Monday, December 14, 2009

Teen Yummy411: Acrylic Nails with 3D Art and Clay Sticks

I first heard of the clay rods/sticks from Nikki and Makeup Mama-- little decorative rods that are sliced and used for designs, more recently on nails to create 3D art. A cool way to get the 3D look, but I've known a nail tech to do her 3D designs sculpted from the acrylic she'd use over nails. Back in the mid- 90's when I was introduced to the 3D art, the tech Cara (now of Salon Couture) would do everything from fruit to Disney characters. Quite the work of art! I wish I had pics to show, but alas I don't. So many shops are trying their best to keep up and compete with her work!

Fast forward to today, the trend amongst the flashy and fabulous (usually the younger set) is to have a unique design on each different nail ranging from black and orange tiger stripes, to dots, checker board, french tip with design and 6 other unique designs from the nail tech's imagination. Some prefer a color scheme for the nails, others don't mind the random pairings. The Teen Yummy411 went in the nail shop with the latter idea in mind. Three D art is hot on the streets now, so out walks my sister with what you see above. Kinda cool and artsy, no bueno for her military school setting. In this particular shot, you don't see much of the clay rods pieces, but rather some funky plastic pieces. She said she felt like she was wearing little plastic barrettes on her nails. You know, the little ones your mom would put at the end of your braids or pigtails, 10-20 to a pack?

It's refreshing to find more than one nail shop that will give you unique designs. Now here's another shop that will give you 3D designs. I've purchased black rhinestones, so now I know where to go to get a design I want. Galaxy Nails; $35 for full set and designs.


ShanSoPink said...

I HAVE to get to one of these shops quick!

Mz. More said...

This is so pretty. My 19 year old sister has these types of designs done. I find it pretty for the teens and college age, but a little too juvenile for me to run out and get it.

organic lipstick said...

Looks good to me...I love nail art anyway.

Shana said...

you REALLY took me down memory lane with this one! I was a faithful Cara customer (love her, she is so sweet!) I see that this is making a HUGE comeback and while I love it I think the most I can do now is rhinestones and/or glitter (the blackberry manicure) on a few nails, no more acrylic footballs with my boyfriends name in it since he played football LOL or a 3D heart for Valentines Day - ah to be in high school again

~J said...

We (nailtechs) have been embedding clay canes into acrylic and gel for quite some time now. I think some bloggers are lurking on the nailtech boards. Lol!

Vanessa M. said...

haha those are badass!

yummy411 said...

@ shansopink: if you try them out, let me know--show us! i'm not vouching for the quality though @ galaxy nails... i really don't know how they fare. i love that they step out of the box as far as designs go. salon cotoure, you'll def get your money's worth.

@ mz.more: exactly why this is a teen yummy411 post! ;)

@ organic lipstick: glad you like it!

@ shana: hahaha! i know everyone went to cara! how cute!

@ ~j: i'm sure! the same reason why contouring, blending foundations, etc are so mainstream now amongst makeup wearers/cosmetics companies. it's only a matter of time!

@ vanessa m.: hehe thanks! i'll let her know ;)