Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Yummy411: MAC lashes #35 are my new bff's!

I saw these lashes, MAC #35, on Saturday when I found out that MAC holiday gifts sets are on sale now for %25 off (back down to the regular price from last year??) The ladies were promoting Kids Helping Kids (go in store for more details) and were wearing these lashes with their looks. I fell in love and purchased a pair. I love them! I've seen them before, but seeing them on someone is a different story!

I really do believe Brandy is wearing these LOL... btw. I LOVE BRANDY! Have you heard the new CD? (pic source)

Hmmm next time: remember to push up on lashes, curl them if necessary! I just want to take some blot powder to my face LOL. This was after a long night!

If you care *smile*:
FACE: Bobbi Brown oil free even liquid foundation
MSF Natural loose foundation

CHEEKS: Prism blush

EYES: Based with foundation, L'Oreal Decrease
Rollickin' paint pot
Ben Nye's Peacock on lid, possibly on bottom lid
Soft Brown e/s in crease
Deep Truth e/s on outer v, into crease
Pharoah e/s at tear ducts
Milani Color Brilliance liner in green on water line
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara on top and bottom lashes
MAC #35's
Cork and soft brown e/s in eyebrows
Concealer to highlight and shape brows
Dermablend concealer in Tan

LIPS: MAC Nymphette lipglass
I really didn't plan this, but this looks like Betty Brown's last FOTD!

Sorry for the side pic. I'm not posting in my normal environs.

More on this fabulosity later!

Brit just alerted me: Todd from Blush died. So horribly sad!


Marsadie said...

LOL Kia you make me self-conscious about posting even a *minutely* oily-skinned face pic! Hahaha & I have my moments ;)

I love those lashes! And your makeup! PS - you don't look oily to me... but whatever you say ;p

Dao said...

I love your new lashes! The eye makeup combo is really nice as well. Where did you get your Ben Nye?

Erin said...

You look FAB!! I love those lashes. I have yet to try on lashes. And the ladies look fab, too!!!

How do you like your Bobbi Brown foundation? What shade do you wear?

B said...

Those lashes are SICK!! I love them. Too bad I still don't know how to wear falsies. That Brandy cd isn't too bad. It has to grow on me a bit. Can't nothin' touch that "Never Say Never" album. And yall look so pretty!!

jenn said...

I love the lashes girl!
Last time I put some on they never sticked :( lol

Askmewhats said...

oh my your lashes are super pretty! You are ready for the holiday with such gorgeous look

Krystal said...

i want lashes like those...if only i could learn how to put them on hahah. i love brandy too! but i haven't been such a loyal fan recently...i dunno. everytime her song comes on, i change the station. i don't know why i'm so afraid to listen to it. i guess i just don't want to be disappointed if its not "her", if that makes any sense lol

(g)ezebel said...

oh, you know i loooooove me some fake lashes. i've got only four pairs of MAC lashes, but i buy the bulk of my lashes from www.madammadeline.com. you should check out the Tyra lashes, those are my faaaaaavorites.

Connie said...

I love that bright blue look! Saved it in my folder already ;)

Yas said...

You always have such great looks. I'm referencing this one for sure...thank you gorgeous. And those lashes. I MUST try them now. They look fab on you!

Hairs to Beauty said...

ur makeup technique is getting hotter everytime girl

MakeupByRenRen said...

i've never tried those lashes before, hmmmm....adding to list!

that's so sad about todd, he was so sweet and young :( i missed the finale last night too, dang!

Groovy Black Chick said...

Those look yummy! (pardon the pun). Dammit, another thing I *have* to buy now lol. Had a pair from MAC a while ago that I LOVED and that lasted forever. Never did remember which number they were :-(. This may be them!

yummy411 said...

@ Marsadie: oohh nooo! please don't feel that way. for me, it's just strictly my preference on myself. some can rock the dewy but i have issues with looking sweaty.

i think you are right. these aren't that bad, but some of the others that i had are oil slick city! thanks babez!!

@ dao: hey dao! thank you! i got my BN from a local theater store. wait you are local right? the theater store is called Backstage on capital hill. 8th and ???

@ erin: thank you! i actually like the BB a lot, but only when i apply it with my fingers =p i'm wearing warm natural 4.5. as a winter shade.

@ b: thank you! thank you! b the newbies need to get in on the fab falsies!! get on it lady! lol... you are right never say never is a classic and that this will have to grow on me as well. i'm just glad she out and about trying to make some money! her skin is ridiculously hot!

@ jen: thank you! were you using duo adhesive? sometimes, some lashes have hard, course bands that make it a challenge as well.

@ askmewhats: thanks so much nikki!!

@ krystal: try the lashes!! MAC is great for having pliable lashes that are easy to work with. i totally understand you on the brandy tip!

@ (g): i know that the tyra runways are you favorite!! did you see my other fotd with my wild lashes?? they remind me a bit of your tyras! i keep a cart at madamemadeline. one day i will actually purchase lol!

@ connie: awwww! you are too sweet! thanks!

@ yas: no thank you gorgeous!!! i can't wait to see you do an fotd with them if you get them!

@ hairs to beauty: aww thanks lakahna! this venture has been a growing process ;)

@ makeupbyrenren: you'll love #35's!! isn't it terrible? it really saddens me. he was way too young.

@ groovy black chick: yup! get em! LOL you'll love them. thanks!

Tysh said...

Your eyes are off the hook girl, I am about to pull out my Peacock from the makeup draw, and steal your look. Don't you love Ben Nye.

SuzieC said...

Those lashes were hot! If I actually could them in a reasonable amount of time I would get them. The whole looks was pretty!

Mischo Beauty said...

LOVE those lashes! Adding to my list now!!! :)

Did you watch "Get Your Face On" with Napoleon Perdis?

Anonymous said...

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Product Junkie Diva said...

Lashes look great. I have not heard Brandy's new cd but I love everything I have heard thus far. I need that cd :-)
Happy Monday.

Anonymous said...

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