Sunday, May 09, 2010

mark. Spring Collection

All the essentials needed for Spring! Fragrances, makeup and accessories for a look on the go!

I asked Teen Yummy411 about the products. Check out what she has to say:

1. What's the texture of the mark. Mini Hook Up Sticks for eyes and lips ?
On the lips. the sticks feels like lip gloss; the eye side feels the same on the lid, no bueno.
I dont like that because the eye liner/shadow shouldnt feel that
way. I want it to stick and not swipe off. The sticks can be used up fast and have to be sharpened a lot.

2. How are the colors and pigmentation of the sticks?
They are true to color. The vibrant colors are vibrant and the softs are soft.
The gold sticks are my favorites!

3. How are the fragrances?
There are fragrances for every mood. Fruity and citrus-y scents aren't my style, but one of them is subtle and more like calogne --i like that one!

4. What do you think of the mark. sticks over all?
They are very neutral and easy to wear with anything. I love that. They are
my favorites !

There's Teen Yummy411's take on the mark.'s Spring/Easter essentials offerings. I'll need to get her into using bases for her creamier eye products. That way, she'll have the gold mark. stick for eyes on her lids all day!

*Products mentioned were PR samples for review!

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