Sunday, January 21, 2007

Starlight on Jennifer!

Jennifer Hudson that is....
Gorgeous, stellar, and an incredible voice? She's definitely one of the most watched celebs right now. American Idol reject, DreamGirls star, a new, fresh talent, this girl's got it going on. More specifically, she's got a fab style crew that I was anxious to find out about. So, I did a little research to find out how she turned from inspiring star to glam celeb. Yummy411 hearts Jennifer Hudson!
Here are a few fun facts:
Stylist: Jessica Paster (clients include Cate Blanchett, Jessica Simpson)
Makeup products: Include everything from Nars to Black Radiance (She uses Black Radiance blush in Soft Honey.)
Golden Globe?: Andre Leon Talley picked a Vera Wang dress for her.
Making the ball gowns fab for curvy girls?: Spanx form shapers

Click here for the MTV article that gives a complete rundown on Jennifer's style and more! Be sure to check out the pics and notice the trend that helps make most of her styles work for her: belted tops and gowns that draw in the middle with a jewel or center piece.

Watch for her on the cover of an upcoming issue of Essence mag!


browneyedgirl said...

I don't know why she is one of the big celebs being watched right now. First of all she made one movie and she's overweight. Curvy is a good thing b.c I am sick of all the toothpicks in hollywood, but this girl is more than curvy. Workout and lose some weight. Make the effort like everyone else.

yummy411 said...

wow browneyedgirl! she actually looks a little lighter to me and more toned than she did in her American Idol days.

browneyedgirl said...

I didn't want to come off harsh. As far as her American Idol days I have no idea what she looked liked then. DOn't misunderstand me-curvy would be Beyonce, Jlo, etc...Not this girl, who needs to get in shape.