Tuesday, July 31, 2012

4 Favorite Summer Products

Instagram does it again!
I was tagged to show my 4 Favorite Summer products.
As I'm typing this up, I'm jamming to Karmin's (Karminmusic.com) Hello album ;)

Clockwise from left:
 1.) MAC Nude on Board Pro Longwear Bronzing Powder (Hey, Sailor! collection Summer 2012 LE)
I love this bronzer! It's long lasting and perfect bronzing for days I don't want to wear foundation.  It's doesn't offer coverage like a powder foundation, but the beautiful neutral bronze tint and gold sheen is gorg. 

2.) MAC Equilibrium blush (MAC Me Over collection, Fall 2012 LE)
This blush is described as a light bronze.  It definitely falls into the same family as some of my other favorite MAC blushes such as Sweet as Cocoa and Get Away Bronze. Gorgeous bronze with some deep rose to it.

3.) MAC Whisper of Gilt MSF (Extra Dimension collection, Spring 2012 LE)
I'll have to admit, when I saw this I was skeptical.. it looks overly pigmented and wayyy too metallic for me as a face product. I ordered it anyway. Blame the MAC fanatic in me.  My sister pulled it out to play with it and I've been hooked ever since.  The beauty of this product is that it can me used to its full potential as an eye shadow or you can sheer it down so well for a gorgeous illuminator-- cheek highlighter, tear duct, slightly used all over (think mineralized satin finish foundation) or as a brow highlight.  For those of you that follow my blog know I don't use brow highlights outside of my concealer.

4.) Stila Sparkle Waterproof Liquid Liner in Rock Candy
I got this a while back when IMATS debuted in NY. And if you follow Yummy411 on FB you might have seen this picture:

Yes, I'm showing you better than I can tell you. Let the light hit the sparkles... fire!  Make it pop even more by using it over a black liner.  This can be a bit watery sometimes, but you go over it once or twice and you are good.  Once it sets, it doesn't move!  Ahh, I love this. Brown for me is the new black.

What are you favorite Summer products?


The Cosmetic Diet Blog said...

great list! i should've gotten whisper of gilt but alas, at least i got glorify! lol

Niki said...

loving that eyeliner on you!! and whisper of gilt...AMAZiNG!!!

1xellus1 said...

Love your faves. anything gold or coral rocks my boat this summer. I've been working orange l/s like there isn't any other color. LOL
Thanks for sharing

yummy411 said...

@ Joanne: to be honest, i think you only need one though I got two. the effect that you are going for isn't that different unless you want a golden kissed look from glorify or a lighter highlight from the others.

@ Niki: thanks, hon!

@ 1xellus1: what's your favorite orange l/s?

The Cosmetic Diet Blog said...

good point! a beauty junkie is ALWAYS looking for a reason to get something else! LOL