Sunday, December 30, 2007

Yummy411: Good Bye 2007!

Reflecting on my year, I'd like to think of why 2007 was a good year, rather than all the bad I'll be changing. This list will include makeup and non-makeup items.

2007 was a good year because:
-my Babyyum (this look cracks me up every time, he's 1.. 16mos or so here) turned 3 and it's been the best year ever with him (out of diapers, independent, outgoing, curious, and oh so lovable!!!) I think 3 is my favorite age. I don't know if I want him to grow older (LOL) I enjoy this age more than when he was a baby! this year he's learned so much! he's more of a pro on the comp (scary), learned to tie his shoes both ways (easy and the regular methods), he makes chocolate milk and lemonade, he's riding his bike solo (without training wheels) he sits through whole movies.. with interest! this list could go on, but i'm a happy mommy!!

- i'm a lover of beauty powders. most of the beauty powders i've been able to buy from MAC. however, i was not into the novel twist shimmer powder thingies (??? go figure)

- i learned to use the bent eye liner (Get Bent liner from Benefit)

-i got the jet set waterproof liquid liner from Smashbox

-last year i resolved to doing my own makeup instead of relying on MA's for most of my looks and advice with products... yay! i'm pleased to say that i'm happier with my own looks than those that MA's have done for me!

- i went to makeup school!

-i'm comfortable with other foundations than just tinted moisturizers or sheer powder =) (i still adjust, lightly apply, etc. foundations for a natural coverage i'm comfortable with)

-i've discovered neutrals and browns that i'm in love with. coming from generationMAC, where all we saw and loved was bright, over the top color, learning about neutrals was a 360. i still have a lot of exploring to do.

-i finally made some biz cards!

-i still have Yummy411 up and running!

-i'm locking my hair!

-i've found some bras that have made me happy! (surprise, surprise! VS hasn't done better than these for this full figured lady, but maybe that's no surprise. i haven't tested their longevity, but we can say longer than 2 weeks!)

-Barbie Loves MAC has been one of my favorite collections!!

-i attended a cosmetic trend show..small, but a great thing!

-i attended the Semester at Sea reunion in NY and connected with friends that i hadn't seen in ages

-connecting with all of the other fantastic beauty bloggers has been so much fun =)

-Rock Band for PlayStation 3 is HOT!

-i saw one of my favorite movies, The Color Purple on Broadway!!

Let's revisit those '07 Beauty Resolutions and see how they turned out...
2007 Beauty Resolutions
1. Drink more water.
2. Get more beauty rest!
3. Start a dark under eye circle treatment.
3. Get to work on my lash treatment of a nigh time application of Vaseline.
4. Clean brushes more often and carry a sharpener in my makeup bag or at least switch to a liner such as MAC's technakhol liners. DONE
5. Use more beauty products.. that i ACTUALLY OWN! I wanted to do a Rock the Gloss like Champagne and Lipgloss did (using a different gloss each day that I currently own), but I can't resist the urge to buy another lipgloss that's .002 shades lighter than my last fav gloss. I've used more of my foundations and powders that I actually own than buying more.
6. Do a rock the perfume, shadow, jewelry, etc. for that matter! I def did this with perfume and jewelry!
7. Go ahead and wear the crazy, funky clothes and ideas that cross my head. Not as interested in this idea anymore. I still like to wear interesting pieces and color combos, but I like the idea of dressing like a grown woman, lol.
8. I'm going to put this on the list, but yall can't hold me to this stuff, only I........ but I'm seriously considering going natural in the '07. Embracing my natural coils and curls! (Loc or not to loc?) I seriously hate maintaining my hair. I need to be on celebrity status and have my own personal stylists or go to the salon at 11am for personal treatment. DONE!
HAHAHA! I'll work on the rest!

Here's a cool meme I did at the end of '06! I would do it again, but sadly most of the answers would be the same =(

What will be bigger, better, to come, etc. in 2008... only time will tell! I'll keep my goals to myself and report at the end of '08, God willing.

Here's to a great 2008 everyone!



Mrs. Lynne said...

2007 was a very huge accomplishment for you. Congrats! I can't wait until my kids are older and a bit more independent, but at the same time I love them as they are now and wish this aging process would stop.

And how cool that you went to makeup school! The thought of that keeps on coming up in my mind but there's hardly any good schools here to do that. But I guess I'll learn a thing or two when I got to cosmetology school (if all goes to plan) next year :)

Have a wonderful New Year mama! To you and baby Yum, he is sooo cute! You've done an awesome job with your blog. Keep it up :)

Divine Blackness said...

Ohhh, my sista Yums! How I love thee. '07 does seem to have been fab for you! From Baby Yums to make-up school....all are truly a blessing! I'd like to say that I am happy to have crossed paths with you in the make-up world. I am learning a lot from you!! And I can't wait to shake my locs witcha! And keep up the fab job with the blog! We love it!


Happy New Year hun! After 3 the they seem to fly I swear and then your like where is my baby? Here's hoping that 08 is just as good and better than 07 for you!

yummy411 said...

@ mrs. lynne: yes, but i am looking forward to being a soccer mom, so babyyum would have to grow up for that lol.

yay! cosmetology school. sometimes i wonder if i cheated myself by not going to cosmetology or aesthetician school =/

thank you and i look forward to keeping up with you and your blog in the '08!

@ divine blackness: i've shared my sentiments with you over at your blog, but the beauty blogosphere is def a better place since you've joined! blogsisters in the '08! keep up the great work over at clumps!

@ <3 shawnta: hey girl! yes '07 wasn't that bad i guess. happy new year to you! keep those little girls adorable. it will only be a matter of time before they pick up on your obsession! LOL... keep up the great work on your blog. you know i'll be over there peeking at all of your hauls and gorg photos =)

Afrodite said...

You've done so much this year. Kudos! You inspire me to make a list of 2007 accomplishments.

I would love to see what your hair looked like before you went natural.

yummy411 said...

@ afrodite: yay! can't wait to see your list =) i had planned on another hair post. will do soon, i'm having internet troubles =(