Saturday, August 04, 2012

Olympic Nail Art

(photo credit:; updated as I cannot have a pictureless post :p)

I'm up early to watch the Olympics womens' tennis match: Serena Williams vs. Maria Sharapova.  Not coming from a sports fanatic household, tennis was one of the only sports my dad encouraged.  Can I admit that Maria Sharapova was such a household name that I had no idea she was Russian? Don't kill me, applaud her marketing and talent.  So here I am, watching Serena serve aces like donuts (she's fire! Williams 40-Love) and like in any situation, her nails catch my eyes.  Yes, during her 117 mi/hr serves, white tips (or the like) catch my eyes.  I'm sure there will be info on the net later, but meanwhile we see that many of the female athletes keep the spirit sporting colorful patriotic nails.

I've located two slide shows to share!

By the time I began to wrap up this post, we now have a new Gold Champion!
Singles Gold Champion: SERENA WILLIAMS (31 years old)
Serena's happy dance: the crip walk, lmao yes she took it back to 2000.
Whatever, she's amazing!!

Too bad my manicure isn't patriotic. I'm currently sporting Rare and Radiant by China Glaze.  What about you?  Are your nails patriotic for the 2012 Olympic games?


Your Cosmetic Ally, Joanne said...

i just watched the match and i am so proud of her! i was enthused to see her crip walking at the olympics! the broadcaster was all like "I don't anyone was expecting that from Serena!" lol i love it! my nails aren't patriotic but hey, whatever, lol but i do have on sinful colors in courtney orange on my nails currently

yummy411 said...

joanne, i'm really proud also!!! the commentator the entire time was boosting serena (not that she doesn't deserve it) so happy for her. she was playing her azz off! a lovely orange on your nails for the summer!