Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Yummy411: Daytime Cult of Cherry Look

You all know me, I've been more interested in soft, daytime looks as that's what my conservative environment calls for. Here's my daytime Cult of Cherry look using the Tempting quad.... AND a few other goodies I want to tell you about!



Tempting Eyes Quad (Cult of Cherry)

  • Base- L'Oreal HiP paint in Lofty
  • Lid- Next to Nothing
  • Crease- Tempting
  • Outer v- Dark Edge
  • Highlight- concealer and a barely there sweep of Next to Nothing
  • Tear duct- Sharp
  • Dermablend concealer in Tan
  • Waterline- Revlon Colorstay liner in black
  • Bottom lid (under lashline)- Blue Storm e/s
  • Top lid- Maybelline liquid eye liner- black
  • Brows- (bleached/tinted brows) Girl Boy brow set, Cork e/s, a touch of concealer in one or two spots to sculpt and shape
  • Mascara- Maybelline Colossal-- I'm starting to appreciate this.
  • Mary Kay clear lip liner
  • Propogate lipstick
  • NARS Turkish Delight lip gloss*
Hmm.. this look feels familiar?

*Read on for the reviews!

This is an initial review, but I wanted to tell you guys about this pressed powder. It's one of the newest products for CG Queen Collection. A nice, light, mineral powder that gives you a polished look without the cake foundation feel or dull powder look. I'm excited about how easy and fool proof this is. I'm going to use it longer so that I can give a more accurate account of it's wear, etc. I must say though, that I'm loving this so far.. AND the gorgeous purple compact!

Over my Propogate lipstick, I'm wearing KimK's fav.. NARS Turkish Delight, which is described as a sorbet pink. The gloss is very nude as you can see and is non sticky. Can be used as a nice frost over other lipsticks, or a high sheen on it's own. A lip gloss luxury and indulgence. I was so excited to try this as Kim K raves about it as her fav, unfortunately it's not mine. Nice, but $$$ v. overall performance= hmmm?


nilla cookie said...

Gah I've been wanting to try Turkish Delight. I think it looks great on you!! Nudes are my favorite :)

Connie said...

I love this look! Totally up my alley. I'm feeling very inspired. Thanks! You can be sure that I'll be doing a remake of this look real soon. I don't have the Tempting quad though so I'd just have to work with what I got.

Amina said...

beautiful!!! NARS lipglosses are in my wishlist....
may i say that i looooooove the slideshow?

Erin said...

I love this!!!! I wish I could wear NARS but MAC lipglasses are the only ones I am not allergic too. Pooh! :-(

Erin said...

Sorry, I didnt mean to spell to as TOO. Oops. (lol)

slvrlips said...

Gorgeous!!! I love Sharp e/s in the tear duct very hot. I may have to borrow this look.

Yannize said...

how do you feel about cosmedicine?
and i def stole your concealer brow trick last weekend on a shoot I did...

Anonymous said...

I love this look. Its minimal and look beautiful on u, u know I love the yellow on your eyes.


rmcandlelight said...

I love that picture in the essence magazine. I love this look with the green in the inner corner and lower lashline.

Seymone said...

great day time look.

Anonymous said...

Just gorgeous!!

Jamila said...

I am really feeling this. I must say that sharp is growing on me. I was feeling really meh about it when it first came out.

yummy411 said...

@ nilla cookie: thank you! i love nudes too... ehhh $24 =/

@ connie: hi connie! we haven't chatted in a while. funny my sister asked if i used a hip duo to create this look... the colors are very dupeable and the green is like the other greens that i have =( ... but i love it all in one palette. i soooo need some rmk!

@ amina: thanks!! which gloss are you after?

@ erin: wow! really? what ingredient gives you an allergic reaction?

@ slvrlips: i'd love to see you in this look!

@ yannize: you did? i'm glad it worked!!! yay! here's my review on cosmedicine.

@ mutha: thanks muthaaaa! ;)

@ rmcandlelight: thank you lots!! i wish i could recreate that pic from the mag!!

@ seymone: thank you! can't wait to do a night time look ;)

@ pumps and gloss: thank you!!!

@ jamila: like sharp? you can try the riotous duo from HiP as a dupe!

Kristen Elisabeth said...

WOW!! This look is gorgeous on you! Probably my favorite you've ever done. Great job girl!

Connie said...

Yeah! I missed you! *sobs :( Lol. I can picture Loreal having very similar colors. I'll definitely be using dupes for this look. Awh, it's alright. When you love something, it doesn't matter if there are dupes because there just isn't any substitutions. Guess what? I'm gonna get my first Mineralized Skin Finish in Light Flush. I'm so excited. I've heard so much about them. And it's gonna be a splurge for me.

What are you keen on getting from RMK? Honestly, I wasn't that much taken into RMK's foundations and I prefer Giorgio Armani's one so much more.

Leeann @ Beauty Chat said...

Loved the post (as always) Kia! In fact, we featured it on Beauty Chat (

Check it out =D

ShanSoPink said...

I <3 this look! It's so pretty!

blackstar said...

this look so pretty! I'm definitely giving it a shot! Thanks!

yummy411 said...

@ kristen elisabeth: thank you!!

@ connie: light flush msf rocks! have fun with it. it's one of my favorites.

i don't know. i just feel like i need some rmk as part of my makeup collection. anything you suggest?

@ leeann: thank you! *happy dance* i'm featured on beauty chat blog!!

@ shansopink: thanks lady!

@ blackstarr: let us know how the look turns out!!