Tuesday, June 09, 2009

The Makeup Show NYC 2009 Make Up For Ever

MUFE was in charge of creating a masterpiece on top of this masterpiece! He was giving up the Tyra the entire time. Fierce!!

I was spying in the on the set up of the MUFE booth! I wanted to know what goods they had ahead of time. I wasn't much of the sleuth, but I did spy...

Kevin Bennett as well! He let us in on the fact that this Fall we should be looking for the new HD concealer to debut .. yippeee!!!

MUFE was the most visited booth, but had the weirdest set up! It was narrow and small. You placed your written order (if you could actually see the products and be stable enough to write downa thing or two), stood in a ridiculously long line and they would bring your order to you. WOW what an experience. Next time I'll be ready with elbow pads and a game plan! lol


Brooke said...

SO did they paint his body with eyeshadow??

lol at elbow pads and a game plan!

The Makeup Snob said...

What a great expierence! Does sound like the whole event was a lil diffrent than expected! But well worth going! I love all the posts! I never get tired of hearing about the makeup show! When LA comes round I will be there! :)

B said...

LOL @ your peek shot. Love it!!

Coffee said...

Aaaahhh, the MUFE booth. What an experience! It was damn near impossible to see and get anything. I missed out on the eyeshadows because I just couldn't get to them! :( Also, they didn't bring my BELOVED Mat Velvet + foundation!! Honest to goodness, I think my eyes welled up a bit (LMAO). BUT, I wasn't having that. I called the store the Tuesday after the show and ordered it (with the discount they were offering). So, im happy! I did manage to get the Flash Palette and a Aqua Eye Liner (my new HG)

And, girl he was giving Tyra + more! Ha ha! I got some pics of him earlier in the process...yummy, indeed! ;)

Sooo, did you manage to get anything?

I'm going to need MUFE to think about their logistics a bit more for next year's show (which I will be at for BOTH days!)

Miss Yaya said...

the snoop shot is def funny :)

how sneaky

hotmamaoyeah said...

I came later, so the line wasn't SOOO bad, as when I first got there @ about 2 on sunday. But I have a pic of a mostly completed model on my blog.


Love your blogs BTW.