Wednesday, July 01, 2009

I'm Featured on All Lacquered Up and My Newest Nail Color

Today, I had a huge grin on my face. I opened up All Lacquered Up to find me featured in her fun series, "What's On Your Nails?"-- a series where she interviews bloggers and polish fanatics to find out some fun facts about them and ..well what else, but polish! Check it out here!

Y'all know that I'm on orange right? I've been doing a lot of corals and bright, hot orange colors. This time around, I'm revisiting the pastels, with Milani's Retro. I picked it up with some others after seeing the Milani polishes a while back.

This pic wasn't taken in natural light, but you get the idea really. This is two coats with a top coat. I would have prefered 3 coats, but this was okay, with my nail line showing thru ever so slightly. This is a soft apricot cream color. I was debating between this and OPI's In My Back Pocket. In comparison to the OPI, this is softer, a more demure shade of orange, sherbert if you will. In My Back Pocket is a true orange cream. It's not a deep orange, but it's more orange than this color. I got this for my mani and pedi. At first I felt it wasn't bold enough for my taste, but it has grown on me; soft, but still stands out amongst nails.

As far as application, it wasn't the best. It was a bit streaky and not as even as I would have liked. Hey, it's Milani and still a good deal for a drugstore polish. (I'd rather pay $2 instead of $4 though!)


Anonymous said...

Just coming by to say that I saw your piece at ALU! woohoo! fab!

Mischo Beauty said...

Love it, Kia! :)

Distinque said...

love the nail polish it looks great against your skin. It's always exciting being featured on another's website!

My Fashion Frenzy said...

Lovely color, girl ;)

B said...

Woo woo! Saw your feature and was like....that's my girl!! I'm lovin' that shade on you.

sexy legs and body said...

Lovely blog, guess you have done all the catch up already.
Best wishes!