Thursday, August 31, 2006

Catch it before it's gone...

I was thinking about trends that I like, but.. oh no! those are all summer trends that are quickly vanishing with fall looming around the corner. retail stores are bringing out their drab black, browns and greys. The air is cooler today, and leaves are starting to hit the ground already... remember the aura you got as a kid getting ready for school, trying to make the summer last? aaahh fall nostalgia...

well, being a little older now, here's my 'make- the- summer- last' treats....
1.)PASTEL POLISH.. fashion icon Kelis is on it!

2.)PLAID SHIRTS.. these make you think fall, but there are some still out there on clearance with a wide range of summer fun colors... pinks, yellows, purple...... wear them with your favorite pair of denim and work it like Madonna!

Lastly, what do these girls have in common besides being beautiful and rich? Fabulous skin! The 3.) dewey skin look is season-less, but definitely a fav for summer. Lots of sheen, youthful and glowing (but don't go super slick greasy on us.) I know you are thinking that's just the magic of photos, but the effect is there and you can achieve it too... and look natural. You can do it by going through the regular steps such as hydrating your skin, exfoliating and moisturizing (click here for more tips)..or you can buy the look! Try MAC's strobe cream (check in the yummy product section), SMASHBOX'S artificial light, or a drugstore product (Wet 'n Wild)... usually with anything being described as illuminating. Top the cheeks or t-zone with a bronzer or fleshy blush and feel young all over again! Bring life to these fall and winter months when dryness looms and your color washes out.

My fab beauty tool of the day/aka yummy product section: M.A.C. Strobe cream ($28.50)
The ultimate pick-up. De-stresses and wakes up tired skin with a moisturizing, vitamin-loaded zap. Iridescent texture makes skin glow. Leaves skin with a natural, healthy glow inspired by backstage lighting techniques. Mix with foundation or wear it alone, put it on your shoulders, be fabulous and oh so yummy!

Does M.A.C. need to pay me or what? For a less expensive version of some great moisture and sheen, Palmer's has a great illuminator moisturizer (about $8, drugstores.)


Yes, I said it earlier and i say it now. Kelis is a fashion icon.. why? not because she's married to Nas (she knows how to wear that accessory!) but because she knows how to take trendy, spunky and cute and still be sophisticated Ms. Jones-- she defines who Ms. Jones is and it isn't dictated by Nas! (They can teach my girl B and her weak man Jay a thing or two.) Work it girl... moreover... my girl may not always look cute, but she's edgy, and fun and can work it with confidence... now let's see you do that!

Find out more info on Kelis and see her in some great fashion and makeup in an old One World magazine- May edition featuring Kelis.

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