Monday, December 22, 2008

Yummy411: Lucky Green for a Christmas Tree!

This isn't a special look, but I liked it alot especially just for kicking around and going tree hunting. The old artificial Christmas tree went MIA between some moves and relatives, so I put on my lucky green and went tree hunting!

MAKEUP MAVENS: We are all hotties, but have any of you noticed during this holiday season, better customer service when you are wearing makeup? I feel like I have =(

My highlights: I was enjoying my new Romp eye shadow and Dermablend Cover Creme foundation (in Chroma 3 Honey Beige). Oh and my earrings that inspired it all.. Gotta love Charlotte Russe for costume jewelry! FACE: Revlon Primer
Dermablend Cover Creme foundation in Chroma 3 (Honey Beige)
Dermablend setting powder in white
CHEEKS: Milani Sunset Duo in Sunset Beach (just the pink blusher)
(all MAC unless stated)
EYES: L'Oreal HiP paint in Lofty
Romp eye shadow on lid
Soft Brown eye shadow in crease
Swiss Chocolate eye shadow in outer v and blended a bit into crease
Magic Dust eye shadow as highlight and at tear duct
Maybelline waterproof liquid liner for top lid
Milani Color Brilliance liner in green on waterline layered with MAC's Fascinating eye kohl
Humid eye shadow on bottom lid
L'Oreal Voluminous mascara on top and bottom lashes
BROWS: Swiss Chocolate e/s and Soft Brown e/s blended and concealer to shape
LIPS: My Dear lip glass from the neutral Red Darling MAC set

Can't show you the double chin LOL
Makeup helps me to get past my locs when they aren't 'fresh'


MakeupBliss said...

Green is your color and it really makes your eyes pop! Those earrings are too cute. I love Charlotte Russe accessories and that's about all I can wear from!

MakeupBliss said...

I have wanted to try that Revlon Primer for sometime now, but I haven't. How does it work?

Erin said...

Gurl, I LOVE Romp eyeshadow!!! It looks great on you too!! I love the earrings. I need to upgrade my earring collection!

Amina said...

you look amazing!! romp looks soo pretty on you!!!

Krystal said...

i agree with makeupbliss; green looks great on you :o) i want those earrings! and i want romp and! the mac counter is only a brief drive/walk away...

Product Junkie Diva said...

You look beautiful yummy. I love the green nails too!

slvrlips said...

Kia the derma blend look great on you!! and those ear rings are adorable.

SuzieC said...

The whole looks very cute! Better service when your face is done you say? I'm going to try that out tomorrow.

Ebony said...

You are looking nice in this makeup & green dress.

Dao said...

You look so polished! I think the Dermablend foundation makes a huge difference. Love this look!

Shawnta said...

I like the Dermablend on you!! Do the turtle Kia!

B said...

I am lovin' you in green.

Anonymous said...

Gorgeous!!! I love ur eyes

yummy411 said...

@ makeupbliss: thank you! LMAO! i'm in the same boat with you! oh and i like their hats, but since i've been growing locs that's getting ruled out too! oh you prob have seen by now the post i did to address your question!

@ erin: thank you. have you been holding the romp secret all this time? ;)

@ amina: thanks love!

@ krystal: lol thank you! let me know how you like them! oh and humid is a staple that i've been neglecting!

@ pjd: thank you! emerald sparkle polish has been my holiday color!

@ slvrlips: thank you! the derma blend is my run to foundation now!!

@ suziec: thanks!! i think so.. make sure you tell me how things go.. better service or not?

@ dao: thanks! yeh i think it ups the amp on my simple look too!

@ shawnta: LMAO! thanks you know i'm doing the turtle cuz tyra said so hahhaa!

@ b and katrina: thank you! thank you!!

Dermablend said...

Your face looks amazingly beautiful. I too swear by dermablen, that stuff rocks!