Wednesday, March 07, 2007

MAC NEWS and Wishlist

(This will be a rather lengthy post, so click on the music player in my sidebar, groove with me and read on in my adventures in makeup!)
Lightful-the new line of skin care by MAC to brighten and liven skin. (I'm not convinced yet.)

My lastest MAC haul (overall) From the Barbie Loves MAC collection:
e/s- Magic Dust, Moth Brown, and Springtime Skipper
l/g- Sweetness
beauty powder- Pearl Blossom
other (not from the collection)- lustreglass Sinnamon and iridescent powder- Star, fluidline Shade, prep + prime skin, and select coverup concealer.

Right now, I'm loving prep+prime skin. It makes your skin feel so soft and silky. Besides, it makes your makeup last all day. Special bonus: light reflecting particles (light shimmer to give your overcoat of foundation a dewy glow).

MAC select coverup concealer has replaced my select moisturecover concealer. The moisturecover glides on nicely and as its name suggests, provides moisture. The moisture makes the concealer very light, but my bags need more. This is where the select coverup comes in. It gives me just a little more. Not over-powering, but just a little more coverage with a little less moisture.

On my wishlist: MAC mineralize satinfinish. This looks sooo yummy. I can't wait to get to the MAC store! Light to medium buildable coverage, a seamless finish (highly blendable!) with light reflecting particles. When they say a dewy foundation, this is the truth! I sampled some on the back of my hand. The hand won't always reveal the true color, but what I saw was near impeccable. The formula blended into my skin, didn't feel dry and had a healthy radiance. I can't wait to get it on my face. I love a complete, neat and fresh canvas for makeup. Next, I want the Beauty Burst e/s. This is a vibrant shade of brown with a little red in it. I have other browns, but they are smogged and muted. This brown is intensified with more pigment, so better color payoff. Iridescent powders are turning into an obsession. I'd like to try Belightful...simply to add to the collection. I'd like to backtrack and revisit the Racquel Welch Icon collection. I need to investigate Yogamode beauty powder and the Sweet and Shy and Orange Twink glimmershimmers. I didn't realize how soft and elegant the colors are. Some are so soft they don't show up, but the products I mentioned seem to be worth a second look. (I totally wasn't interested at first. Just like the Mystery Powder from the Couture collection. Do they even still have it? yikes!) Lastly, I need brush #217 or #222. I can't remember which, but let me tell you, when the brush touched my eye, it was the most pleasant pampering. Now, I only know this because of a bad experience. When I started experimenting with my shading and blending brushes, I used a crease brush that wore my eyes out! I didn't realize until I was done. When I went to remove my makeup with my gentle makeup remover, it stung like hell. I had two sore red eyes for two days. Now, I know the difference and can really appreciate this brush by MAC. (Does Sephora carry a cheaper and comparable version? Anyone know?)

Can I get the MAC discount card. This is getting out of hand. Don't get me started on the Balloonancy collection =(
... ok or the Strange Hybrid collection... *sigh*

I went downtown to visit the MAC counter for a Barbie makeover. As I presumed, they would run out of everything (mainly the lipsticks and lipglasses). So I got a makeover, but not in the way that Barbie Loves MAC ;)
(MAC makeup artist, my friend Tamara. Colors used: cork in eyebrows and a little Boy Girl brow gel/set; select coverup in nc30 as browhighlight; nw45 on lid -primer- and undereye; Springtime Skipper e/s from lashline to crease; Beauty burst in outercorner and crease; Rule eyeshadow in innercrease and as a liner; a violet shade for lower lashline; a touch of magic dust for my inner corners; zoom lash mascara; a bit of style blush on cheeks, Star iridescent powder on face; random gloss - the lip style was eaten off by the time I took these pics. I loved this look! It looked totally glam when I went out. The look was bold without bold colors. Fab if I may say so myself.)


Anonymous said...

As a dark complexion sistah, I am not feeling the Barbie collection at allllll. Maybe they should do a Bratz collection for the dark and lovely.


Toya said...

Girl, I am FEELING those earrings! Where did you get them and how can I get a pair???

rebelleBAP said...

You look as Miss Lianne would say "gawd-geous!!!" You look like my cousin Tiffany( I think I might have told you that...) ANyways, you were shopping too!!! I can't wait for Balloonacy, oh I think might go tax check broke on that one.:)

PS- your media player has my FAVORITE song on it...can't get enough of you by Tamia.:)

Anonymous said...


Found this great site with lots of weekly comps, any anyone can easily join. :)


yummy411 said...

hey toya! i got the earrings from charlotte russe. gotta love costume jewelry.

j, thank you! actually the look (eyebrows mainly) was kind of dramatic for me, but i got used to it. yes girl, bona fide mac whore. i'm doing my best to be a free spirit and use all brands.

yummy411 said...

muthasfynest.. i thought i replied to you. dark and lovelies can be spectacular in barbie makeup too. it's all about application. go to the downtown counter, pentagon city's store or macy's in bowie for some great help! want to make a trip?

Make-up Junkie in Canada said...


Love the Barbie makeover! Colours look great on you! Thanks for stopping by my page the other day. I feel less of a dork knowing that there's someone else out there that wears makeup to clean the house! On a side note: if you're a make-up artist or involved in the entertainment/fashion industry somehow you can apply for a MAC discount card. Anyways, take care and talk soon!


yummy411 said...

Thanks makeup junkie!

Shaunika said... were soooooooo hot that day (as usual)! One day, I'll be as fabulous as you.

mar said...

your eyes look GORGEOUS in those colors- you should wear that all the time. wow!

yummy411 said...

thanks shaunika and mar!

Anonymous said...



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LookLovely247 said...

You look gorgeous! OMG!!! Your skin looks absolutely flawless and the makeup is perfect. I love the colors.