Sunday, May 25, 2008

Yummy411: Contests and How I do my eyebrows

Hey lovelies!
I hope you all are enjoying your Memorial Day weekend. Um, where is my invite to the cookout? It's okay, I'm going to crash the cookout next year though.
Anyhoozer, I wanted to let you all know about two fab contests going on out in the blogosphere, but very much part of our blogger fam.
*Head over to Fab Vixen's to help her name a series she's starting on her blog. The prize? A $30 Target gift card. Mama loves some Tarjay!
*Next stop by The Beauty of Life to enter into Beauty Chick's Spring contest giving away all kinds of goodies worth $824!!! Do I need to say anymore?!


I got a reader question asking how do I 'sculpt and shape' my brows with concealer. Or simply, how do I do my brows (I think Lurve asked before.)
Here goes!
I used to do my brows this way. I essentially do the same thing, but I've changed a few things thanks to Tanna J. I still bleach my brows (haven't done it lately).
Here's a before..

Next, I fill in my brows with a 266 brush and Cork eyeshadow. That is done in this pic.

Now here's where things change. Instead of applying concealer with my finger, I use this trusty 208 to apply my concealer.

I use this concealer palette from MAC in medium. They don't sell these in the store anymore, only at the CCO. Any concealer can be used though.

I take my #208 brush and the concealer and pretty much sculpt and shape an eyebrow (use the concealer to draw my desired shape of my brows, almost like doing the white pencil method to tweeze brows.) Often times you do not have to line the top of the brow. This is known as "The MAC brow" in this region (DC area).

I take my #242 brush, spritz it with some Fix+

I then clean up the concealer with the damp #242. This leaves the brow cleaned up and the slight appearance of concealer brightens the brow. Also, some people like Slvrlips don't erase the bottom line with a damp brush like I do. She simply takes the #208 or whichever brush and pulls down the concealer for a 'natural' highlight on the browbone. Basically, tailor the method to fit your desired look (Please excuse Mt. Everest that's taking over in the pic.) A very tedious technique, but worth it for the results.

And with makeup!.. oh and my new lover Moon Glow mineral eyeshadow by Pure Luxe as my brow highlight. (I used to only use concealer also, but Moon Glow is subtle enough to fit my taste!)


Phoebe Ann said...

Your brows are oh so YUMMY! :)

ilurvemakeup said...

Thanks for the tut! You make it look so easy! NOT FAIR! lol Brows look so flawless O_O

Askmewhats said...

awww that's great brows!!!! looks pERFECT

Nordia said...

ok so basically i <3 you! i did this, and my brows came out AMAZING. that concealer trick realllllyyyy is a simple effective way to great brows. thanks yums! you're my favvvv.

Emilee @ GMM said...

Gorgeous brows! You make it look so easy (which it definitely is not! lol).

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i agree with everyone else. your brows look flawless and you DO make it look so easy. which it so is not... seeing how my brows are jacked at the moment. LOL!

Bethany said...

Love your brows, they're so perfect :] Check out my site,

Dominican Enigma said...

wow fantastic! thanks

Divine Blackness said...

Yums, I've just decided that my brows will never be as fab as yours. LOL, seriously....they are naturally jacked up and I've just learned to except it. You really do make it look effortless, chile. Fo reals....enjoy the extended weekend!

Connie said...

great tut! your brows look excellent! I can never make mine to look just perfect :( brows are definitely not my forte

BeautyChick101 said...

Your brows are seriously amazing. Next time I see you, you're doing mine. :)

Danyelle said...

Oooo, I agree with the aboves. Your brows look great! I do the same exact thing with my brows, Yay! I'm doing somethin

yummy411 said...

to everyone, thank you for your comments and compliments! it's very interesting to hear you all say this as this is definitely not the trend in celeb makeup. a bit unkept natural brow shows up on a lot of pages of mags! i'm always wondering or feeling like i'm over 'manicuring' my brows... but i like, so whatev...

@ phoebe ann: thank you!!

@ ilurvemakeup: it is when you get a hang of it LOL.. thank you. that is an awesome compliment!

@ askmewhats: thank you!!

@ nordia: yay! i get so excited when i can help out!

@ emilee(gmm); thank you!!

@ christiana divine: thank you! your brows may be jacked at the moment (as you say) but your brows are on point! i never understood how you got yours so perfect until you showed us your tut.

@ bethany: thanks!

@ dominican enigma: you're welcome!

@ divine blackness: girl please! your brows are perfect for and on your face! oh believe that you all only get to see pics of me and my brows that i'm okay with that day... ask tameka LOL she saw me in person.. sans makeup AND nice brows! LOL

@ connie: thanks... let anastasia know for me LOL

@ beautychick101: thank you! you got it! ;)

@ danyelle: thank you! your brows look great as well. whatever works for you is something that you are doing right. hey tell me, since you do your brows the same way as I do, do you ever feel like you can't do your eyebrows without having on other makeup?

MakeupByRenRen said...

hmmm concealer, why didn't i think of that! good job they look really really good!

Anonymous said...

Aha! At last, the secret to Kia's immaculate brows!

Thanks for the tutorial; I gotta try this myself, sometime.

Afrodite said...

Your eyebrows look so nice! Come do mine...

PBW said...

Great tutorial! Your brows look really pretty.

SuzieC said...

Your brows look great. I may try this with my the end of my left brow which is super thin from years of waxing.

Danyelle said...

Yes! The only time I do my brows is when I have on a full face of makeup; they kinda go together. They are naturally very thick so I don't fill them in with shadow but I do put some brow gel on them when I dont plan on wearing makeup, just to keep them in place...Its either all or nothing with my brows

Product Junkie Diva said...

Your brows are gorgeous...really yummy they looks GREAT!!!!!!
thanks for the contest info..heading over now :-)
Product Junkie Diva

Mischo Beauty said...

Ok my dear- your brows are fab! When are you going to start teaching? ;)

Like you, I learned that brow from Tanna J and for me- I'm torn- sometimes it's a little much on me- but it also depends on the occasion too... so I just switch it up...

yummy411 said...

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you! it's a cheat way to a neat brow.

@ mandypandy: LOL! let me know how it works for you!

@ afrodite: of course! when i'm out that way hit me up ;)

@ pbw: thank you!

@ suziec: thank you! let me know how it works for you.

@ danyelle: yeh same with me... my go mommy go days definitely don't see this kind of attention to the brows.

@ pjd: thank you!! .. and you're welcome!

@ mischo beauty: thank you! teaching? haha! i'm still learning.. which never ends!

i agree with you. sometimes it's too much and like i stated before i think it's overly 'manicured' sometimes. the pic of me with the makeup done is when i was going to do a makeup job, so they needed to be nice. my 'go-mommy-go' makeup doesn't see that kind of attention. esp for someon like me with sparse brows, it can be a bit unnatural.

ilurvemakeup said...

Yeah I remember you posting this, but when I tried to follow your pic by pic, I didn't quiet get it right. Like I said you made it look easy! Ateya's live tut was easier for me to follow and understand. You should do some live tutorial I think it'll be easier for peeps like me who like to see the work in action :)

I'm still annoyed that my MAC muas in my area didn't show me this at all. Seeing it done in person would of helped me a long time ago.

Ella said...

Loved your eyebrows. Thanks for the post.