Friday, March 28, 2008

Yummy411: Here Comes the Break! FOTD

Okay, my title has nothing to do with this post besides the fact that I'm trying to boost my energy for my idea for my 80's challenge look. However, the song that really stays on my brain and makes me daydream of being a princess on a cloud in a tutu, silver chucks and lipgloss galore is RockStar. Yeh, I'm grown but I need to do the tutu thing once. I never did it as a little girl.

Another funk has arisen and I feel whatever makeup I try to put together doesn't go. Maybe it's because I don't have a focus.. a natural look, a smokey look, a bright look, an evening look... who knows.

I played in makeup trying to do a simple look you might see in Marie Claire or something. A lot of times, the models will look pretty and fresh, but with barely anything on! It amazes me how great they look, with a minimalist approach to makeup. So I tried a subdued look (I usually prefer bolder looks with shimmer), lashes (I buy so many pairs and most of them go to clients or for my portfolio photo shoots and I never try them and go glam) and some of my new brushes, trying to formulate an opinion for my review of them.

Eeks! I can't remember all of what I used, but here are some of the highlights to help make the look

FACE- suntwist beauty powder with my new large badger brush. I like, I like! Margin blush (ooh I'm falling in love all over again) on my cheeks with my #187 dupe that's not pink (sad face).... so far so good!

EYES- hmmmm Milani's Taffy e/s for highlight, a medley of browns cuz this started out as smokey brown look, but then MAC's Eyepopping was staring at me and I applied that to the inner corner with my pointed fluff crease duet brush... (pretty decent for a cheap brush) and Red Earth's yellow (MS108) at the tear duct. La la la! I used Loreal HiP cream blue liner on top lid (SO FREEKIN HOT!) applied with my angle brush from my synthetic brush set.. great for the consistency of the HiP liner and lastly.... Adel #117 falsies... #117 or 116. I need to hit Mindy up ASAP!

LIPS: worn down 1N lipglass and an old lipglass called Digital Jade.

That's all folks... I have so much I want to post about but my camera's dying a slow death. Why you ask? Okay you didn't, but I must vent since my cam is like 50% of my blog. Either my little sister who plays paparazzi to herself or Babyyums broke the casing around the battery compartment which then leaves the batter door ajar. I get about 3 -5 picks before the camera croaks. I planned to buy a new one anyway, but this one still worked!

Coming up: Milani Runway eye shadows, Loreal Infallible Lip Color, and my new brushes review!


Vixenlibra said...

Hey luv! I love your fotd's. they provide me with so many ideas and you always look so pretty. I love this look and the different layers of color on the eyes, Sometimes I can get bored with thinking of something new to do with my eye makeup since thats all I usually wear. But it cannot be as eye popping as I would like because of my uniformed militant like job. But this look is perfect! Thanks!

Divine Blackness said...

Beautiful look, Yums! I'm in a funk too....hence why I only wear eyeshadow once every 2 weeks. Lol! But this is fab....I love the Eyepopping addition.

Vanessa said...

I love, love, love your eyes! You have such nice skin! And I agree it's all about balance baby! As long as you are not over-doing it, then it's all gravy! :)

jess said...

omg your make up looks really nice i wish i knew how to do make up like that. beautiful!!!

karen, said...

how could I have missed that L'Oreal HiP liner at the drugstore the other day? Soo pretty on you! I will have to go back tomorrow to get it. I hope they have it!

Have a good weekend, Kia!

ilurvemakeup said...

I love the lashes!!! :O Awww sorry about the injured cam :(

Mrs. Lynne, said...

this is so pretty! green totally looks hott on you!

slvrlips said...

Kia, those lashes are fire!!!! I understand about the funk I'm just coming out of my funk. Any who, Gorgeous look

(g)ezebel said...

i love these colors together! the blue liner really makes a difference.

the break..!! girrrl, that's when the fine b-boys come out... i confess i was a b-boy groupie. a few years ago at a record release party for Wu Tang Clan, i met Crazy Legs from Rock Steady Crew, and i could barely talk, i was sooo starstuck. LOL!!

Chloe said...

love your skin! =) can i link your blog to mine? by the way what foundation do you use? and the suntwist beauty powder, did you use it all over ur face? or just in some areas? im such a noob in make up so pardon all these questions. Keep rockin those fotds! thanks!!

yummy411 said...

@ vixenlibra: hola! i'm glad you like! being in the white collar, professional world doesn't leave me to have much creativity myself. if you've noticed, most of my looks as of late has been toned down, as trying to stay in the conservative box and being creative is quite the challenge! i'm glad you find them helpful! i'll do more of these with you in mind ;)

@ divineblackness: thanks Brit! i'm finding that my funk is becoming a pattern (pms?). how annoying! i still try and look for inspiration!

@ vanessa: thanks! thank you! yes balance is key!

@ jess: thank you!! hmmm, tutorial? i swear, if i can do it, you can also!

@ karen: thank you! i love the potted liner. it has its own micro shimmer that gives a burst of blue! yes go get it now! LOL

@ ilurvemakeup: thank you! hehe.. it wasn't long before i had to work that situation out! stay tuned for more PHOTOS! YAY!

@ mrs. lynne: thank you!

@ slvrlips: thank you! glad you like them =) i just picked them up on a whim.

@ (g): i looovvve the blue eyeliner! thanks!
great story G! hahahha!!

@ chloe: hi! of course! what's your site? i used a variety of foundations (1 per look though) from studio mist, covergirl queen collection to iman... just depends on how i feel. i didn't use anything in this photo. the beauty powder, i used it all over for a soft luminous glow =) you can use it in certain spots if you'd like. we are ALL learning constantly about makeup.. so noob or not, your questions are welcomed! thank you!!

Anonymous said...

Actually, I love it! It looks really modern and I'd consider wearing it to a cocktail party. I love the contrast of blue and yellow, as well.

rebelleBAP said...

that HIP liner is fierce. I have it and I'm going def use it with new found love of falsies:)

Apple Diva said...

Luving the look..I love the blue liner adds extra freshness to the face. woohoo!!

yummy411 said...

@ mandypandy: i'm so glad you like it. i got your stamp of approval.. yes! i love that description too- modern.. if you ever try the look, let me know how it turns out.

@ rebellebap: can't wait for fotd's!!

@ apple diva: i'm glad. i'm so loving the blue HiP liner right now!

ladyjane said...

I love the blue eyeliner. Makes the entire look POP!

yummy411 said...

ladyjane, thanks!! it's my favorite right now LOL! blue liner with shimmer, yum!

KeShaJo said...


yummy411 said...

thanks keshajo!!!