Wednesday, July 01, 2009

Back in the Lab and Q-Tips Review!

Recently, the crew and I went back into the lab to get some work done. It has been a while since we have collectively done a shoot, so this was well over due. Here are my 'insider' shots:
Model Dorian and hair stylist Z doing touch ups.
Dorian's checking out some of her 'insider' shots while photographer and creative director L. Poteat is prepping the set.

Can't wait to see the finished shots! I'll share them with you and give you more deets on the look, etc. when I get the green light.

I can tell you now that Q-Tips brand cotton swabs were a major part of this shoot! From cleaning up falling glitter carefully, applying highlight color to the model's inner corner eye, to smudging out her lower lashline, they truly saved the day this time around.

Usually in my household, we have a stash of Q Tips in this bulk packaging:

In the kit, I stash a smaller amount in this purse pack size:

However, Q Tips has redesigned the packaging for their medium sized packs. This size has existed in the regular blue Q Tip packaging, but I've never come across them. It's nice to have this available now in a handy box with pretty designs. Check it out! For more beauty tips and uses with Q-Tips cotton swabs, check celeb makeup artists Molly Roncal and Troy Jensen here!


Shana said...

YAY! We were just talking about this remember? I cant wait to see the finished product!

Amina said...

I also loove q tips and always have some around the house

Anonymous said...

i miss your fotds.

yummy411 said...

@ shana: i know! same here! hope to see something soon!

@ amina: yes we do too. they are a vanity staple!

@ anon: awww! coming right up!