Saturday, August 02, 2008

Yummy411. Cosmedicine Medi Matte Oil Control Lotion SPF 20

You guys know of my oil combatting adventures. Remember MAC Matte?(Why don't I just leave the oil alone and let it help me stay young? I know, I know! This is really just a Spring/Summer issue.) Since it's not my holy grail mattifying product, I've been on somewhat of a search for just that.

A Sephora visit afforded me the opportunity to try Cosmedicine Medi Matte Oil Control Lotion with SPF 20. (Go Beauty Insiders!)

They say:

  • Controls sebum production creating the perfect environment to normalize oily skin
  • Reduces potential for breakouts by eliminating excess oil and clogged pores
  • Reduces shine for up to 8 hours
  • Makes skin look even, smooth and flawless

I used a bit of this and was very impressed. I applied the almost-glue-like product to my tzone areas. The product didn't quite show results for 8 hours, but long enough that I'm thoroughly impressed. Some may feel that the product is a bit thick, but when placed right in the tzone areas, the formula goes on and mattes out into your skin. No big deal. This blows MAC Matte out of the water results wise. However, the cost is quite exorbitant ($42 on their site). Though, with the money spent on trying other mattifiers, powders, and primers, I could have bought this and would have been completely satisfied. I can't vouch for the other claims, but for me, it's a product that works!

Some of the key ingredients are pomegranate, vitamin C and dimethicone.

Have you tried this? What do you think? Hopefully, when I replace my cam I can show you some pics =/


(g)ezebel said...

i've always wanted to try this but was scared off by the price. but your review about it lasting so long, i just might try it.

the ONLY good thing about oily skin: less wrinkles. :0)

Seymone said...

Dont waste ur money on it.. It does not work well. Effects last and hour or 2 at the most..

Erin said...

I personally think it works. It does not last eight hours but like you said, it works well enough. And I have OILY skin. So it really helps. I have gotten this for samples for being a beauty insider, so I have not gotten the bigger size. I'm a lil scared to pay $42, lol.

Jamila said...

Have you tried Prep& Prime? I think it works pretty well. A lot of sunscreens can also double as a mattifier. Shiseido face & body (the one in the blue bottle) is great for this!

xoxo Jaimie said...

I hope it works for you in the long haul! let us know.

Anonymous said...

I actually use the Medi Matte face tint and I love it! There isn't a soul that produces more oil than myself. This keeps my oil in control and the tint actually stays in place. I don't look at myself in the mirror at 5PM and wish I could hide. This stuff is magic! I just mix it with a little water and apply then set it with Benefit's Get Even face powder which, by the way, is the TRUTH!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I'm always looking for products for oil control. Thanks for the review!! :-)

Leeann said...

Yikes, that is a hefty price tag! But as you said, worth it. Does this product dry you out at all? I have found that when using products to reduce oil, it often causes my face to dry out and peel =(

Anonymous said...

Cool, because I keep finagling a sample every time I step into Sephora (I have four) and I have yet to use it for fear of breaking out. I will try it this weekend!

Anonymous said...

It only works for about the first 2hours... save your money. Instead buy Dr. Feelgood from Benefit. Works beutifully i even use as a primer. YAY! Something that finally works!

yummy411 said...

@ (g): i wish i could be satisfied with my oily self! the price is holding me back =( i need to check out cargo's blu ray mattifier that's half the price!!

@ seymone: for me they seemed longer between being inside and outside...

@ erin: i feel you! lol

@ jamila: i've used prep and prime which for me kinda doubled as my moisturizer or i didn't feel bad if i forgot my moisturizer under it. so it didn't keep me dry at all...really? lots of sunscreen... most sunscreens make me sweat, but my current clarins one is okay...

@ xoxo jaimie: i'll let you all know!

@ anon: you even dilute it?? wow. i'm glad this works for you!

@ BGG: no prob.. you should try the blu ray cargo mattifier as well.. i'll be trying that next!

@ leeanne: yes quite a hefty price tag. i hate finding that out after using a sample! it's is pasty/creamy, so it doesn't make you feel tight and dry, but if your skin is kinda dry to begin you might be able to use a touch of water with it like another commenter said. hope that helps!

@ juvenescent: you know you'll have to do a review that i'll be looking out for.. if you hate it, i got dibs on them!! LOL

@ anon(2): oooohhhh i guess i'll have to try that too!

Ms. Behaving said...

My skin is more dry than it is oily so I've never tried this.

Can you recommend anything [good] for dry skin??

yummy411 said...

hey ms. lady! yeh you def wouldn't need this product. for dry skin you can start with a moisturizing wash and toner (nivea), then you can do the cocoa or shea butters, cetyphil, eucerin cream, vitamin e ...any heavy creams/moisture rich face lotions or whatever your skin can handle. i'll look out for more specific products (brands) for you for great moisture minus the greasy feel.