babysitters Club and Fresh Prince of BelAir really brings back memories! You look so cute with your 80s look! Love the hair :)

mrslanielovesmac said...

You are so 80s! Love it! Anyway, I'll recreate the look on my day 2 Vegas trip so I'll let you know when I have it done o.k. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

rebelleBAP said...

You look soooo fabulous!!! I remember Michael Jackson purses and buttons, charm necklaces, penny candy, going to NY for the summer and having to chase the Mister Softee Ice Cream down after being told not to go out the gate.:) and going back down South with the hottest of everything. Ah the!

yummy411 said...

@ (g): ooh i look like a Candy Girl... erherrr (austin powers laugh) groovy baby!

@ virtuous blue: thank you! thanks for stopping by! yes, you'll have to be involved in the next challenge! coming soon... i hope! LOL

@ ladyjane: thank you! oh we used to sing the fresh prince of bel air's theme song in the cafeteria over lunch in grade school and practice the handshakes... ummm my little sister does the same.. she's intrigued by all things retro! where did the time go!? next challenge you are participating right?

@ mslanilovesmac: thanks! can't wait to see! you are participating with us next time right?

@ rebellebap: thanks hon! hahaha! great memories... where did those days go so fast?! you are joining in the next challenge right?

rebelleBAP said...

OMG! I don't know!! I'm so not technical when it comes to makeup application. But let me know and I'll do it because you!!:)

yummy411 said...

rebellebap! who is technical with makeup application? you like makeup and applying it, you can do it! and thanks cuz you will.. hehhe!