Thursday, July 10, 2008

Yummy411: Head2ToeBeauty Delivers!

After learning of from my favorite Swedish blogger, Rocketqueen, I've been window shopping and making ghosts baskets ever since. It's so hard for me to trust smaller online shopping sites. Juvenescent put me on to the fact that their shipping is pretty speedy, so I had to give them a try.

I took the plunge and ordered quite a few polishes.

I received my package in a timely fashion and the transaction was done the same. However, I had a second hold on my account for this purchase =( I think it's the bank's fault, so no negatives for You see I was lemming for quite a few things from the OPI Mod About Brights and the India Collections. Too bad they were out of the Greenwich Village color. *so sad!* At first I felt like I had enough brights from the China Glaze Neon collection, but I was into this because they seemed... a bit more, shall I say wearable and sophisticated. I'm Dating A Royal adds another blue to my collection, gah! The India collection encompassed all colors from Spring, Summer and Fall! I can't wait to wear Rajah Ruby! Rocketqueen had me swooning over Monsooner or Later. (Yes, I've found some great resources for swatches! LOL)

There are some extras in the bunch that aren't from those two collections: Puerto Vallarta Violeta- my attempt to buy the OPI version of my Famous (brand) Sleeping Beauty, a pastel lilac (that I seriously cannot find anywhere online!!!). Not the match, darn! It's actually more dull with a bit of gray. I'll still try it on my nails because OPI is famous for surprising me with the most mundane and unimpressive colors. Nicole Alert is a great coral, subdued orange. Glad I got it!

Have any of you gotten these? Love them? Got a polish recently that you adore?


Vanessa said...

Oh! And as I was telling Brit, I ordered from here awhile back they have tons of cool stuff!

Elle* said...

This is one of my fave sites! Another site that is just as great (and cheaper and faster shipping IMO) is

I just got some colors from the MOD About Brights collection. I'm wearing Dating A Royal as I type! I wore The "It" Color last week, and it was a hit, ppl were giving me compliments left and right! From the India Collection I have "Yoga-ta get this blue" and "Curry up Don't be late" Love them.

B said...

Yep, V is right. I had to hit her up to make sure they were legit and they are! You really can't beat the prices. I have quite the obsession with that site now.

Jeanne said...

I love Head2Toe! I'm waiting for an order from them right now. It's gotten to the point where instead of stalking my two local beauty supply stores for the newest Essie (which I was doing for WEEKS), I just order through Head2Toe. Sure, I have to wait, but it's cheaper! Plus my local places don't have China Glaze, either.

Tracez of my Lipstick.... said...

yeah girlie, head2toebeauty and 8ty8beauty are both great sites for nail polish!

(g)ezebel said...

ooo, look at all those pretty colors!!! i bought the yellow one, and it is sooooo pretty!!

yummy411 said...

@ vanessa: i agree!

@ eel8: thanks! i hear about these site, but as much as i like beauty and cosmetics i'm overly apprehensive about online transactions. i will try 8ty8 for the next order, who by the way is out of greenwich village too! *tear*

so which do you favor more? i'm dating a royal or yoga-ta get this blue?

@ b: i agree! so what's on your list for your next order?

@ jeanne: so this sounds like your perfect solution! i'm glad it works for you? how are you??

@ toml: thanks!!

@ (g): great! can't wait to wear it! i have a yellow but i think it's a canary yellow, so i'm excited about this one as it has more orange in it ;) a little calmer on the eyes!

Mina said... is also another site that sells cheap polish. They ship via FedEx though, so the shipping is usually around $7.

yummy411 said...

thanks mina! they have my greenwich village that i want!

ladyjane said...

Oh no. Do you know how much I love nail polish? Especially OPI?! I'm gonna make some ghost baskets myself at lol. Thanks for sharing :)

yummy411 said...

no prob LJ! let us know what you score!