Friday, December 18, 2009

Revlon's Version of HD Foundation?

Spotted Revlon's Photo Ready foundation ($13.99). Too excited to try it...
Boo! Brown girls NC40+ have about 2 shades to work with *le sigh*

Have you spotted it? Tried it? Let me know what you think!

*Oh yes, those new lippies have me curious too! Let's go BOGO!
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rayqueenbee said...

Wow, I have been reading forums on these products. Which drugstore did you spot them? I have to check my local drugstore but they never have them out so early, because they still have not carried the Purple passion collection yet. I wanna try because this week is BOGO on Revlon. Thanks for sharing.

ndoodles said...

CVS is having a Revlon BOGO sale right now. This is really exciting stuff though ;D

1xellus1 said...

ooooooo! i can't wait to see what's up. ltd colors though ouch! thanks for sharing. :O)
btw, cking out ur slideshow, OMG ur so pretty!

slvrlips said...

I saw these in CVS the other night and I was soo disappointed with the color selection. Hopefully they will release more colors later

Connie De Alwis said...

interesting... I'm always having trouble finding the right shade with revlon foundations though :(

Mz. More said...

Wow once again Revlon "forgets" to cover the entire "color" spectrum. Disappointed :/

Imee said...

i've never seen it, but hopefully they'll have my shade if i ever do find it. im usually an NC40 but since the cali sun hasn't left for winter vacation, i'm a couple or so shades darker.

Recessionista! said...

I am SO jealous! I can't find this display *anywhere* in my area, and you found not only the foundations but the new lipsticks too? CONGRATS!! You struck gold, girlie! Now if Revlon would just expand that color selection so that we could both try them, that would be great. Why do they always keep their shades so limited? I HATE that! :(

yummy411 said...

@ rayqueenbee: hey! i hear that cvs had revlon bogo but i spotted these at rite aid =((

@ ndoodles: thanks! have you tried it?

@ 1xellous1: thanks hon!! ;)

@ slvrlips: perhaps they will. they are supposed to launch officially in 2010. man! which cvs? i wish i would have known so i could have gotten them bogo! ;P

@ connie de alwis: aww that stinx!

@ mz.more: totally. they've done so well with the colorstay foundations, i wonder what happened? the powders are disappointing too.

@ imee: hey chica, golden beige seems to cover a spectrum of nc30-37. the next color up may cover us nc40 chicks? remaining hopeful!

@ recessionista: i don't know what's up with them. they are testing it on the market maybe? the colorstay shades are fab!

Tammy said...

I spotted this last week, I'm waiting for a bogo sale too.

The new Maybelline eyeshadows are awesome!

AfricanOrchid said...

Looks like they could be good. But, it never fails. It's almost 2010 and these companies still REFUSE to include a good representation of brown girls in their color spectrum. 2-4 shades is not acceptable. Especially when they always put out at least 5-8 shades of lights and medium colors by default. WOC come in many more shades than 2 or 3 shades of brown.

Not asking for them to give us the over 30 shades for WOC but come on, You can do better than this. ''sigh" my makeup rant is over. haha. Love your blog btw. :-D