Wednesday, July 25, 2012

My life in Instagram: Summer

Yes, Instagram is the new Twitter.  All photos, instead of asking someone to Twitpic what they are talking about.  Captions and quotes are so much better with pictures!

Here's some of what I've been up to during the summer/ a grouping of some of my instagram pics over the last few weeks:
1. My favorite fragrance: D&G Rose The One, but you all already knew that, right?

2. L'Oreal True Match Lumi. My latest foundation and a review has been posted!

3. Starbucks Green Tea Latte... yikes, I'll stick to my Chai Tea Lattes.

4. Founding Farmer's brunch included Fried Green Tomatoes!

5. Just me and my curls

6. My second pair of Jeffrey Campbells #alllaceupeverything

7. I've been in love with green polishes, but specifically mint, neon and vibrant greens. This is most of them from my collection.  I have favorite dark greens that are reserved for Fall and Winter.

8.  Accessories! Long beaded necklaces. Here I'm trying to wear some of my stash, instead of letting it sit =/ But I love tassels more!

9. Green! Again.  On my pointed acrylics.  This is my first set after trying to give my natural nails a breather and to decide if I wanted to return to the nail shop life. Well I did. I missed my pointed nails and polishing less frequently!  My favorite vibrant, pastel, almost neon polish (all 3 in 1) for the Summer is Ruby Kisses Tropical Green. I love it soooooo much!

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GirlieBlogger@Beauty Fashion Blog Seattle said...

You make me want a green tea latte.
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yummy411 said...

do you like starbuck's version?

Anonymous said...

Kia,I'm loving your shoes *bats lashes*. As for Starbucks green tea latte, I prefer it w/ soy and un-sweet, oh and iced ;-)

Amina said...

Love the pictures! that green polish is goorgeous! I guess I need to get an instagram too

1xellus1 said...

Love your collage. I will be on instagram eventually. I'm still learning my Blackberry! LOL Haven't graduated to Android yet.
I'm all over your green nail polish! *swoon* Thanks for sharing!

nikkistyle™ said...

JC? Green nails? Love your style!

yummy411 said...

@ kay: I'll def have to try it that way! thanks!

@ amina: hey chica! yes, join the party hahaha!

@ 1xellus1: thanks! aww i don't think instagram is for blackberries yet ;(

@ nikkistyle: thanks hun! thanks for stopping by and commenting!

mobb said...

love your collection of green polishes=)