Monday, October 16, 2006

Fall Frenzy

Here are some yummy fashion trends that I'm into: long extravagant colors, slim and puffy sleeves , doll cropped coats and blazers.

All looks and items from


Coty Prestige is poised to introduce a new feminine fragrance from US singer/actress Jennifer Lopez. Glow After Dark by JLo will begin its worldwide roll-out from December. Glow After Dark...was reportedly inspired by the bond between friends. ( and Nowsmellthis) Other fragrances Yummy is still out for are Donna Karan Gold and MAC fragrances. MAC fragrances don't get the notoriety that they deserve, because most consumers can't get past the bottle. The smell on the bottle is horrific, but once you put it on your skin and let the perfume settle, it seems as if the scent was lost in translation! Also noteworthy, is one of my favorites: Paris Hilton for men... and anticipating smelling Just Me for men.

I got my hands on the MaxFactor 2000 Calorie mascara. It's always highly recommended amongst readers in beauty blog circles.
Here's yummy's review: Volume (what I care about most) a plus for every day wear. You won't get super thick lashes, but a great boost for daily consumption. Lengthening: Add some flare, but not the drama of an exceptional mascara. Clumps: you can work it so that you are clump free. I didn't feel overwhelmed with black gooey glob that was hard to maneuver. Over all, I'm pleasantly pleased with probably one of my new daily mascaras. Revlon SuperLustrous Gloss I reviewed this product once before. I love the shade that I purchased, but being over zealous about the other shades and the hype from other beauty bloggers, I endulged in two more- the highly talked about Raizin Rose and Afterglow Pink for Breast Cancer support. The gloss has great shine, but pigment is on the weak end. Maybe more suitable for gals with not as much pigment/melanin in their lips. I thought I was taking a dive into colorful fields here, but learned quickly that it was as close to clear as I was going to get; mere tinted glosses. I was disappointed with the Raizin Rose, anticipating much more with the gold flecks and maroon coloring shining through the tube. Besides, it smelled horrible to me. Not an overwhelming, knock you out odor, but a scent that creeps up on you and gets to your stomach (although that's not the case with my Peachy Shimmer color.) CO Bigelow Apothecaries Mentha Lip Tint gets two thumbs up for high shine, feels good on the lips, and it tastes and smells great. I've heard rave reviews about it, but had no idea the little secret was kept at my local Bath and Body Works store. Designed to give a great gloss coating for your lips, to feel good on and a peppermint oil for your breath. It's your own personal little treat!

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