Thursday, June 04, 2009

Drugstore Cosmetics Bonanza

No clever alliteration or anything, but it still sounds like a blast, right? Hahahaa!

So the Drugstore Paparazzi is back.. yes still with fuzzy photos, but is looking to upgrade in the summer of '09. Hmmmm. Check out what I found! I was so excited to see new products. Waiting for the drugstore to debut new products is like watching grass grow! (But I def can't keep up with MAC's speed!)

Halle Barry! Halle Berry! New Revlon goodies: ColorStay Mineral Mousee Makeup and Powder Finishers!

16 hour makeup and an array of shades!

Do we see some MSF dupes? Marble, baked, mineral powders are quite popular. Glad Revlon jumped the band wagon!

This ColorStay Mineral Finishing Powder comes in 3 shades. One appears to look like a Refined MSF dupe! I shall buy it soon and find out!
(eeks $13.99 each, CVS)

Milani Vintage Collection! All the drool worthy pastels! Oh I can't wait to buy these!

I had to show you this. This is the 'new' Sally Henson HD polish display.

This isn't LA Girls latest collection, but it was LA Girls period. A fun collection
that I grabbed a couple of colors from.
($2-3, beauty supply)

Yes, another Milani product that I read about over at Nessa's blog and couldn't wait to see in person! Check out her review here.
($8.99, CVS)

Have you seen these items? Have you tried them? Is my store late at stocking the goodies? What did you think of them? What should I buy or stay away from??


BVB said...

Thank you for this Kia! Haven't been motivated to visit Walgreens or CVS lately but geez, guess I'll have to go harass the staff!

Product Junkie Diva said...

LOL Yummy did you knock those HD sally hansen polishes down out of disgust?
Have a good weekend.

Dao said...

I saw those Revlon MSF dupes as well. They look like they're good products and I'm going to get me some as well ;)

...ALLmEYEne... said...

When I saw the Revlon products I had to try them. I have tried all the MSF dupes (fav = Sunkiss).

Brighten = very pale on my skin, but its a nice highlight on top of a pink blush.
Sunkiss = Great...this is the best one
Suntan Matte = nice coverage but its doesn't give the glow like the others. So its good to use for everyday.

I tried that mousse, but the color was too light for me. I was 1 shade away from the darkest color.

yummy411 said...

@ bvb: yes make the trip to your local drugstore for some goodies girl!

@ pjd: girl you are too funny! ha! you have a great weekend too!

@ dao: i'm still resisting until revlon has a bogo free sale some where or i see some better prices =( can't wait to see yoru review when you get them!

@ allmeyene: thanks so much for the helpful info! i look forward to trying them!

Anonymous said...

I tried the Milani grey polish. First coat looked pink-grey, true color and tip coverage in three coats, and the fourth coat (I had tip wear, wouldn't usually do four) looks very blue to my eye. Lovely stuff, but not great wear and needs a top coat for glossiness.

Miss Yaya said...

that Milani collection is nowhere to be found by me!! i want!!

need to go to Sally's and check for LA Girl too...

I have the SH HD Collection - email me ur addy so i can send you the ones i don't keep :)