Friday, July 11, 2008

Yummy411: MAC's Newest Collection (ElectroFlash)

Did you guys check out ElectroNewSonicViewCherryCultureSnowflakeNaughtyHeatheretteNeoSciColorForm? I don't know! Pick one.. something else MAC is convincing us is new and unique. So many collections, so little time! My head is spinning. Being a Specktralite, I used to research the colors, names, debut dates, be passionate about the latest collection's (muted, dirty, yellow or blue) pink lipglass with pearl and would get irritated when MA's didn't get what I was talking about. Okay, now I truly understand their lack of enthusiasm/attention to every minor detail about a collection (truth be told, it's their job not mine) BUT! Regardless of the side smirks I get from the MA's when I visit (now only to see new collections and sometimes, just those with special packaging), I STILL WENT IN to check out what was on counters.

(Okay, just a bit more rant. I tried to go into a store once and get the kind of detail about a collection' s product that I would get after weeding through Specktra-- I swear I didn't ask in an arrogant, I know it all, make me feel special kinda way, but I sometimes want to know more than this foundation is "really nice" I'm a blogger! Sorry, I need detail! After hearing the question the MA is like, 'Do you work for MAC? Have you ever worked for MAC? Is this a trick?' Wha?? MAC has 88 1100 products and I need to know why this purple shadow is different or a better choice than the other 20 I've seen! I wish MAC was sold at Sephora!! END RANT)

Back to being at the counter. *SMILE*
Mineralized Skin Finish Natural Duos (1/3 highlighter- shimmer; 2/3 pressed MSF Natural)= LOVE.

If you were crazy about your MSF before, this takes it to another level. The highlighter is pigmented enough with excellent sheen. (Read: no huge chunky glitters or even sparkles to give that glow and highlight.) If you didn't get a sculpt and shape duo, this would be a hot choice. The MA I saw wearing it looked like she had a nice, expertly done highlight (think celeb contouring job) with a touch of sheen. I DO NOT want to repurchase yet another MSF Natural as I already have two, but for me the shimmer portion is calling me! I know it can be duped, but why go through the trouble??? Unfortunately, this comes in the normal range of light, medium, medium dark, dark (and deep dark?)

LE 189 Brush= LOVE. Gotta have it. Dense, but loose enough, pretty and shaped perfectly to place the highlight. Eeps $40!

I'll speak for those of my skin tone (NC37)-- the two that I tried made me look sunburned and no real pretty blush effect. I can get a better natural flush look with a blush from Chanel. There is a blush called Love Joy that is a fraternal twin to Nars' Love Joy blush that I already own. If I didn't, I would be all over that blush! I will try to get side by side swatches to see how accurate I am. I'll give them another chance because I am a blush whore and I did not use a #187 brush to test these =(

I loathed the previous mineralized baked eye shadows because I had to really dig around for pigment and only came up with sparkle. These ladies and gentlemen are reformulated for better pigment payoff and Mama is happy! So not only do we get a gorgeous product, we get awesome payoff... emmm at a ridiculous price of $18 (after tax in DC). Well, Urban Decay's shadows cost that much, so if you are used to that, you can bite the bullet. Speaking of which, if you can't shell out that much for the latest hot cakes at MAC, console yourself with Urban Decay Eye Shadow Palette. I think it's the same quality and color payoff and a better bang for your buck. I did walk away with Fresh Green Mix. Please be sure to check your veining! I swatched Fresh Green Mix at the counter with the veining side being a darker, sea foam green type color. Mine is swatching a silvery blue! I also have my eyes on Odd Couple, Play on Plums and Two to Glow (the orange in this is hot, the veining is not ). Many of these look like the better versions of last years duos...

Lip Products from Electroflash= PASSED

So whatd'yaget? Whatd'yaget? Whatd'yaget? LOL


B said...

Ahhh, I just emailed you about your opinion and you already got a post yet. I really like those shadows. They are beauitfuuuul and I'm glad to hear they aren't too shimmery. YES! The blushes are just "eh"? Hmmm....I want quite a bit but alas I've got to save the funds. Boooo!

MakeupByRenRen said...

hey girl we're on the same page! i wasn't really a big fan of the flushes either...kinda disappointed actually...but i'm excited about my shimmer in the msf duo woo hoo! i wore it last night but i used a blush brush...i think i need a different one that's smaller so i can actually fit my brush on the 1/3 shimmer, lol...but $40 on the one brush they offerred? ehhhhhh not so sure about all that...i loveeeee the msf duos...pretty pretty pretty! by the way, i have a request :) can you do a post showing your a fellow emerging MUA i'd love to see what you got in a sista out! he he...have a great weekend :)

Vanessa said...

I love the new site!

Amina said...

I cannot keep up with MAC!!
I was going to pass on the MSF duos but after reading your review and justme, I might get one..
In my wishlist: play on plums and Love thing....

MAC is getting all my money!!

Erin said...

Like Amina, I'm getting tired of spending so much money on MAC. Its killing my bank account.

But as always, I could not resist and got the Fresh Green Mix, Sea and Sky and the Hot Contrast. I also purchased the Nuance Blush. And thats all. The others didn't interest me too much and I thought they were pretty dupable.

And you are RIGHT, the texture is LOVE!!! The duos before were Blech! in terms of texture.

I'm an NC-44 and I wondered what shade I would be for the MSF Natural Duo. Maybe Medium Dark?

slvrlips said...

Hey Kia
I have to say it again. I'm loving your new layout. ok I went to the mall for lunch and I wasn't as impressed with the blushes none of them wowed me!!1 I did pick up the brush, msf duo and play on plums.
I can't wait to see some of your FOTD'S

Roxy said...

omg you make me want an MSF i'm trying to control myself lol

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

i soooo want fresh green mix! can't wait to see ur FOTD using it (hint, hint) lol.

(g)ezebel said...

oh man. those mineralized eyeshadows are sooooo pretty... but i'm saving for new ink.

must. resist. temptation...!!!

Emilee @ GMM said...

I haven't even had a chance to stop by MAC yet, so I have no idea what I'm going to get. There's nothing that really jumps out at me, but I am curious about the MSF duos (but given that I hate split pan products, I don't know how tempting they're going to be for me!).

yummy411 said...

@ b: it would have been up the night before, but I was playing in makeup with my sis lol... fun times! the shadows are too shimmery, but highly metallic! you have an urban decay palette don't you? same pigmentation, same colors.. you can't go wrong there! sorry, i wasn't on email Friday... but i'll be back on Monday!

@ makeupbyrenren: yes we are! i'm too excited about the shimmer in the msf, though i was highly doubtful about them before they debuted. it's so hard to talk myself out of them! LOL@ trying to get the 1/3 shimmer. i saw nireyna using a fan brush which might be totally the way to instead of splurging $40 on the brush MAC is offering... now will my fan blush brush be too wide? i'll make a post just for you on my bitty kit that is put to shame by yours! LOL

@ vanessa: thanks girlie!

@ amina: they are very nice, but if MAC is robbing you, try urban decay or milani's runway wet dry eyeshadows for similar strong pigment and metallic shine.

@ erin: like you, me and amina! LOL

i can't wait to see your fotds with your hauls.

regarding the msf duo, i would try medium dark for your skin tone ;)

@ slvrlips: you got the brush! estoy celosa! (i'm jealous). can't wait to see your fotds!! i think the blush whore in me is going to make me like one of those blushes =/

@ roxy: hang in there! self control is buying just one, right? (sorry, i'm more of an enabler than help lol)

@ toml: hi!!!! i love the duo, but can't help to feel ehh about it since it looks like bitter e/s in pics. take a look over on specktra's blog =/ AND she gives us some inside details that the dainty blush looks like stereo rose!!! oh i'll do my best on my end. i'm still discovering my heatherette and naughty nauticals =(

@ (g): resist! resist! ink is way cooler and will last longer!

@ emilee@gmm: well.... i think you might pick up at least one! they are gorg!

Danyelle said...

I picked up MSF Deep Dark/Natural Shimmer. Love it! I paired it with Sweet as cocoa blush and used the darker side as a bronzer (3E), and the gold side as a highlighter and halo. Very pretty... I passed on the MSF blushes, they were all sheer sparkles, and the MSF shadows but I'm thinking about going back and getting play on plums. And Lippies?! What lippies???

couturesista said...

Hey Yummy, I copped the Fresh Green Mix too, that's it, I was kinda excited about the blushes, but when I saw them in person I wasn't wowed. Hey I hope I'm not outta place here, but I hope you and your readers check out my blog., yes another one! lol TTFN

lala said...

Hi beautiful one :)

yay!! to new view ..and sonic chic!!...I was sooo not looking at the elecyto flash e/s..but I think I will have to next time I'm at mac ..too many good thing about them :)

yummy411 said...

@ danyelle: lOL you didn't realize there were lipsticks and lipglasses? i'm so glad that you are enjoying your msf duo! is it true that the msf natural side is sheerer than the solid pans of msf natural?

@ couturesista: enjoy your fresh green mix eyeshadow! a new sewing blog!

@ lala: yes!!! check them out honey ;)

ladyjane said...

Girl, I canNOT go to MAC or I will buy everything!! It is definitely LOVE for the mineralized e/s and skin finish natural duos. And I'm still waiting for my Sephora haul!!

Danyelle said...

Yes, much sheerer and a bit sparkly. I wouldn't use it all over my face...

yummy411 said...

@ LJ: i know! me too! restraint is in order! LOL!

@ danyelle: much sheerer (so i could get away with medium dark?)? and a bit sparkly?? the msf natural portion? really? (i don't wanna believe! LOL)

Alice said...

Last saturday i went to Mac freestanding to buy some eyeshadows, Electroflash collection was just arrived (for Europe launches of new products are delayed, about 1 month from Usa and Canada). Unfortunately i was late, so i can't swatch nothing from the collection, actually i'm totally in love with these eyeshadows, fresh green mix and odd couple looks great for me.