Thursday, May 01, 2008

Yummy411: MAC Naughty Nautical Launch

Hi all... so I want to talk Naughty Nauticals. Sorry folks, no swatches here. I swatched a little too much for it to make it back home and take pics of it.

Anyhooo, if you care to chat about it and hear my take on it.. let's go!

But first, I must give a shout out to Ms. Tameka (sorry if I misspell your name)! It was my first time meeting a Yummy411 reader (that wasn't a friend or family member) outside of the blog! I was so honored to meet her. When she recognized who I was, I really felt special. I'm always trying to look out for familiar faces or even those Specktralites in my area. Good meeting you Tameka!

Okay, back to the show

Lipsticks- most are lustres and barely there colors. If you like Bare Slimshine l/s, possibly even Viva Glam V, you'll like the Buoy Oh Buoy. On me, it's a true lustre, barely there color, close enough to lip conditioner in tinted beige. I got it=( It might make a return. The star of the lipsticks was truly Port Red! If you missed Queen's Sin from this past Christmas collection Antiquitease then you'll definitely want to hop on this!

Lipglasses- A bit of a snore to me, but they definitely have a bit more dimension that looking at promo pics online. I like Bateaux which is this collections version of those very familiar or comfortable with Sinnamon lip lustre, or Oh Baby lip glass-- tan with a bit of pearl, not iridescence nor glitters, but a shine more or less of a toned down chrome glass. Love Knot is a blue based baby pink with some light blue iridescence. It's soft, but definitely there. Cute, but I passed because I know this is something I would definitely layer and not wear alone. I need products to be stars in their own right. A MAC MA was wearing Dervish lip liner, Buoy oh Buoy lipstick and Ensign lipglass (so she says ;)) Great looking combo on her!

Eye Shadows- If we aren't fixated on lipglasses, the next product to catch our attention is usually the eye shadows. If the lipsticks are a snore, then these will definitely put your lights out. You may notice Submarine eyeshadow which is a pretty vibrant blue. Great blue if you don't own any flashy blues and it's not super frosty. I passed since I wasn't sure how close it was to my Blue Storm eye shadow from a recently passed collection, Blue Storm. I think blue storm is darker, but Submarine is definitely smoother than my Blue Storm which is rather chalky for a frost. Illegal Cargo and Shore Leave are very pastel and frosty.

Pigments- Mutiny's the star of this clan. It's a light sky blue aqua. Very pretty. The others are very pretty, but I just wasn't intrigued and didn't know how I'd use them. I know there will be some people on Spectra that will blow my mind with these simple colors, so I'll wait on their lead =p Lovely Lily is a shade up from viz-a-violet, which is barely a shade up from violet.. see the trend? I passed. Mutiny might win me over though.

Polishes- Of course the blue Naughty Nautical polish is on my radar. I'm looking for a dupe of Dior's signature blue polish color!

Well, that's the collection for me in a nutshell. What's your take? Did you check it out? Haul? Tell me about it!


Belle Cheveux said...

You've been tagged, read my page for the rules. :)

nywele said...

Thank you for your did you find party mate? I think i'll get it as well as port Port red very very very red? is it a buildable color? The nearest MAC is an hour and a half away and with gas prices, i can't drive a total of 3 hours for 2 lippies...since there's free shipping, that's my answer...

aaaaw..that's so cool that you met a reader of your blog :)

Divine Blackness said...

How coooool! I would die if I met a reader. That's just the neatest thing ever.

Seems like we have the same fews about NN. I was debating about Submarine too b/c of Blue Storm but they are actually very different. B.Storm is a lot darker. And yessss, that polish is HOT!!! China Glaze has a pretty similar dupe from that WOW collection.

Speaking of that WOW collection---why have I purchased damn near the whole set?

Anonymous said...

Hey Yummy,

I am so feeling the Port Red, although I havent seen the lipstick in person. Because I love myself some Ruby WOO, I would like to know, is the two shades close in color or is the Port Red extra HOT?!!! Enquiring minds would like to know.... Your answer would make or break the shade for me...


Calming Corners said...


These items are too fun! Thanks for the review I am going to check them out.

MakeupByRenRen said...

i picked up a bit bit from the collection yesterday but i'm not too sure yet how i like it since i haven't really applied it on myself...i will say though that port red and mutiny are def the stars of the show...

Shana said...

Hey Kia!

I posted on Specktra about my haul. I get sucked into these MAC launches almost every sad. Anywho I picked up the following:

Buoy o Buoy - like you said a tinted lip conditioner, I dont think Im impressed

Port Red - SO BEAUTIFUL, cant wait to wear it

Bateaux - I am a nude gloss fanatic so this is right up my alley. I may have to get a few more cause I know Im gonna use it up. And yes I used to LOVE Oh Baby but that glitter is the pits!

Mutiny - LOVES IT
Bell Bottom Blue - LOVES IT TOO!

Pandamonium - ditto on the love
Meet the Fleet - uh, yeah this may have to go back too. I feel like I am trying to make myself like it and thats a no no

yummy411 said...

@ belle cheveaux: thanks!

@ nywele: thanks! i'm sorry.. party mate seems to be a nice color, just nothing to write home about. port red is red from my simple swatch. it may be a bit more 'buildable' on your skintone, but even a simple layering, i think you'll get a vibrant red. because of its metallic look, your lips will be popping! yeh free shipping is the way to go! how cool is it to meet a reader. i was very touched.

@ divine blackness: how cute! ;) hot! yeh we've found a good concensus with NN. I have the blue from the wow collection on my nails and the MAC blue seems deeper. this blue is BLUE i tell you. maybe i'll post it =)

@ mutha: this is a red you'll have to get. trust me, you'll love it. it has ruby woo status!

@ calming corners: thanks for dropping by! let us know what you like and don't like and what you bought!

@ makeupbyrenren: that's three of us that agree!

@ shana: good stuff! thanks for sharing! i'll look up your stuff on specktra. i think i have you saved as a buddy? what's your name on there. you see it took me a min to realize that you were sjs.... on mybloglog! LOL!

(g)ezebel said...

i get my naughty nauticals order next week!! i can't wait. i only bought two lipsticks and i think two glosses (buoy oh buoy is one of 'em). oh, and i bought all the pigments and one eyeshadow. god, i'm out of hand with the makeup already.

yummy411 said...

you only bought EVERYTHING! LOL good job (g) enjoy your goodies!! and yes... we want a FULL review lady!

Yannize said...

I love Naughty Nauticals, but I think Im gonna wait until their other summer launches...I mean how many red lipsticks and blue eyeshadows do we already own?

Im just saying...

Anonymous said...

Hey Yummy411,

I it was good meeting you too, It's Tameka. I really enjoy your blog, I check to see what you have in store for us everyday...THANKS for the SHOUT OUT!!!!!

yummy411 said...

@ yannize: yeh girl... the color of the rainbow does not change... so nothing they bring out is that new.. just better packaging and forms! gah, what can i say... i'm a collector =)

@ Tameka (anon): thank you so much! and you are very welcome!! thanks for being a reader!