Monday, December 14, 2009

NEW L'Oreal HiP and Milani

What are these guys up to? Just spotted these at my CVS... Drugstore paparrazi on the move! L'Oreal HiP Studio Secrets Crystal Shadow Duos-- HiP how is crystal shadows different from metallic shadows? Both sides of the duo are metallic versus the Metallic Shadow duos only having one metallic side? Guess I'll find out during BOGO. Regular retail, $7.99

Milani Crystal Eyes Sparkling Shadow- Sounds like a glitter creme to me, possibly with more pigments for an all over coverage? I have NYX glitter cre ams. They'll do for now. Again BOGO must be in effect for me to check these out. Whelps, wasn't sure of the price, but you know who had us covered! Sad when I can get more info from a blogger than their own site!
Have you seen these in your neck of the woods? Tried 'em? Let me know!


ndoodles said...

Milani rarely goes on BOGO sales for me though. But I am excited for these new products!

Felicia said...

Ok I saw the HIP shadows in person and they are cute but I like my shadows a little darker. These just seem like light colored, sparkly remakes of their other shadows.

And as for the Milani goodies I now see why my Walgreens is having a clearance on their mineral mousse foundations, single eyeshadows, and glosses. They are making room for the new stuff. I haven't seen them at CVS or Walgreens yet but I will keep an eye out for 'em!

Gaby said...

Those Crystal Eyez look gorgeous! Which we had Milani cosmetics here in Quebec -_-

Anonymous said...

I finally saw these. I didn't want any of them, thank goodness! My wallet needs to be shut until Holiday season is over.

Recessionista! said...

LOL! Thank you so much for the link, sweetie! It was dumb luck that I stumbled across these at my CVS the other day, but you know I had to take pics and give a full report (btw, your pics are SOOO much better than the ones I'm able to take on my crappy blackberry camera!). I am going to do a full report on that Milani product soon, but I've heard some no-so-great things about we'll see! xoxo

Join the Gossip said...

hmmm good to know. i don't have HIP duos, but I have the loose pigment and the stick and I really like both of those =)

yummy411 said...

@ ndoodles: i hope you find some and even better on BOGO!

@ felicia: yeh i agree that they are pretty light metallics, so if i ever get any, i def won't limit my look to the duos! like ndoodle, i don't see a lot of the milani on sale at my stores... only here and there.

@ gaby: awww. have you done a swap or cp for them? check some of the makeup boards or let me know!

@ juvenescent: yes i just said that i should be on a makeup diet until the new year!

@ recessionista: np! i used my BB's cam as well. your photos are nice too! can't wait to see your review of the items!

@ join the gossip: hey chica! how are you?? get. some. hip. duos! lol!