Friday, June 18, 2010

The most underrated MAC To The Beach product

On the count of 3, help me to boo Comcast for bad service and making me wait a week for a cable guy to come and repair the problem... 1, 2, 3 BOOOOOO!

Now with that out of the way... Hi guys!!! How have you been?

Confession: I haven't worn makeup all week. I'm not a Summer girl at all. (My favorite season is Fall.) While not wearing makeup, I've been trying to at least appreciate my tanning/glowing skin and just embrace the heat and uh oh yeh,... let it hold me over as I eagerly await MAC's In the Groove Collection, :D

Something else that's holding me over? Appreciating a few things I've picked up from the last collection, To the Beach. I haven't been wearing them recently, but I can tell you I've satisfied my makeup jones! I picked up: Get Away Bronze blush, Flurry of Fun lipglass and Float on By eye kohl. I absolutely love all three items!

That brings me to the point that one item I might love the most is totally overlooked and underrated! Get Away Bronze blush is love! It falls in between Sweet as Cocoa blush and a limited edition mineralized skinfinish bronzer, Sunny by Nature, that was released around this time last year. I love both of those too!

Pics please!

l-r: Sunny By Nature, Get Away Bronze, Sweet as Cocoa
Please excuse the alligator hands... any whoo! Does anyone love this blush as much as me? What about the other items?


Amina said...

Booo to the cable guy!!
The blush looks great on you :)

Caramel Diva said...

wow that is beautiful!

Phyllis Bourne said...

You're right! How could I have missed this blush?!?!

Dangit! I thought I'd gotten away with only buying one lippie from this collection. Now I've gotta go back to the mall.

yummy411 said...

@ amina: thanks for your boo's hahaha! i wish it were more universal. it rocks my socks!

@ caramel diva: i'm glad you think so too!

@ phyllis bourne: oh no! i hate being an enabler. :p let me know how you like it!

Beauty Online said...

Wow, great stuff... Yes please!

Vanessa M. said...