Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Yummy411: Drugstore haul and Product Reviews

I participated in the BOGO frenzy at our local drugstores this week. I've been too lazy to post about it though. Forgive me! I dreaded uploading the pics through Blogger (btw I'm experiencing headaches as I type!) Many of our other blogger friends have reviewed and swatched a lot of the products that I have, so I'll link where necessary.

Where do I start. Let's check out what I got:

(To the left:) I got a Milani quad in Dream Baby, (clockwise from top left) HiP shadow duos in Playful, Forgiving, Adventurous and Roaring. I love them all and each has a great variation of brown to work with.

S4300924_editedI got Maybelline's Liquid Eyeliner in black, thanks to MakeupbyRenRen who uses Revlon's version every fotd and swears by it. I figured I'd try it. I got Maybelline Eye Stylist in Sapphire Glimmer, two of the new HiP Shine Struck Liquid Lip Color in Arresting- the pink and Pretentious- the tan and I got the HiP Color Rich Cream Crayon in Unmistakable. The Maybelline liquid liner is nice and an easier liquid liner to deal with, unlike MAC's liquid last liner that takes quite a bit of practice. The eyeliner in Sapphire Glimmer, is a typical navy blue liner. It glides on smoothly and you can make thin lines or thick; nothing really special. The liquid lip colors gets an in depth review below. The real looker besides the HiP shadows are the color crayons. Long lasting, smooth, and a twist up stick with a built in sharpener. It's supposed to mimic MAC's shadestick. Unfortunately, the color choice is limited.

I also purchase three Milani lipsticks S4300927_edited(on the left; listed left to right) Blossoming, a nice bright pink for the spring, Afrodite, your typical pink lipstick with gold shimmer, and I picked up Caramel. On me, it's a dead beige. Sorry, I dropped it while trying to take a pic LOL. These were highly pigmented as we've all come to expect from Milani and covered nicely. No big qualms with these.

S4300909_edited(left) Lastly, I got ( top) Exciting pigment, Midnight Blue Color Truth Cream Eyeliner and the cream eyeliner in Eggplant. Exciting reminded me of vex eye shadow, just not as silver/ grey. It's more white, super pale yellow which can be closer to motif, dazzlelight and other mac shadows yellowish/white in color with a pink pearl iridescence. I was eager to get Eggplant and Midnight Blue cream eyeliners. Look at those colors beaming out of their glass jars. I have teal so I knew that these two would be promising. Midnight Blue didn't disappoint, being true to the color that you see in the jar. Eggplant however, did let me down. Maybe I didn't pay attention to the name Eggplant... eggplants aren't royal purple in color or a vibrant color period, just a dark muted almost black purple. When I swatched it on my hand, I saw a brown tinged purple. Think of MAC's fluidliner in Macroviolet but darker.... boooo! Highly disappointed. I don't want purple liner if I can't tell it's purple. Maybe I'm being too color struck, but I wanted a purple as vibrant as the blue and teal.

*Check MakeupbyRenRen for more on the creme liners and the crayon color stick or her fotd's to see the Maybelline liquid eyeliner in action

*Check Francine's blog for HiP pigment swatches.

*Check Home Spa Goddess on YouTube for some reviews on HiP products!

HiP Shine Struck Liquid LipColor Review
(left Arresting, right Pretentious)

So pretty in the bottle! Remember how excited I was when I saw them?

Initial impression: Wow! They are so vibrant, pretty, fully opaque! Not sticky, just right! It really shines!



After 15 mins: Interesting concept. Liquid color, thin formula, but so bright! I think I like!

After 30-45 mins: It goes on like a stain and has a wet look for ultra shine. This formula may be too thin for me. What if I want to wear with a liner? Lined lips and liquid shifting around my lips? No thanks!

Let's prep with concealer to base and see what we come up with?


After basing: Less than vibrant now, less shine, a better texture. I could probably work with the Pretentious (beige) but I'm not in love with it. I can't get with this...

Final verdict: I'll trade for some paints! No likey!


Elizabeth said...

i wanna see you with the eyeshadow and cream liner on! haha

Mrs. Lynne said...

Wow girl! You sure did haul :) And i love your lips! They are so perfectly shaped!!! Even with concealer under, the color still looks pretty though.

MakeupByRenRen said...

awww thanks for the shoutout! lol but I actually use the Revlon liquid liner...i've used the Maybelline before and it's the same thing, he he. I loveee that pencil crayon by the way...i'm using it for my v-day look...you got so many fun products to play with, can't wait for more looks...and the lipcolor looks fab on you!

yummy411 said...

@ elizabeth: you know you will!

@ mrs. lynn: thanks! i was so worried about putting up close ups of my lips, but i really wanted to show the color on. i hate my top lip! so much trouble. LOL

@ makeupbyrenren: hey ren, ahhh! i just knew it was maybelline. i'll edit ASAP. can't wait to see your vday look. i like the color, but that thin watery, consistancy, shifting into the lines of my lips and .... i just can't handle it LOL

Divine Blackness said...

Coooo hauls, Yumsters. I'm wearin' the Loreal lippie stuff. The Pretentious one and I really love how it looks with my Chestnut lip pencil but I can already feel it comin' off. Which is awful because it's a fab color. And you're sayin' concealer doesn't work either? Freakin' A, mannnn....where is my receipt?

And I have both of those HIP Cream eyeliners. I think I like Fluidlines better because they have a more gel-like consistency and you're right it takes some practice to get the HIP ones to your liking. Midnight Blue is so pretty to me and I've used it a few times but I have yet to find a use for Egglant. Hmmm...

Fab reveiw, sis! It's Wednesday already!

Afrodite said...

I may have to check out those L'Oreal glosses but I'm on makeup probation.

BabyDoll said...

I love the Hip Duo shadows. I have a few myself. But I am disappointed in the Hip Shine Struck lip gloss. It started off really good, but as you said it needs to be a little thicker. I'll stick to my trusty lipglass!

Great post!

p.s. I use the Revlon Liquid liner too! It is the BEST!!!!

yummy411 said...

@ divine blackness: Brit, by all means if you like it by itself, you'll def like it based with concealer or prob even a lipstick under. I think the liquid melded better with the concealer where it may slick and slide around on top of a lipstick unless it's matte. do try it with concealer and tell me what you think (i used mac select cover btw.) you crack me up with the freakin A (napolean dynomite) my little sister was saying that for a while and had me saying it too LOL

i like both. i can appreciate hip for what it's worth. i think for those that may be new to cream liners will like this one because it is more stiff. i like mac for the range of colors available. eggplant is def going back to the store for me.

@ afrodite: oh no! you missed BOGO for the glosses! how long is your probation?

@ babydoll: thanks! yeh, i don't like that i feel like i rubbed some ice across my lips... ummm! LOL you're a revlon girl too huh? def easier than using blacktrack fluidline! sometimes i just don't have time!

Anonymous said...

I think you just saved me $12 on lipgloss! There should be a requirement where l/g should last an hour, at the least.

applediva said...

Lovely haulage!! Cant wait to see the FOTDs!!!!

LeAnne@Hairs My Story Team said...

I think it looks great. I mean, its not too bad!

Vanessa said...

oOoh! Someoneb went shoppppping! Nice haul! I love the lippies! Looks gorgeous on you! And isn't the new Clarins collection just amazing?!

yummy411 said...

@ mandypandy: it has such a weird texture that I don't think i'm ready for =/

@ applediva: i hope to have some soon =)

@ leanne: thanks, i just didn't feel confident that the 'liquid' would keep that look.

@ vanessa: thanks, i guess pictures are sometimes better than IRL... Oh please don't start me on the Clarins. I just hope it doesn't disappoint!

christianadivine said...

nice haulage! jeez... i seriously need to get my lazy butt up and go to a drugstore!!! LOL! midnight blue looks gorgeoussss! I'd love to see it on you. :D

nilla cookie said...

hey Kia!

Happy Friday! Love the drugstore haul AND BOGO - woo hoo!

Like the others, I can't wait to see a FOTD with your new goodies! I have yet to try MAC fluidlines. I actually like the Bobbi Brown ones even though they come in basic colors. I don't use them much because I'm kind of lazy to clean my brush that often. So I dunno if I'll ever get around to MAC's stash...

rocketqueen said...

Wow! I'm so sad about we're not having HIP here! But it's a chance to check Ebay out... ;) Arresting looks fab!

The Home Spa Goddess said...

Hi doll, thanks for the linkage! I'm not loving these HiP liquid lip things either. I HAD to try them, but I'm glad I got them bogo. After using them a few times...Loreal needs to remix the recipe and try again.

Roaring is one of my favorite duos! The gold on the inner corner and the blue on the outer corner-fab:)

I got a Milani quad for %50 off too! I got Dominos, and it has the most beautiful sparkly black...I love it!

Vids and reviews will be up soon:)


yummy411 said...

@ christianadivine: coming right up!... uh one of these days when verizon dsl isn't acting up =(

@ nilla cookie: don't worry. no hurry for the mac stash unless you like the color range.

@ you have fabulous color range in your mad minerals etc. i'm afraid ebay may not be worth the trouble for the HIP stuff, unless it's super cheap. great stuff if it's local.

@ home spa goddess: of course! i'm so glad i got a second opinion on the glosses, especially one that agrees!!

i think i got roaring too! i have to play with it more and see what i come up with.

50% off sales rock!

hopefully i'll see your vids soon!

yummy411 said...

doh! roaring is pictured! goes to show you how much i collect makeup for sport. i'll get around to using it all some day.

Pumps and Gloss said...

I am totally in love with the L'Oreal HiP Cream Crayons and Cream Liner..I think I pretty much own all the colors and back-ups. lol