Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Obsessive Compulsive Lip Tar Grandma

**Not sure if this post is a waste of time because the colors in the images aren't true to life and that's the main thing that I need to convey. Well, I took the pictures so I shall post =(((( I need to get my photo game skills up!**

This was item #2 on my haul list for The Makeup Show NYC 2009, after #1 Crown Brushes, #1a Face Atelier foundation.. oh forget it. I wanted everything and I wanted it in minutes of being there!

After so much cyber drooling, I got my hands on some of the infamous lip tar. When I got home with my lip tar, witness how it went down: "Yo son, check it! My OCC lip tar in Grandma! Wooo weeee!"

"Ugh, what in the holy colorful caca craziness??" Wet, slick, neon paint!
(I cannot stress enough how the colors are inaccurate. Much brighter in person! *sigh*)

Let's work on this by experimenting.

MAC's Brave New Bronze lipstick + OCC lip tar Grandma
=a bit muted and a satin finish

MAC's Gladiola lipstick + OCC Grandma (in the middle)
= Fuschia, coral, tropical, summer goodness! LIKEY (FAVORITE!)

MAC's Gold Rebel lipglass + OCC Grandma (ever
so lightly in the middle of my lips)= orange popsicle lips.. LIKEY

[**EDITED TO ADD**]: I will say that THESE ARE MY INITIAL REACTIONS and more on a consumer level, than an artist level (since I straddle the fence daily)
I would love to wear this out one night, all made up with my lips as my focus...OMG!! What would glitter look like on these babies.. holy cow!

Colorful, creative, for the pro makeup artist, great for photoshoots, can be mixed, lots of fun!
100% vegan, cruelty free, paraben and preservatives free.
Made of castor oil, Vitamin E, peppermint and hemp oil with pure pigments!
[**EDITED TO ADD**]: If you want that 60's monochromatic, IT girl look.. BINGO you have it in an OCC Lip Tar!

Maybe not for the everyday consumer.... (unless you are the 'I wear Ruby Woo lipstick alone everday' type)

Use very little!
Be careful of squeezing the tube when removing the top
Don't use when going out on a date (if ish gets on some clothes.. oh no! Actually I don't know how it will wash out. It just looks dangerous lol)
This is a full coverage lip, use with a FULL face of makeup (if you are wearing the tube color and not sheered down)
Check out Jude to see her work these babies!
Mixing Lip Tars!

$12.50, 10ml, 12 colors, OCC Lip Tars

Have you tried these? What do you think as a makeup artist? Or as a regular consumer?


Miss Yaya said...

lmao at the goofy face

I def agree on the using very little though - i squeezed too much and it looked like nail polish on my lips

Shana said...

OMG Kia I just bust out laughing so loud at work just now. LOL You are a mess! I am so mad I didnt pick up the lip tar at The Makeup Show LA but yeah I was a bit apprehensive when I swatched it on my hand due to the staying power once it dried. I agree with it being more of a pro product above all else

Tammy said...

1st you!! You ladies are making me want some of this!! LOL

I tried getting this at the show, but Maxi from Blush (the guy with the silver thing on his head) wouldn't STOP talking to me. LOL

The Makeup Snob said...

Thats me!! The I wear Ruby Woo to work everyday, lol! I Just ordered Grandma, NSFW, clear and pagent! I am so excited to get them! Thanks for posting on this!

Connie De Alwis said...

your expressions are priceless! love the 2nd one. Lol! wow, I didn't think that grandma would be that bright! I ordered Uber :D which is nude and so up my alley! Can't wait to get it!

Brooke said...

The second picture is.. . . . . . .priceless!!!

Celly | La Dolce Vita said...

lmao youre a fool.
i cant wait to buy these!!!

uggggh. i so wish i had money.
i dont go crazy for lip stuff but once i saw the swatches from jude rivera i had to have them.

Miss.Fab said...

I have always wanted to try them.
The neon scares me tho!

Tysh said...

Girl you are funny, I said the same thing when I got home, I got the purple, nude and clear, all I had to say was lord have mercy, those things are so bright, can't wear that everyday. LOL.

yummy411 said...

@ yaya: ha! right. like i kissed a wall of paint!

@ shana: yes, i can't stress it enough. pro as in runway, mag editorial...

@ tammy: omg that is hilarious! he's supposed to help promote, not keep ppl from buying!!!

@ themakeupsnob: omg LMAO!!! yeh then you'll get a huge kick out of these. can't wait to read a review from you! great choices! i think if you buy these it's essential to buy the clear gloss as well. the tar is cool over lipsticks, but to mix it with glosses that aren't of the same consistency, i think doesn't help it's longevity during the day.

@ connie: well grandma is really brighter that what my pictures shows. also, the pics make it look a touch more wearable than what it really is 0_o hehe

@ brooke: lol no really, that's exactly what happened, cuz i didn't expect it to be so hmmmm... stunning? =( i could wear mac's ruby woo, girl about town and other brights, but this is on another level!

@ celly: no worries.. this isn't a MAC LE item, so they'll be there when you're ready ;)

yummy411 said...

@ miss.fab: i would def say try at least 1. if you can wear MAC's Ruby Woo or any of the BRIGHT amplified cremes, you can rock one of these esp. since you can always dab (and i mean dab!) this into a big of gloss.

@ tysh: right!! someone is feeling me! but I'm growing into these, but those were my exact initial reactions...

KissyFace Artistry said...

Maybe I'm a little out of the box but this definitely in my lane. I'd be bold enough to wear some of the color options on a fun night out. But I can only imagine how these babies would look in a themed photoshoot or at a fashion show. Three words: A-Ma-Zing.

And the pics are hilarious. lol

B said...

OMG, you are a messs, lady. I love it. Got me over here crackin' up. I am still trying to figure out how to make Grandma work for me.

yummy411 said...

@KisseyFace Artistry: you're not out the box. i think it was more shock than anything. it can be wearable, but i want you to see it in person. my pics aren't telling the truth.

i'm also speaking to the average consumer, who is usually afraid of ruby woo and girl about town type lip colors.

hope you get to try some and have funwith them!!

yummy411 said...

oh B, good luck lady! lol nah mix it in with a darker color or use magenta lip pencil or even a cranberry colored lip pencil and add a mere pin drop or less of grandma. hope you get it to work for you!

Milan Angel said...

You got me over here CRACKIN up! Thanks for the review. I must admit...these things scare me. I mean the name itself just sounds MAJOR. LOL

em said...

great post! I have a huge craving for grandma, it looks like the perfect coral. you look great!

Distinque said...

lol love the funny face. I've been hearing some great things about this OCC lip tars..I'm tempted!

Anonymous said...

If you mixed the lip tars colors together and also use white or black to either lighten or darken the colors, then it looks so much better. Tarred and NSFW mixed make a fantastic red lip.

VexInTheCity said...

LOL thanks for the review (and the pics)! I'm still sitting on the fence about ordering a couple.