Monday, January 08, 2007

Allure Mag's Backstage: 10 Hottest Beauty Trends on the Style channel

Today, on a lazy, chill with family Sunday, I fit in some tube time watching the Style channel's Backstage Allure's Top 10 Beauty Trends. What did I gather (taking mental notes)?
In makeup there are basically two trends that are dominating: the fresh face (think 12 years old minus any (pre)pubescent acne) and the bold, dramatic face (eyes) using jewel tones.
The top trends in hair: the natural, textured hair, blown in the wind, not too structured or maintained. Skip the flat irons. Think how your boyfriend would wear his hair if he was a chick. The second most recognized trend: the bun, the chignon. Take a ponytail, roll from tip upward, take the sides and pin into a U shape with the hair band exposed. Keep the hair and makeup low key to give all the attention to the clothes. Lastly, bone straight hair. This trend will never get old.
So you mean to tell me makeup artists and hairstylists are getting paid big money and traveling all over to do what the models could do themselves? Keep airplane hair and and little to no make up and hit the runway? The big deal behind hair and makeup is???? LOL Kidding (just a bit) I do like the fresh face, bare and accentuating the natural. The clean, smooth and glowing canvas is what I strive for.
Other trends that were mentioned:
The berry lip that we've already seen.
The dark stained lip from the inside and middle of the lip; not extending to the lip line (as an alternative or a way to change up the red lip.)
The pale face, nude lips.(Things we've already seen.)
For fun: Speaking of Allure, here are some tips to recreate their glam looks.


Heather said...

i watched that last night too. I thought it was so un original. All the hot trends were the complete opposite of each other. the whole fresh face/smoky eyes..berry lips/nude lips..messy hair/neat hair...

seriusly, it's like everything is in, nothing is new, just wear what you like

yummy411 said...

that's the true meaning of style.. wear what you like!