Wednesday, January 08, 2014

My Top 3 Moments of 2013

For me, 2013 wrapped up and became an interesting year. I started out on a high note, attending a Magnolia Makeup Meet-Up to a very low note of losing my grandfather right after Christmas.

Through the ups and downs, highs and lows, I came up with my top 3 moments of the year.   Now, I didn't do a thorough review of the year, but I came up with moments that stand out to  me when I think back on the year.  They just so happen to be highlights!

Here are my 'Top 3 Moments of 2013':

1. I went to support my friend, GreenTeaSoul at one of her community outreach events and she showed me so much love when I arrived, I was overcome with excitement. I didn't realize going would mean so much to her.  That expression of love meant a lot to me too. I could go into a sugary sweet prose about what that meant to me and what our friendship means to me, but I'll stop here. Just know that it was special and I can only expect that from someone who has a halo that glows!

2. I was stopped in Target by a lady who recognized me.  She said she had put together a Loc Inspiration book for herself from the internet and I was in it.   Shout out to my sister who maintains my locs :)  Just wow! I remember when locking my hair was a new year resolution for me.  This is probably the only resolution I've followed through with and stuck to all of these years, lol.  Now, I'm someone else's inspiration.  A full circle ... and most flattering...moment.

3. This year, I  celebrated my birthday on my terms, ALL month long (Thanks to family members that held me down on the sitter front!)  I've never done the sweet 16, 21 or big 30 bday bashes. For some reason this year, I decided to have fun all for the sake of my bday.  I had a great time, topped with a trip to Miami.  I didn't think I could top my undergrad Spring Break Miami experience, but I might have.   The late nights and early mornings were all worth it!

What were your top 3 moments of 2013?


D'Sheka Perkins said...

I love this! Sounds like three wonderful experiences! I hope that your 2014 is equally as fab! BTW, my condolences on your grandfather.

yummy411 said...

thanks so much, D'Sheka!

CorporateBeauty said...

amazing!!! we gots to plan some things for 2014!