Monday, June 08, 2009

Top 10 Summer Must Haves

What are your Top 10 Summer Essentials? Tell me in the comments! Check Total Beauty's list and see if any of your items are on the list!
Top 10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

Beauty products and tips for great beach hairstyles and glowing skin

Top 10 Summer Beauty Must-Haves

New bathing suit? Check. Cute beach tote? Check. Glowing skin from head-to-toe? Ummmm... If you're not quite ready for the sand and swim season, check out this guide to look and feel your best all season long.

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Mine? (in no particular order)

1. A great deodorant

2. comfy stylish open toe shoes

3. sunscreen

4. sunglasses

5. arsenal of items to help me refresh

6. great mani and pedi colors

7. popcicles!

8. awesome bronzer

9. a casual easy going summer dress

10. 2 all out celebrations =p


K. Michel said...

Hey, babe...

1. A job
2. A car
3. Access to a person of the opposite sex
4. An air conditioner
5. Some light clothing
6. Very close friends
7. A cell phone
8. A willingness to try new things
9. A hobby
10. A smile

Erin said...

1. Unlimited Bi-weekly metrocard
2. Pedicure
3. Fashionable flip-flops
4. summer dresses
5. A supply of Kinky-Curly Curling Custard (for wash n goes)
6. sunglasses
7. My driver's license
9. Bronzer
10. Peace

yummy411 said...

i love you guys' list!! thanks for sharing and k michel, you are hilarious!!

Brooke said...

I have been on the look out for a great summer dress since LAST summer - any tips? (Would like to stay around $50 or less!)