Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Yummy411: Teen Beauty- New Earrings!

She's back by request! =)
Hi Tori! Thanks for being a Teen Beauty reader!

I like big earrings, but this summer my new style of earrings consist of studs, small shapes and small spirals because I wanted to change up my style and keep it young. I started to feel that the big earrings seemed a little old (mature) for me. This new, white pearl, circle shell pair are some of the new earrings I got from my favorite accessory store, Claire's. All of my friends had something to say about them! Nothing bad, but they were talking. For $3.50, they weren't expensive and I still have money for the icecream truck! Oh, I've been wearing my sister's In the Lime Light China Glaze nail polish.

"Sandra Dior" -this week's MySpace headline

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ladyjane said...

Damn, your new earrings reminded me of these studs that I wanted from F21. I think I'm gonna get them NOW! And I blame you! jokes!!

Divine Blackness said...

Okayyyy lovin' in the Lime Light! And those earrings are cuuuute!!

yummy411 said...

@ ladyjane: LOL

@ divine blackness: thank you!