Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Magnolia Makeup Meetup DC Recap

Post inauguration weekend, one of our chilliest days of Winter 2013 in Washington, DC to date, the Louisiana born and bred sister duo of Magnolia Makeup assembled a makeup meetup at the Zora Neal Hurston inspired, southern eatery, Eatonville.

Beauty enthusiasts came out to chop it up, shop pigments and be inspired by the color of Magnolia Makeup!

(Tia,me and Nala)

I was in such good company with other fans of Magnolia Makeup. I was doubly excited because they brought an event to Washington, DC and Nala remembered me from The Makeup Show!! This time I didn’t have to travel to NY for our beauty lusts!! DC girls love color and innovation! We need more of these events!

While there, I shopped and was able to chat it up with Tia, one of the Magnolia Makeup Sisters. You may be familiar with her as she’s the face of Magnolia Makeup on Youtube.

On the vision for Magnolia Makeup:

Tia says she wants Magnolia Makeup to show women in Louisiana that makeup isn’t just a teeny bopper activity, but an intelligent art and form of expression.

On what's new with Magnolia Makeup product:
A true deep gray and lilac lip colors are new for Spring.  So new, they were unnamed! I got to peek at them and test them out.  I didn't get pictures.... well

On what inspires her:

Surprisingly, she said she had never been asked that! With her varied and creative background (jewelry making and culinary arts to name a few), she draws inspiration from everywhere… food, places, memories and more!

My interest in the Bounce culture of New Orleans led me to ask Tia about Messy Mya (if she knew him) and a Bounce inspired collection:

She went to school with Messy Mya! The sisters actually have a bounce song that they play at events! I’m unclear if there will be a Bounce collection brewing any time soon, but I hope I garnered enough buzz for her to think about one!


 My haul: (clockwise, starting at top left: Twinkle, Whimsical, Calliope and Shero)

Illuminaughty Highlighter

Why oh why didn't I get the exclusive lippies???


Goddesslily Seymour said...

I would love to try some of their shadows, they look so pretty.

Anonymous said...

Great Pigmentation. I wouldn't trying out a few of their products.

Miss Redgal, Fabulously Red said...

im soooo sad i missed this event! the items you got look wonderful!!

yummy411 said...

@ goddesslily seymour: pretty is an understatement! ;) try them!

@ jojo: yes! they are great!

@ miss redgal: i'm sad you missed it too! thank you!!

SatsukiMUA said...

I hate I missed that meet up!