Friday, June 05, 2009

Pluz Sized Romper

I love checking out fashion sites, especially over at Brown Girl Gumbo. I love when she features the latest trends and fab celeb photos. However, many times after viewing numerous fashion sites I'm left saying, "I wish that were in plus sized" or "I wonder if I can get the look in pluz sized fashion?"

Recently, BGG featured a cute style that I would love to wear, the romper!

Well, guess what I found with a bit of Google sleuthing? Yes.... 1 DARN FRIGGING plus sized romper! Well one that's actually cute and that I would wear! Wish it had short dolman sleeves or something of that nature.

RocaWear Romper. (Yes, the hideous urban wear brand, except that they make the CUTEST kiddie clothes!) $53.28, Amazon

Have you seen any CUTE plus sized rompers any where else??


Whit said...

i lovve rompers!!

yummy411 said...

me too! have you found any more cute rompers anywhere else? (don't know if you check out the plus sized clothing or not)

Justme said...

No, I haven't. Good luck with your search. You can wear that with way more class and elegance than i ever could. LOL I have too much going on up top.

Sass said...

ooo kia you are a mind reader..i just did a google search for rompers like an hour ago..and of course i couldnt find any in my size :(