Tuesday, June 09, 2009

Update: Glowelle Beauty Drink 7 Day Supply (via BeautyFix)

Just wanted to give an update to those that were wanting to know how Glowelle was working out for me.

1. See how it comes with a cute little pouch so you can carry your drink mix around with you and never forget it? How cute!

2. Glowelle has a pleasant fruity drink taste, but with the added 'nutritious' taste to me. Yeh, I drink fast and hold my nose.

3. I was deterred by the smell a bit, but when I found this info, man I decided to stick with it! I'm only on my third pack, but I feel good about it!

4. Did you know this was a Nestle product?

Check that nutritional value list!
Want more information that's actually a good read (breaking down why these ingredients are great for you, etc.)? Click here!

Glowelle ($40, 7 day supply box)


B said...

Can not WAIT to see your results.

BVB said...

Me either...I tried a packet, was turned off by the look and smell of it and hated the way it tasted. I think my tastebuds are jacked up though...might have to give it another chance

Miss Yaya said...

all things in packets... make question marks pop up above my head

can't wait to hear how it goes