Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Yummy411: Rainy Day in DC, CS Mini Badger Brush Set; Milani Sunset Duo v. Stark Naked Blush

Did I get everything in that title? LOL

Yesterday was a cold, dreary, rainy day in DC. Not very Christmas like, nor were these rain boots that inspired my fotd. Since I had my Manish Arora palette in my makeup bag, I knew I could break out of any rainy day blues (or conservative neutrals for that matter!)

Ahh love- pink and yellow hearts!

FACE: Maybelline Mineral Power foundation (liquid) Medium 1 (so not my color but whatevs) (applied with fingers)
Maybelline Mineral Power Bronzing veil in Sunlight 2 (me likey) (powder brush)
EYES: based with concealer
Manish Arora palette
Going Bananas at tear duct (eye shadow brush)
Playful e/s middle, crease and above crease, bottom lid (eye shadow brush, angle brush for bottom lid)
Pink from HiP's Brazen duo outer 3rd, bottom lid (eye shadow brush, angle brush for bottom lid)
Carbon e/s outer v and into crease (crease brush)
Nylon as highlight (eye shadow brush)
Maybelline waterproof liquid liner on top lid
Urban Decay's Zero liner on waterline
Dermablend concealer in Tan (concealer brush)
Max Factor Volume Couture Mascara (had to recheck this to see why it's B's HG mascara)

BROWS: Soft Brown e/s and Swiss Chocolate e/s mixed
Concealer to define and highlight (had to use my MAC power duo, #266 and #209)

CHEEKS: Stark Naked blush (blush brush)

LIPS: Dior Addict Ultra Gloss #313 (Linen Beige?)

A little cam whoring for ya?

Ok, so now that I've used the Coastal Scent Mini Badger Brush Set, ladies, it's a go!
Why I recommend:

  • small, compact and convenient

  • a good solid brush set for quick looks; enough brushes for all of your needs

  • powder and blush brushes are soft and great for blending and buffing of face products (instant love!)

  • angle brush will do great for lining purposes; stiff but soft

  • standard concealer brush; small and firm for concealing small spots

I wish I could get an all encompassing brush set in this size! I've become accustomed to using about 2-3 shadow brushes, 2-3 crease brushes, my special angled brushes and about 2 concealer type brushes. Can't have cake and eat it too, huh? Is it wrong to still want full sizes of some of the brushes?

Buy your set from Coastal Scents for $25. (This price is a bit high for CS, but I like my set nonetheless!)

Next Up, Milani Sunset Duo vs. Stark Naked
I've heard and have used a lot of Milani products: shadows, blushes, Color Brilliance liners, powders, but why have I stayed away from the blush/bronzer Sunset Duos? Curiosity killed the cat and picked up one at a CVS sale.

I got the Sunset Beach duo. If you checked the link, the color representation for this one is off. It's more like the bronzer of Sunset Glow (according to the pics). When I opened it, I saw muted pink with sprinkles of gold and I instantly thought of Stark Naked blush from MAC's Red She Said collection.

Here are the swatches:

(l-r) Stark Naked Blush, Blush half of Sunset Beach, Bronzer half of Sunset Beach

Stark Naked appears to be more pigmented with the Milani blush being a touch more muted. However, I actually love both!


Posey said...

those rain boots are to DIE for and i love the makeup! I LOVE the colors together and the way you do your outer v is amazing!

yummy411 said...

thank you so much Posey!!

Amina said...

i loove those rain boots!! soo cute!
the make up is gorgeous!!
You look so fresh and pretty!!! love the locks too!! I started mine but i am waiting to get past the 3 months before announcing it to the blog...

Anonymous said...

Very pretty colors and my, my do u glow!!!! Me likey...still waiting on some form of tut from u missy...


jenn said...

I'm really starting to real those mini brush sets!

rockSTARbeauty said...

loooovvve this look. i might have to be a

Danyelle said...

So purty! I loooove your eye spaces, lol, that sounds so weird, but you know what I mean.... :)

Krystal said...

this is so cute! my goodness i can see like each indivdual eyelash LOL...i'm definitely gonna check out that mascara. i love the rainboots! it was pretty crappy it wans't so nice either :o/

Tysh said...

I love the look, and Stark Naked blush I got it about 2 weeks ago. Loves it.

Anonymous said...

I'm really loving the wellies! Whereabouts did you find them?

Chiara said...

Yummy!! I just received your package!! Thanks you so muchh you got just what I wanted hon!! <3 <3

Merry Christmas love!! Keep lookin' gorgeous!

slvrlips said...

Loving the boots very cute!! Very pretty FOTD.

Seymone said...

Very pretty.. I am still mad about missing out on the manish palette.

Connie said...

once again, a very pretty look! you're really feeling the colorful looks nowadays, aren't you? keep it up!

JJ said...

You look beautiful :) J x

B said...

That yellow in the inner-V is ridic, yo!!

MakeupByRenRen said...

love this look, the pink is hot!

Tammy said...

I LOVE Milani blushes. The sunset duos are actually 50% off now at CVS, I think they're being discontinued.

Anjela said...

You look like a monochromatic angel with those colors, Kia :)

Felicia said...

you are seriously too adorable for words. i always LOVE your looks. damn, you nail it constantly!


SuzieC said...

The boots are really cute! Mine are a plain navy blue :( Love the look! Maybe I'll go ahead and get the mini crush set so I can stop carrying around my full size brushes.

Felicia said...

whats the green polish you're wearing. i need that for xmas :-)


Alyssia said...

this is soooo pretty! This is by far one of my fav looks from u lady! And the rain boots....too cute! And o how I wish I would've seen that before I bought Stark Naked!

Anonymous said...

Love it love it!! The pink really changes the color of your eyes. I love how much color you used. Like the new brow color too.

yummy411 said...

@ amina: thank you!! yay for your hair!!

@ avartsy: thank you honey!! ok, i hope to commit over the holiday granted i have a comp to work from! stay tuned!

@ jenn: the powder and blush brush in the set is LOVE

@ rockstarbeauty: i would love to see your version!!

@ danyelle: thank you! you know us makeup lovers know what that means. when are you gonna start a blog?? where do you post pics of your work??

@ krystal: thanks!! do check out the mascara and work it!

@ tysh: thank you!! i love the blush too!

@ manydpandy: thanks love! the boots are by a brand called 'groove'. i got them at marshalls for about $20 (really for teen yummy411, but she NEVER wears them!)

@ chiara: you are def welcome!! happy holidays!!

@ slvrlips: thanx!!

@ seymone: lol girl i know you have all of these colors and more. i just got that one thing for the packaging.

@ connie: thanks! yes, i looked back over my fotd's and was bored! lol

@ jj: thank you!!

@ b: omg, i know! going bananas really surprised me. i actually had to tone it down cuz it was so vibrant. one of the best parts of this palette!

@ makeupbyrenren: thank you!

@ tammy: ooh good stuff. that always happens AFTER i buy something. wait around for a sale, feels like it will never come and bam! you miss it =p grrrrr

@ anjela: thanks hon! how are you?

@ felicia: awwww you are too kind. thanks love! regarding the second comment: it's emerald sparkle by china glaze. you NEED it, go get it!!

@ suziec: i'm realizing that i'm loving the idea of a mini brush set. before, i felt that they couldn't compare, but whew cuts down on the 'luggage'.

@ alyssia: thanks babez! while i can appreciate the milani, stark naked is the better buy look/pigmentation wise.

@ juvenescent: thanks lady!!

LadyJane said...

OMG. I love love love this look on you! And I really should get myself a pair of rain boots cause the snow's melting here and everything is so gross and slushy.

AllThingsNails! said...

I just picked up the Maybelline Mineral Power foundation in Medium 1 and Light 5. I'm fair-skinned african-american and I really hope it works out. Looks phenomenal on you!