Tuesday, June 02, 2009

Orange is the new pink!

Orange in the New Pink
Orange in the New Pink by yummy411 on Polyvore.com

Click on the pic to get the details!

I'm loving oranges and corals. Maybe because they've never been my thing. I'll do a purple, blue, green, black, but I've never indulged in a good orange. This summer I'm stoked trying out a bunch of them. (Sorry, it was hard to show my favorites as Polyvore is quite limited.) I've done yellow and the nude, almost white pinks... now on for the orange!

(Pictured with Her Royal Poshness and Miss Clumps of Mascara-- yes she even looks pretty with her eyes closed hehee)

(A closer candid of OPI's Don't Koi with Me on my nails)

I discovered my love for oranges when I randomly picked OPI's Don't Koi with Me as my mani and pedi for The Makeup Show NYC. It was supposed to be China Glazes Watermelon Rind, but of course I rushed to the nail shop without it =( Even though this bottle of OPI was very old, and applied uber streaky (I was so frustrated I requested no topcoat. I knew I was going to remove it before the night was out), it somehow photographed really well (always appearing shiny and even)...

What color are you loving this summer? Are you as into orange as I am?


Caramel Diva said...

I love organge nail polish

Dao said...

Ooh, pretty! I love orange!

yummy411 said...

2 more for orange! ;) dao, caramel diva, what are your favorite orange polishes??