Monday, June 08, 2009

B*Slap Cosmetics vs. B'Lush Cosmetics

B*Slap Cosmetics Paint Wheels

(All over YouTube)

Highly popular all over YT, interesting, and owner of the line Kathy is a master with the brush and a face.

THEN there's...

B'Lush Paint Wheels

(Makeup Mama's Review)

I guess I'm late! Ha! B*Slap vs. B'Lush. I knew I wasn't crazy! LOL I guess it's like choosing one makeup artist over the other, a drugstore product vs. counter (not saying that one line is inferior to the other, but similar and comparable products are being sold in the drugstore and behind the counter). You have to decide which you will use.

Kathy's is quite compelling though....


Connie De Alwis said...

The colors are incredible! But I think all these emerging small-time companies use generic products and simply rebrand them. So, the companies don't really have their own R&D formulating the products :-/

BEAUTYandtheME said...

hmm I didn't know B'Lush was selling the same thing, but i did ordered 2 paintwheels from Kathy @ B slap cosmetics a while back I got the sprite one and wonderland. They are definately pigmented, even when I take dem off you can still see the color left on my eyes, but eye makeup remover does the work.
I got my e/s fast from B slap cosmetics, too bad im on a strick budget or else I would be buying more from Kathy since she has many new items out!

lakahna said...

sorry girl i dont evne use the above page ahha it should be


Miss Yaya said...

I've never heard of B'Lush.. I don't think - time for research!

Happy Bday mama!

Dao said...

Wow, strange names! I haven't tried either of them so it's good to know. Thanks, Yummy!

Rai said...
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Rai said...

They just buy all these products from manufacturers and place their name on it... kind of like Coastal Scents.

B said...

Rai answered the question I sho was going to ask you.

LOL---carry on.

yummy411 said...

@ connie: yeh i'm hip to that, it was just surprising i guess. for so long on youtube, i thought b*slap was unique =p not like the 88 palette phenomenon.

@ beautyandtheme/lakhana: thanks for sharing your experience with kathy and the cosmetics! i look forward to trying them soon!

@ miss yaya: try out the links i provided. they give you a starting point!

@ dao: np! b*slap is really a youtuve thing. b'lush i just happened upon.

@ rai: yup! it actually seems i missed out on a few gems at the makeup show due to this. many of them do have the same items (mehron and graphtobian aqua palettes, etc.) so i passed them up, but next time i have to be sure to really look into a brand and see what's diff.

@ b: yup, remember the private label company at the show? i was not interested =/ (except for personal use) not to personalize and sale.