Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Yummy411: High End vs. Drugstore- MAC Strobe Cream vs. Wet N Wilds' Illuminating Lotion

This is for all of you that have doubts about Strobe Cream and Liquid. Here's a drugstore item that's comparable: Wet n Wilds' St. Tropez Illuminating Lotion #988.

This product comes in a few different colors- a clear gel with sparkles, a very bronzey bronze lotion and this one, white lotion with a pink iridescence. I bought this about two years ago to mix in with my foundation... being on the hunt to look 'ethereal'

Here's the product:

A few swatches:

Need to see swatches of the Strobe items to compare? Check out Mrs. Lynne for them.

I couldn't quite capture the pinkish glow, but it shows a bit peach here. I think it's worth a try for the price tag of $2.99-$3.99. It's not moisturizing. It also may cast some what of a whitish cast depending on your skintone if used alone. For reference I'm NC 35-37 and it blended pretty well for me and worked well with my foundation. Because I like to be over the top, it's rather subtle for my taste, but a great product to try nonetheless. Check it out for yourself!

Don't bother trying to find it on the website. I couldn't find it on there when I bought it and I still can't find the product on there now =( If you ever find this and try it, tell me what you think.

*Please use this product sparingly or be sure not to skimp on your regular skincare. (i.e. going to sleep in your makeup.) If you do, I think this may be a product that will aggrevate skin (see a breakout/pimple or two).


*jen said...

Great idea to compare these, and excellent warning on the Strobe Cream (it's so rich it smothers some skin types!). Have you tried Strobe Lotion??

Seymone said...

hey hey.. Girl you are bringing out the product junkie because I love strobe lotion. I want to try the wet and wild bronzing cream because what I was going to do was get Hyperreal Foundation Beyond Bronze Fx for that ethereal bronze look. LOL

A*M*Y said...

I just tried something like this by Milani. It was their body bronzer. I sampled it on my hand in the store (light/pale version) and it gives that same shimmery, pinkish glow to my skin. Can't say that I'm crazy about the scent, but it would be cool on special occasions. I passed on it in the store, but now that I see it in a more natural light, I like it! :]

karen, said...

Oh, subtle. I like subtle! Thanks for this review, Kia. I think I'll check it out.

I hope you're having a good Thursday!


Hey girl I tagged ya! List your 5 Must Not have Items!
Thanks for all your concern and well wishes that you left over at my blog. I really appreciate it!

yummy411 said...

@ *jen: i tested the strobe lotion... i wasn't moved as i already had this wet n wild product, but for those who like strobe cream and can't get with the greasiness of it, strobe lotion is definitely the way.

@ seymone: sey sey, i saw that hyperreal bronzer at the cco... i was scurred, but even if i don't use it on my face it would be delish on my arms and legs..grrr don't start me! LOL

@ amy: hey! i've tried that milani bronzer souffle stuff in the bronze color. eeks! i wanted to love it but (trying it on my legs) it streaked like crazy. i couldn't get good coverage =( i'll try the pearly one and see what happens. thanks for sharing!

@ karen: hola mizz! try it out and tell me what you think! hope your weekend is swell!

@ shawnta: hey! i've been tagged! thanks! i love these games. girlie, you certainly are welcomed... hey we're your blogger fam ;)

Afrodite said...

If I could find the right illuminating lotion, I'd love to try it.

yummy411 said...

@ afrodite: try smashbox's artificial light in glow! for a cheaper version, try Black Radiance's illuminating lotion. there are two shades available... HTH!