Saturday, July 19, 2008

Yummy411: Fresh Green Mix Swatches and Comparison

L-R: MAC Fresh Green Mix (mineralized eye shadow duo), L'Oreal HiP Riotous (duo), and MAC Bitter (Matte) with flash
without flash

Top to bottom: Bitter, the green side of the Riotous duo, bright green side of Fresh Green Mix

(no base, no flash)

(no base, with flash)

Fresh Green Mix: mineralized, bright metallic green with nuances of yellow shining through, least vibrant or subdued of the 3 greens swatched, very costly, gorgeous when used wet

Green from Riotous duo: nice vibrant lime green, great pigment and blendability (compared to some other HiP shadows), a veluxe pearl finish (in MAC terms), second most vibrant green of the 3, best value of the 3

Bitter: my favorite lime green, matte, heavily pigmented, the best of the 3 but maybe challenging for the average person to wear of the 3, best color payoff of the 3

If you have either Bitter or Riotous you can skip Fresh Green Mix.


slvrlips said...

ok I'm so glad you did this becuase I was just wondering if Fresh Green Mix was dupable. OK Off to find Riotous duo.
Thanks for sharing

Amina said...

thank you for the swatches:)

justme said...

hey, i think i have this hip duo. i dont think i woulda bought fresh green mix if i woulda seen this! damn!

SuzieC said...

Great to know that Riotous is dupe! Now I really won't be getting anything from the collection.

yummy411 said...

@ slvrlips: no prob!

@ amina: you know you are more than welcome!

@ justme: compare them and tell me what you think.. and as always.. if necessary, return!

@ suziec: LOL yeh $18 a pop in a little crazy... are you coming on Saturday?