Thursday, May 22, 2008

Yummy411: Go Mommy Go!, Coastal Scents Mineral Makeup and More!

Hello mi ladies!

More and more these days, my makeup is very minimal to fit my fast paced lifestyle and conservative workplace. As I'm racing to do things I find myself chanting Go Mommy Go! I guess because I feel that all that I'm doing is mommy related-- rushing from work to the metro, to get my car, to get to daycare, to get home, to get some dinner and it doesn't end there (don't ask about blogging.. grrr)

As I have these moments I'll share them with you, Fotd's, etc. entitled Go Mommy Go! (while BabyYum, who is actually KidYum now, chants Go Diego Go!)

I wanted to be a tad presentable when going out so what quick look did I pull together? This one:

Face: moisturizer formerly applied, spritzed on some Fix+, buffed in some Coastal Scents mineral powder* to even my complexion, dab and blended in a wee bit of concealer
Eyes: put a swipe of Woodwinked eyeshadow on just the lid ( a goldish frost color), lined my top lid with Maybelline liquid liner (the one with the felt tip), and lightly lined my waterline with Milani's Color Brilliance pencil in Aqua; two coats of Maybelline's XXL Curl Power mascara, a touch of blush, barely noticeable..
Lips: a swipe of brown/taupe gloss, but after a MAC run, I have Pleasureseeker lipstick on...

Woodwink eyeshadow is becoming a winner in my book. Look how it performs by itself! No expert blending needed.
*Coastal Scents Mineral Powder/foundation: I have had a few samples of mineral makeup around for quite some time now, but I've been super hesitant to try them. Since I've been into mineral shadows, I just figured I'd give in. What's the worst that could happen? A nasty breakout or walking around not realizing how bad a powder has oxidized? Oh yeh, those things could happen and are actually devastating. But, I was up to the challenge!

I wore the medium 1.2 shade out. While it initially matched, it seemed to oxidize down to a darker shade that I wasn't as comfortable with... with a super slight, tinge of gray (at my cheeks' contour areas). I still got compliments from MAC artists *gasp*... One counter lady said even though it was a hint darker than what I needed, it gave me a bronzey glow. I'll try the medium shade next. I gave myself quite a few sprays of Fix+ trying to down the powder look. The powdered effect didn't quite die down as much as I would have liked, but once I looked in the mirror about 6-12 inches away, it was okay. As the powder melded with my skin, I got the even toned dewy look that you can see in the pics. I went out at night when it was rather cool. Could it stand up to heat? I doubt, just like many other mineral powders. As I play around with these powders I'll continue to give updates!


Felicity said...

Your eye make-up looks good! love the gold colour and your lips, nice shade, especially for day time.

Divine Blackness said...

I love minimal looks soooo much! I no longer desire using multiple colors of eye shadows and more than 1 brush. This looks beauitful on you! Woodwinked isn't all that nice to me. It's a bit bright on the lids but you are rockin' it!

ilurvemakeup said...

Mmmm I lurve woodwinked :)

Sass said...

you day sounds just like mine! go mommy go!!

slvrlips said...

Hey Kia!! I love the Go Mommy Go series. Very hot! OMG!! Kia your hair is growing like crazy and as usual your makeup looks fabulous.

Delphine said...

I love the woodwinked on you, I was thinking about this myself. I'm more into skincare, just a little makeup. I think it's because I don't have a steady hand for application. I LOVE the go mommy go idea, excellent!

nywele said...

beautiful look!
I am also into minimal make-up. Woodwinked looks great on you:)

Christiana Divine @ Memoirs of A Shopping Addict said...

i love this look on you. very subtle yet still very pretty. :D i hope you find a match and/or mineral founde brand that you do like. :P

Anonymous said...

I really like your daytime look; you've added a touch of sheen around the eyes to keep things interesting. It looks like you've been inspired by Nilla's latest Shu Uemura post (isn't that look to die for?!?).

PS: How's the weather looking in your neck of the woods? I'm coming from the NorthEast where it's still relatively cool and I'm trying to figure out what to pack...

Lani said...

mama, i'm diggin your brows. and i agree with woodwinked. it's such a great all-around shade. you've got me sold on pleasureseeker. must add to cart now lol. it looks like the perfect nude pinky peach. ;)

theprimpantry said...

I came across your site accidently ,glad I found it! Love the look..your blog is great!

SuzieC said...

Great look nice and simple!

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

I've found that I really like mineral makeup!

Btw, your makeup always looks FLAWLESS!!

Enjoy your weekend!

yuki said...

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Product Junkie Diva said...

This is a great look.
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yummy411 said...

@ felicity: thank you! thanks for stopping by!

@ divine blackness: aww really? what's your perfect nude bronze color for the lids?

so do you think this is a MAC phase for us or our age that we went from colorful to neutrals?

@ ilurvemakeup: you do too? how would/do you wear it?

@ sass: girl we gotta do what we gotta do right? lol. thanks for dropping by.

@ slvrlips: thank you thank you thank you! i hope i can keep it up ;)

@ delphine: thanks! makeup isn't a necessity when your canvas is already flawless. ;)

@ nywele: thank you!!!

@ christiana divine: thank you. i'll keep your site as a guide for me and mineral makeup ;)

@ mandypandy: thanks! that is a great look on nilla's page, but i didn't even think of that.. i was thinking whoa! gotta get outta here! LOL

oh darn i'm sorry i didn't get to this sooner, but it's warmer her 70's! great weather with a sweater or hoodie.

@ lani: thank you! i'm sure you'll love pleasureseeker esp. with the paired lipglass for it.

@ theprimpantry: thank you! your soaps on your site are sooooo delectable and great gifts!

@ suziec: thanks lady!! ;)

@ BGG: really?? you have to tell us all about it, your faves and why!

thank you!! and i hope you enjoy this long weekend as well!

@ pjd: thank you!!

Mikaela said...

Hi there-

I've taken your advice on starting a new segment on my blog 'Jet-set 101'. Hope you like it, and thanks for the idea!

Dee said...

You look fabulous! I don't wear much makeup, I prefer a minimal look, and I really like this FOTD. Woodwinked, eh? I'll have to check it out.

justme said...

i like your look, you look nice

BeautyTalk said...

this is such a great look. Id wear this everyday.

yummy411 said...

@ mikaela: you're welcome and i love it! thanks for helping us out on beauty and jet-setting!

@ dee: thanks! yes do check it out!

@ justme: thanks ;)

@ beautytalk: thank you! it more or less is my everyday polished look =p