Thursday, March 13, 2008

Yummy411: 5 Must Not Have Beauty Items

Wow! I'm loving this tag game! This is the best topic. There are so many great items out there, but learning about the bad stuff without the personal experience is hard to come by. Thanks to Shawnta, she tagged me to participate.

Here goes:
(Umm this is actually kind of hard for me. Remember that this is my list and my preferences, not a general list. Most of the items I hated, I returned them so quickly, I don't remember them or didn't review at all.)

1. Sensual Amber (Bath and Body Work) I used to love this little fragrance, until my sister got the gift set for Christmas in a cute little leopard bag (Cheetalicious! LOL). She's forever ruined my fondness of amber! I can't stand it now! Whenever I smell it, I feel like I've got a stick of incense stuck in my nose.

2. Some natural oils. I know they are healing, soothing and all those other good things, but they remind me of incense oils, which is woodsy like sensual amber body wash in a hot shower, like incense stuck in my nose! No thanks!

3. Thin 'moisturizing' lipsticks or lip colors... no thanks!

4. Loose powders with insecure tops (talking to you Jesse's Girl!) Hot dang! Every time I look up, I'm cleaning up some powder from the casing never being closed good enough!

5. Wet N Wild's liquid color liners and the shimmer/illuminating cream. The liner was too streaky. Maybe it was the applicator? The cream, stayed an emollient, greasy cream. Great colors for summer; wear them never... no thanks!

Tag 5- everyone is pretty much participating, but there are a few more that I'd love to hear from: Brown Girl Gumbo , Beauty Junkie in SF, Claire's Auntie, MandyPandy (Is it too much to ask for you to throw in a special little post for me??), and Liz @ My Beauty Spot. If you haven't been tagged yet, feel free to share with us in the comments!


ladyjane said...

Doesn't seem like Wet N Wild is a brand to go back to. I can't stand their nail polish.

Seymone said...

I can totally agree with you on Jesse girl. i love their loose powder shadows but I cannot stand the fallout all over the place.

slvrlips said...

Kia, you are so right about the Jesse girl and the thin l/s and lipgloss. I like the product but I hate that every time I use it I know I;m going to have to clean up a big mess.

nywele said...

I can't stand loose powders either. I am terrible at using them plus i am a little bit clumpsy. Seymone has also tagged me and I did an entry about it too. check it out :)

MrsDiaz said...

Hey Girl,
Definitely have to agree with the Wet n Wild stuff. Lovig your site!

Beauty Tyrant said...

I agree with the loose powder too. I'm pretty clumsy and once I didn't close the lid properly and my cute little purse was a wishy washy shimmering mess :P

Apple Diva said...

I would include Elf Brushes (except for foundation and eye shadow brushes) The rest are total crap!!

Anonymous said...

Always learn something new when stopping by....

(g)ezebel said...

man, wet & wild ALWAYS makes me feel soooo old. i remember when all their stuff was just 99 cents at the grocery store!

amber. what does amber smell like? i looove amber jewelry. :0)

Brown Girl Gumbo said...

Hey Yummy411 - I will do this tomorrow. I'm just now reading your post! :-)

yummy411 said...

@ ladyjane: aww don't give up on the old faithful wet n wild LOL.. there are some things i hate, but some I definitely love (check the post below this one.)

@ seymone: you know!

@ slvrlips: see! that makes 3 LOL

@ nywele: 4! hahaha... great post amina!

@ mrs diaz: thanks mrs diaz!!! i see you are an instant transplant into the beauty blogger fam ;)

@ beauty tyrant: LOL thanks you make 5!

@ apple diva: thanks for pitching in and sharing that info!

@ d'lee trecia: thanks! i'm glad :)))

@ (g): LOL. amber is warm and woodsy... check it out!

@ BGG: looking forward to your post!