Monday, December 03, 2007

Yummy411: My Natural Hair Journey- The Hair Post

My Hair
I never really talk about hair because I'm transitioning to locs now. I don't do anything special because I feel like they are at a stage where I'd like my beautician/stylist/-whatever fancy name they go by these days- (no she's not just a loctician) to take care of them. Besides, a lot of black beauty is always about hair and skin and never really about makeup! LOL. Media has opened up more to makeup for women of color, but our main concerns used to be all about hair and skin.

Deciding to loc my hair was one of my 2007 Resolutions that I followed through with a few months ago. It's been an interesting time so far. Here's what I've observed:
  1. Biggest letdown (right now)- having to visit the hair salon as often as I did with a relaxer. This shall pass! LOL I can't wait for my hair to really mature so that I can feel comfortable about maintaining it myself.
  2. I have to say good bye to my caps. I can wear the stretchy winter kind, but caps and news boy hats that I'm very fond of are not fitting these days. I'm really sad about this.
  3. It takes patience and perserverance to just let my hair go and not stress and obsess about going to get my hair retwisted. The beautician said to come to her every 3 weeks and I thought "Puleeze!" She was right =(
  4. I have to remind myself to keep my fingers out of my hair.
  5. I'm intrigued with the coils that may fall from my head. I'm so used to seeing straight long strands after brushing or combing. Now, if I run my fingers through my hair, I may see a coil or two.... long, strong, springy coils!
  6. Doing this dry wash stuff is hard. Can't wait for my hair to mature, so that I can wash it naturally.
  7. As much as I like this natural, free to be me, carefree hair style, I don't like my kitchen knotting up so! Grrrrrr~
  8. When I started this, I was so into talking to locked sisters about the hows, whys and whats behind their hair. Only to find that while many people do like to talk about their hair, there are just as many whom are tired of it and are ready to cut it off *GASP!* When I was wearing the short 'fro, more people wanted to talk about natural styles. I talked to a few ladies from the "been there, done that locs" club. Free of the long locs, they were ready to experiment with their short, natural hair.
  9. I think some day that I'll become part of the "been there, done that locs" club. Right now, I can't wait to see them grow!
  10. Many women still see natural hairstyles and locs as unprofessional.
  11. It's surprising to see and hear the reactions of my little sister and cousins about the idea of my natural, locking hair; their disapproval.
  12. Many people recognize that this stage is frustrating and not as much fun, but do see the longer term goal of long locs =))))
  13. My parents were more accepting of the natural, locking hair versus piercings and tattoos.
  14. I've gotten very few compliments from guys about my hair. I'd be lying if I said I didn't totally care how I was viewed by the opposite sex with my new hair. One of the more important guys in my life told me he prefers me with straightened hair. Oh well, until he contributes the money for that service or helps to make up for the time I lose with my child by sitting in a salon for hours on end..... I will watch my locs grow!


Anonymous said...

i drop by your blog daily. i currently relax my hair but time being taken away from my children is making me contemplate my hair routine and the high maintanence of going to a salon.
please keep posting.

by the way do you know of a lovely bronzer. i am the approximate complexion of actress kerry washington. i am trying to find something that is somewhat inexpensive.


Jennifer said...

First, congrats on starting your locs. I have had locs for 2 years, no relaxer for 4. I was wearing two strand twists when it got to be WAY to much hair to wash, detangle, part and twist back up bi-weekely. When it statred to take me upwards of 6 hrs I needed to reevaluate.

I went to the salon to have them started simply because I was not confident that I could part the back of my head nice and even. I went back once for maintenence and have been DIY ever since. I have never done dry wash. I have always just washed my hair. I washed after 10 days of having them put in because the product the salon used was heavy, weighing my twists (baby locs) down making me look like a drowned cat.

I don't think locs are viewed as unprofessional where I am. I live in Baltimore County and work in Baltimore City. You will encounter at least (many time more) 2 locked heads a day here as well as twists and fros on women. For me the compliments haven't stopped coming. But the type of person and the manner that the compliment is given has changed.

Anyway, if you are not currently a member I suggest you head over to This website is a wealth of information for natural and locked heads. I'm macgirl there.

Have a good one!


Hey girl, Jennifer gave some good reccommendations. For me washing my hair helped it loc faster IMHO and I took over from the girl that started my hair after about 4 visits.
For me I get more compliments from both sides now then when I first started. I think with locs people equate beauty with length, but I enjoyed the styles I could get along the journey. One of my favorites was rolling my locs which was so cute and easy when they were above the shoulder, but now with the length it takes forever to dry and I've been buying MAC instead of investing in a hooded dryer (2 more eyeshadow colors come on no competition LOL)
I go through waves of thinking if I need to cut them but I don't because there is nothing that I want to do with my hair afterwards. I'm not craving an afropuff or corn rolls so I stick with what I got and just try to play around with them and do something different when I'm feeling blah with them.
Wow this is a book, but you raised some interesting points in your post. I'm also on nappturality and recommend that site totally for all sisters interested in natural hair. I'm Shawnta715 over there.

Caramel Mimi said...

Wow that's great. I’m transitioning too. I’m not getting locks though. I haven’t had a relaxer since July and plan on doing my big chop this time next year. I’m just going to wear a weave or braids for now. However, it’s very tempting to chop it off now because I have about 4 inches of new growth. Anyways, good luck with the locks Yummy411.

Anonymous said...

I found this post interesting. I get more attention with my lox than I did when I permed my hair. I have been growing lox about 2-3years, and mine are shoulder length. If I were to cut my hair, I dont believe I would ever perm my hair again. I like the natural styles. My biggest problem is the gray along my hairline, its hard to dye. So any ideas would be appreciated. A friend of mine recommended something called gray busters. I have never heard of it though. Either way Im still fab. I would say this.. I can see that you are beautiful and thats not because of your hair and any man that doesnt recognize that isnt a man you would like anyway.


Nerd Girl said...

Interesting post! I think Jennifer was right on when she said that the type of person and compliment changes with locked vs. relaxed hair - definitely has for me.

I've had my locs for almost a year, and I admit, I can't wait to get some length on mine. At one point I thought I'd just let them grow to see how long they'd get. But now I'm thinking a little past shoulder length will do.

I think your hair looks great - I'd meant to comment on it earlier. Continue to do you and keep us posted on your journey along the way.


Afrodite said...

Finally! A post about your hair which I looooooove! I always want to mention it in the comment section but I'm always sidetracked by the makeup.

So yeah, your hair is so damn cute! I haven't relaxed my hiar since '99 but I stayed by that flat iron for eight years and it pretty much fried my hair. One paticularly hot July day this year I just stopped and my hair has flourished ever since!

As far as compliments, don't feel bad. I hardly get them either. The only compliments I get are from old, white women. Truthfully, I feel like some people aren't ready for the hair and that's okay. They probably aren't ready for me either!

One last thing: are you a member of nappturality?

Divine Blackness said...

I love the nappy hair. On Dec 18, I celebrate 3 years! I wish I could loc up...but I don't have anyone who can do it. And I know what you mean about questioning how the brothas will view you. Personally, I've gotten more looks and compliments than when I was rockin' the straight hair. Especially from loc'd up bruhs (which I'm in love with by the way). Actually...I get A LOT of compliments on my hair. And I don't think it's has unprofessional anymore these days. My doctor is a lady rockin' locs. And she's a professor. I've managed to cop a management position and several other jobs with the fro.

I know it's a hard transition/lifestyle and no one will ever understand except us other nappies. Hang in there. And yessss Nappturality is amazing. It got me through the "no one understands" times. That and blogging my entire experience. My hairspiration is like one of my best friends and I never even met her. LOL, crazy.....big ups, Yums! OH....and check out my Nappiversary Vid:

yummy411 said...

i just want to say that I love all of the stories and all of your comments! i had to take some time out before replying...

@ anon: i understand your dilemma which was a reason i decided this route. however, starting them off for me (some ppl choose to go at it without the help of a beautician) means as many visits to the salon, in the beginning, as getting your hair relaxed.... BUT bonus, the daily maintenance is the bare minimum! yay!

bronzer- try.. dare i say it, lol... MAC. they have great bronzers for diff. skintones. not your cup of tea? many makeup artist swear by wet n wild's matte bronzer. iman's brand is surely becoming a favorite of mine. try her bronzers. good luck!

thank you for being daily reader. you are appreciated =)

@ jennifer: omg! LOL @ 'drowned cat'!!!! what do you wash your hair with?

there are many people and professionals here in DC with locs. while most people won't say it to you or share the sentiment out loud, natural hair, locs and braids at commonly perceived as unprofessional until they get to know you and realize that you are professional. it's worse for men.

i will def check out thank you!

@ shawnta: i think you are right that the beauty of locs is equated with length. i think subconsciously, for me at least, the length equates to time and i'm more amazed at how long ppl have been diligent about the care of their locs. i def plan to only have my locs go slightly past my shoulders. i've had braid longer and did care for that... we shall see! thank you for commenting and i will check out nappturality! =)

@ caramel mimi: go for the cut girl! lol.. j/k just do what suits you. good luck to you as well with your transition!

@ mutha: thank you!! =) i will look into finding out some info for you about gray busters. if anyone else knows anything, please share! "i am not my hair...!"-india.arie

@ nerd girl: thank you!! i will keep you posted. i feel like you, that a little past the shoulder will do, but we shall see =)

@ afrodite: thank you!!! congrats to you and your hair! i agree that some people are ready for the hair. when i started with gel twists, some people thought it was so cute, but when they saw i was locking they felt like "oh.." like it was a disappointment. lol it's okay! i really hope to make an impact on beauty and hair with my little sister. i don't feel she had a chance to appreciate her natural, but she cries when she doesn't see her hair growing with a relaxer.

i will soon become a member of nappturality!

@ divine blackness: hey b! congrats on your hair! yeh, i think a man that can appreciate the beauty of the natural, can def appreciate me!

i think natural and locked hair has come a long way in society's view of it, but i was just at the gym the other day when a lady commented about her kinky twists not being a professional style at the office. i was baffled. so there are still some out there, but who cares?

big up to you B! great job on the video. very inspiring! others should def take a look!

@ EVERYONE: thank you so much for sharing your stories, suggestions, recommendations, etc. As I update on the hair situation, please feel free to offer advice, etc.! i appreciate all of you... THANK YOU!

Elana - said...

Thanks for the insight! I never really considered locs for myself...but I am sensing a change coming on. never know! Please continue to show pics of how your style continues to progress into a beautiful style.

Jennifer said...

The salon used some sort of heavy wax to start my locs, thus the drowned cat look. The product weighed my hair down and made it look just plain bad. I wash with a good moistruizing shampoo. I have used Nexxus and Aveda Sap Moss. I'm currently using Giovanni's 50/50 shampoo. I look forward to seeing you over on Nappturailty. :-)

yummy411 said...

@ elana: thanks! change is good, even if you don't go the locs route. i'll be sure to keep you updated =)

@ jennifer: thanks! i'm headed over there now!

Belle Cheveux said...

Your hair's beautiful.

Beauty By Uche said...

I am apart of the been there done locs club and I have to say...I loved them when I had them but I cut them because I was in a transitional point in my life. Yeah...I am deep into my natural hair like that. I am always glad to see sistas growing or with loc's. So If you have any questions you can ask me definitely. As far as my hair goes, Right now I have a curly mo'hawk that sometimes I blow straight. I think I want to color it though

yummy411 said...

@ belle cheveux: thanks! great blog! i'll be updating my blogroll soon =)

@ beauty by uche: sounds cute uche! thanks for being open to my questions.. i'm sure i will have some soon!

Amina said...

hello there,
I can't believe i never saw this post..
where i am at this stage, i decided that i am ready to lock and it doesn't have to be permanent...who knows after a few years, i might go back to loose hair..
what's important for me is to be natural: whether loose or locked..
anyways, it's nice to see your progression that way i can see what i can expect..hugs

Anonymous said...
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