Thursday, December 18, 2008

Yummy411: Battle of the purples- MUFE vs. MAC

Can you tell which one is a MAC shadow and which is a MUFE shadow?

Let's see if you are really good and can identify the colors? Hmmm? hmm? hmm?? ;)







Ok, the answers are: left (top) is MAC's pandamonium purple (from the Pandamonium quad) and right (bottom) is MUFE's 92. Ren had me craving this purple, so I had to get it! I was afraid it was going to look like my all time favorite matte purple from the Pandamonium quad. Ok they are similar, but for purple lovers and makeup junkies we unanimously agreed that they are indeed different and both are worth having.

I tried out MUFE 92 for the first time on Suzie. Find out what went down over red velvet cupcakes at Nikkia's pad as she shares her experience in this post! This also explains the fabulousness that I mentioned in an earlier post.


Erin said...

Wow...I was actually wrong with which one is which, LOL. I have both and love both. But I haven't used the one from the Pandamonium quad yet. But MUFE's 92 is my first love.

Erin said...

Oh sorry, I meant, that I only used the purple from the Pandamonium quad only twice...not nearly as much as MUFE's 92.

Jamila said...

Ummm... Why did I guess right? I need to get a life! lol!

iLL dWeeb said...

I almost picked it up last friday but I saw the MUFE #99 Red and I was like well let me get that 1st. I have so many purple eyeshadows. But best believe I am still getting that one the day after Christmas.

Dao said...

Haha, I was right! Although I'm not a real fan of purples, that MUFE e/s is just lovely!

Amina said...

i picked the wrong one!! the MUFE is gorgeous

Krystal said...

i got it right! yayyyy LOL. i love how everyone is having purple fever!!

Anonymous said...

I guess I know my MAC!!! I got it right!!!

Yas said...

I loved that quiz...I was all excited trying to They are totally both worth getting...both gorgeous purples!

prettybeautiful said...

i m bad at colors. lol. i prefer the first purple though, the 2nd one is more like purple-blue

B said...

I guessed right! I'm sorry but can't nothin' top that MUFE 92! Not even MAC..heheheeee!

MakeupByRenRen said...

lol sorry i'm obsessed with mufe no 92, i'm an enabler! i do love the the purple from the pandemonium quad's definitely MAC's best...but it has more of a violet/blue tone to it...i will say, i was never really a purple fan until i came across mufe no 92!

Anonymous said...

Hooray! I guessed right (I even knew the # and everything). I think it's because everytime I walk past the MUFE counter at Sephora, that's the one color that always catches my eye.

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey chica,

okay, on the airbrush question...i'm honestly still trying to master the airbrush and prefer to do foundation the traditional way but i do have thoughts on pros and cons on both...for one, it's a lot easier to color match with regular foundation, especially if you're mixing colors...if you mess up, you can just go over it with a darker or lighter shade...with airbrush, it's a lot harder to me since the shades are more limited...and if you mess up like accidentally brush your finger on it, it will make a nasty smudge mark...but the way to explain the difference of texture for one is that airbrush can give a lot more coverage without looking cakey...think of painting a wall...if you use a paint brush you'll get streaks (reg foundation) but if you use a spray can, you wont (airbrush)...there are benefits to trying to get more comfortable with airbrush since it seems to be the new thing u know

yummy411 said...

@ erin: i'll play with mufe 92, but honestly the pandamonium purple is my first love and i run to that purple by default! lol

@ jamila: i guess that means you know your stuff!

@ ill dweeb: ;) join the purple pack!

@ dao: really? yeh i agree. it's not.

@ amina: i agree!

@ krystal: purple fever.. love that!

@ anon: LOL! i know we have a lot of mac addicts for sure now!

@ yas: aww i'm glad you liked it! ;) and i do agree that they both are purple winners!

@ prettybeautiful: i prefer the first one too because it was my first purple crush.

@ b: i guess mac hater LOL sike.

@ makeupbyrenren: you definitely started a lemming with this one! regarding the second comment, thanks so much!!! yeh a lot of ppl are inquiring about airbrush and it's good to at least know so that i can offer that service too.

@ mandy: it is eyecatching!

Mikaela said...

Ok, not sure what happened to my first comment - the Benev drops are about $50.

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